turi Cohen is 5/6 he's so short that

Saints players made fun of his height

during a game miles Garrett is six five

and guess what nobody is making fun of

Miles Garrett or there'll be

consequences but what about a more

normal height like 6-2 that's when

things get interesting let's begin we

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you're not gonna miss it five six

sorry Cohen and there's no competition

five seven Taylor Gabriel was the only

5/7 player for many years but the best

five seven player is now Devin

Singletary the rookie running back he

just had an insane rookie season five

eight this is where it gets exciting

Phillip Lindsey no competition Lindsey

is an all-pro running back and the other

guys aren't even starters five nine our

first controversial decision we have

Mark Ingram his teammate Hollywood Brown

and Aaron Jones Hollywood was really

impressive this season but it's way too

early in his career to say he's better

than these two guys so he's out the

popular answer would be Mark Ingram but

let's be honest when you have Lamar

Jackson as your quarterback and the

entire defense is getting ready for

Lamar to run the ball he had a really

easy job the best 5/9 player is Aaron

Jones 19 touchdowns 16 receptions he put

the Packers offense on his back 510 we

should call this one a tie because you

know what it's not fair to choose one of

these guys Dalvin cook or Tyree killed

I mean Alvin Kamara is also 510 and

20-18 he would have been the best but he

had a very different

Tyreke seems like the obvious answer in

2018 he had 13 touchdowns and 1,500

yards but 2019 was a little bit of a

down year Dalvin cook just had the best

season of his career he turned the

Vikings offense around and if they had a

better defense they could have made a

Super Bowl run

Tyreke Hill had Patrick mahomes on his

team the best quarterback and defenses

were busy double teaming Travis Kelce so

it wasn't that hard for him to get open

Dalvin cook had a bad offensive line and

Kirk Cousins

well he's not bad but he's not patch of

mahomes Greg you're an idiot you don't

watch football you don't know what

you're talking about I do watch football

that's how I knew Dalvin cook is a

better player 511 aka the guys who

called himself six-feet Odell Beckham


oh you thought I was saying he's the

best no he's not even top three it's

between the two best running backs in

the NFL Christian McCaffrey and say Quan

Barkley say Quan Barkley has the most

talent last year he ran for 1,300 yards

and 11 touchdowns he hasn't fumbled once

in his NFL career but the offense around

him is terrible so he hasn't had a

chance to show his true potential

Christian McCaffrey had the best season

last year 1,400 rushing yards 1,000

receiving yards 19 touchdowns but the

offense was still average so the moment

of truth

who is the best 511 player it is

neither of them the best 511 player is

Russell Wilson huh yeah 4100 passing

yards 34 touchdowns only five


what makes Russell Wilson better than

sake 1 and Christian McCaffrey he wins

games for the team and you might not

agree because of the flashy stats the

other guys got but Russell Wilson is the

true MVP of his team and if you want to

be the best player you better win games

6 feet tall

blue breeze Ezekiel Elliot's or Bobby

Wagner one of the best defenders in the

NFL everyone's talking like Zeke had a

bad season but if you look at the

numbers he did it his only weakness this

season was his hairstyle it was awful

Drew Brees was incredible as always but

he missed five games of the season and

then you have Bobby Wagner or you will

believe the greatest offender in the NFL

okay maybe not the greatest but he's

like top five and he's definitely the

best middle linebacker you could argue

each of them is the right answer but to

me one thing separates them all when

Drew Brees was out for five games the

Saints went five and oh they didn't need

him when Zeke had bad games they were

still winning Bobby Wagner was the heart

and soul of the Seattle Seahawks defense

this season when he played good the

Seahawks won when he played poorly the

Seahawks lost so Bobby Wagner is the

best six-foot player six feet one

DeAndre Hopkins what no way he's 6 1

he looks massive maybe without shoes

without socks and if he sits down no he

still looks taller than 6 1 but he's not

the best if I was gonna pick a wide

receiver I would go with Chris Godwin

who had a better season believe it or

not the competition is between the two

best defenders in the league

Erin Donald or Stefan Gill

oh my goodness it's so close oh wait no

it's not close at all

Stephon Gilmore is miles better miles

better than Aaron Donald this season

Gilmore is without a doubt the best

quarterback in the league and

quarterback is the hardest position to

play so when you're the best at the

hardest position it's a big deal why do

you think they had such a good season

because Tom Brady was throwing 150 yards

per game

no because Stefan Gilmore turned the

defense around into a winning defense

he's the best six feet to the most

talented position in the video we have

three quarterbacks

- Shawn Watson Jack Prescott and Aaron

Rodgers I don't know why this is a

quarterback position but it is who had

the best record this season Aaron

Rodgers who had the most touchdowns dak

Prescott who threw for the most yards

dak Prescott who had the best touchdown

interception ratio Aaron Rodgers okay I

think we can take to Shawn Watson out of

the conversation because he has not won

a single category so bye-bye DeSean man

we should just call this one a tie but I

need to pick somebody the answer is

none of them because the best six

two-player is little more Jackson 36


six interceptions and oh I almost forgot

the MVP of 2020 six foot three this is

between Michael Thomas and Patrick

mahomes a lot of you are biased because

mahomes won the Super Bowl

but don't forget his regular season was

pretty average okay maybe not average

but not as good as his MVP season

Michael Thomas on the other hand had a

record-breaking season 150 receptions

1700 yards nine touchdowns hate to have

a historical season Patrick mahomes one

of the greatest quarterbacks we'll ever

see but if we're being honest and not

biased Michael Thomas is the best 6-3

player and that's just the facts and

just for fun the third-place winner

would not be Julio Jones

it would not be Coolio Mack it would be

Derrick Henry because he also had an

amazing season six feet four this is

where I should be picking DeAndre

Hopkins but whatever he's 6 1 whatever

you say NFL our options are George

Kittel Tom Brady or Miles Garrett's

honorable mention was Ryan Tannehill but

I still feel like that amazing season

was a fluke I'm sorry it's just what I

think Miles Garrett you could say what

you want to say about him as long as you

don't get him angry but this guy has

talent and that's lettuces them just

pumping in his veins and I said all

those nice things now but I'm sorry

you're eliminated you didn't play enough

games in 2019 to be in the conversation

and even in the games he played he was

average it's between Kittel and Tom

Brady and you probably think it's an

easy answer but it's not Tom Brady is

one of the toughest players to judge he

doesn't get 400 yards a game like Jameis

Winston but what he does is wins game

and even if we do look at the numbers

they're not bad twenty four touchdowns

eight interceptions four thousand yards

not too bad at all when you think of

George kiddo you probably think he's the

best tight end in the league and you

might be right but let's look at the

stats a thousand yards five touchdowns

yeah that's not too impressive right you

probably thought it would be a lot more

so did I

his main talent is blocking he is one of

the best four run blockers in the league

so we have two players who aren't

defined by their stats which I love

because everybody just looks at the

stats and thinks that's it no nothing

past the stats look at the impact look

at buoys winning games for their team

and this one is close but I'm gonna go

is George kiddo why do you think the

49ers made it to the Super Bowl

spoiler alert not because Jimmy

Garoppolo because of their run game it

makes sense case closed

six foot five what's the most talented

height was it six two with the


six three with the Super Bowl winners

believe it or not it might be six five

Cam Newton JJ Watt and Travis Kelce

amazing right you know what's even more

amazing none of them are in the

conversation the best six five players

are Carson Wentz Joey Bosa and JJ Watt

and you're gonna hