The Life of The Tallest Man Alive


the average human male measures about 5

feet and 9 inches tall it only takes a

few inches to stand out from the pack

with relatively few men crossing the

threshold above 6 feet let alone 7 feet

so imagine being sultan Kosan of turkey

the tallest living man who measures an

astounding 8 feet and 3 inches tall

sultan was born on December 10th 1982

but he didn't start his incredible

growth spurt until he was 10 years old

the rest of his family including his

parents and four siblings are all

average-sized Sultan's unique growth and

massive height is caused by a condition

known as pituitary gigantism which is

the result of an overproduction of

growth hormones when the pituitary gland

is damaged or otherwise affected it will

churn out growth chemicals at an

alarming rate this was the case for

Kosan and he started to notice

abnormalities like huge hands and feet

unfortunately Kosan size prevented him

from completing school he simply

couldn't fit into the spaces designated

for normal children however in his

remote village money was scarce and

Kosan began working as a farmer to

support his family he previously

described one of the advantages of being

tall as being able to help his mother

out with Jon such as changing a broken

lightbulb and hanging curtains

as for the disadvantages to his height

he complained about not being able to

find shoes or clothes that fit and

finding it extremely hard to fit into a

regular-sized car but Kosan glossed

right over another serious side effect

of the ailment while 80% of gigantism

can be cured with a simple surgery if it

goes untreated it leads to serious

health issues including muscular pains

and often premature death the average

lifespan of an individual with pituitary

gigantism is a full twenty years shorter

than the average human lifespan in this

case Cozens fame helped him overcome

this health adversity he became

extremely famous after being spotted in

Ankara Turkey and eventually got

recognition from the Guinness Book of

World Records as the tallest man in the

world from here he received

revolutionary Gamma Knife surgery on the

tumor affecting his pituitary gland

provided by the University of Virginia

in August 2010 which finally halted

sultans production of growth hormone and

stopped him from getting any taller

Sultan also holds the record for largest

hands-on the living person each one

measuring 11 point to 2 inches from the

wrist of a tip of a middle finger

he previously held the record for

largest feat on a living person with his

left foot measuring 1 foot 2 inches and

right foot measuring 1 foot 3 inches and

Kosan was never shy about what he really

wanted most in life during his first

ever visit to London in September 2009

Sultan expressed hope that his newfound

fame would change his life and help him

find a wife it's really difficult to


girlfriend are usually scared of me

hopefully now that I'm famous I'll be

able to meet lots of girls my dream is

to be married and yet again Cozens Fame

worked to his advantage in October 2013

he finally fulfilled his dream of

getting married Sultan and mauvais diba

who is nine years his junior and just

five feet nine inches tall met through a

mutual friend where they traveled from

her home of his sake in Syria to his

village today Koli in Turkey to meet him

they were married two months later the

couple enjoyed a full wedding party

after the ceremony with over 1,500

guests including a representative from

Guinness World Records and local

dignitaries after the wedding the happy

couple headed back to their specially

designed home and today coy where they

hope to bring up children in the future

it seems the coast has accomplished his

two biggest goals to receive life-saving

surgery and find a loving wife as for

his occupation Coast ins farming days

are behind him he has used his minor

celebrity to land a number of roles in

Hollywood movies in addition he has

spent much of his last few years touring

the Indian Ocean with the magic circus

of Samoa he continues to use his size to

his advantage and will likely tour for

much of his adult life the next tallest

living man is Moroccan born Brahim

Tequila who was a comparable eight feet

in 1 inch tall he's also the man who

robbed Kosan of his record for the

world's largest feat the 29 year old who

currently lives in Paris France has a

left foot measuring 1 foot 3 inches in

length while his right measures 1 foot 4

inches Rahim who grew up in a small

Moroccan village had a massive growth

spurt during his teens which saw him

grow 3 feet in just one year however no

one thought to investigate his unusual

size until he was 18 five years ago a

French doctor brought him to Paris for

treatment but first he decided to finish

his university studies in geography

he contacted Guinness World Records

himself to challenge for the record and

says he is proud to have it recognized

though daily life is not without its


brahim cannot stand up straight in the

small flat he shares with his mother in

the Paris suburbs has difficulty getting

into a taxi or train and can never move

around without attracting attention he

nevertheless remains good-humoured about

his situation and is happy to pose for

pictures with members of the public and

politely answer questions about his

condition he hopes one day to have a

specially built car he could drive

himself but for now even getting a pair

of shoes stretches his budget he takes a

European size 58 which no shop has ever

stocked unlike Kosan brahim has still

not received his life-saving surgery and

continues to grow due to the same

pituitary disorder it is entirely

possible that brahim could overtake

Koston during his lifetime bail if he

doesn't receive the surgery soon he may

not have long to live both of these

individuals would dwarf the average

human but neither of them is even close

to the size of the tallest

man in recorded history that title

belongs to American Robert Wadlow also

known as the Alton giant and the giant

of Illinois Wadlow reached eight feet in

11.1 inches in height and weighed four

hundred thirty nine pounds at his death

at age 22 his great size and his

continued growth in adulthood were due

to hyperplasia of his pituitary gland

which results in an abnormally high

level of human growth hormone he showed

no indication of an end to his growth

even at the time of his death Wadlow was

born in Alton Illinois in February 22nd

1918 - Harold Franklin and Adam a wadhwa

and was the oldest of five children he

was taller than his father by the age of

eight and an elementary school they had

to make a special desk for him due to

his size by the time he had graduated

from alton high school in 1936 he was

eight foot four after graduating he

enrolled in Charlotte College with the

intention of studying law tragically

Wadlow passed away at the age of 22 this

is not uncommon for individuals with

gigantism especially before the advent

of modern medical technology early on

while those signs began to take its toll

he required leg braces to walk and had

little feeling in his legs and feet

despite these difficulties he never used

a wheelchair but much like Sultan Kosan

Wadlow realized that his height was also

a gift and a potential occupation wildoe

became a celebrity after his 1936 US

tour with a Ringling Brothers Circus he

appeared with Ringling Brothers at

Madison Square Garden and the Boston

Garden in the center ring never in the

sideshow during his appearances he was

dressed in his normal clothes and

refused the circus request to wear a top

hat and tails in 1938 he did a

promotional tour with the international

shoe company they provided him his shoes

free of charge examples of the shoe

still exist in several locations

throughout the US including Schneider

shoe store of Ludington and Manistee

Michigan and the Alton Museum of History

and art he continued participating in

tours and public appearances though only

in his normal street clothes while

though rationalized that he was working

in advertising not being exhibited as a

freak he possessed great physical

strength until the last year of his life

when his strength and his health in

general began to deteriorate rapidly Bob

Lowe was a member of the Order of

DeMolay the Masonic sponsored

Organization for young men he was also a

freemason in 1939 he petitioned Franklin

Lodge number 25 in Alton Illinois and by

late November of that year was raised to

the degree of Master Mason under the

jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of

Illinois af and AM unsurprisingly his

Freemason ring was the largest ever made

one year before his death wah blow past

John Rogan as the tallest person ever On

June 27 1940 18 days before his death he

was measured at 8 feet 11 inches by


Charles and Cyril McBride of Washington

University in st. Louis Missouri on July

4th 1940 during a professional

appearance at the Manistee National

Forest festival a faulty brace irritated

his ankle causing a blister and

subsequent infection doctors treated him

with a blood transfusion and emergency

surgery but his condition worsened due

to an autoimmune disorder and on July

15th 1947 days after contracting the

infection he died in his sleep at the

age of 22 his coffin measured 10 feet 9

inches long by 2 feet 8 inches wide by 2

feet 6 inches deep weighed 1,000 pounds

and was carried by 12 pallbearers and

eight assistants his body was buried at

Oakwood Cemetery in Upper Alton Illinois

compare this to Zen Jian lon

the tallest recorded woman in history

she suffered from spine curvature and

could not stand at full height when she

finally stretched out her spine she was

measured as the tallest recorded Chinese

person and world's tallest person

shortly before her death she's the only

woman verified to have reached 8 feet

tall Zhang LUN passed away when she was

only 17 years old she had complications

from both diabetes and scoliosis the sad

truth is that this is not uncommon for

those who suffer from gigantism though

they were not the largest in the world

many recognizable actors with gigantism

have passed away a tragically young ages

Andre the Giant the 7-foot four wrestler

and actor and most famous for his role

in the Princess Bride died from heart

failure at age 46 matthew mcgrory the

seven foot six actor famous for his role

in big fish died from heart failure at

age 32 aside from the deadliness of this

disease it's a huge nuisance to be above

a certain height as you might imagine

the proliferation of big and tall stores

in major cities was a huge gift to those

who are above average height most

clothes shoes cars and appliances are

not likely to fit an individual who is

larger than six feet and five inches

tall in 1911 there were no stores that

catered to the needs of the big and tall

men and businesses began to grow to

serve the community the first shop was

Frank's in New Brunswick New Jersey

larger men from throughout the area

would arrive at Frank's shop eager to

get their bigger needs addressed the

tailor shop continued through the 1940s

after returning from World War two

Frank's two sons hi and Alex open up

Frank's Army supply along with their

brother Marty in 1961 continuing the

tradition established by their father

Frank the brothers decided to focus on

the clothing needs of the big and tall

men and they opened the first Frank's

big and tall now big and tall stores are

relatively common in developed countries

but many developing countries have

neither access to oversized clothes or

the medical procedures that will cure

patients with some form of gigantism

because of this it's important to raise

awareness and implement this relatively

simple surgery in the communities that

need it most

as for Sultan Kosan he is

the largest living human and seems like

he's in good health he's proven to be a

good role model for people with

gigantism all over the world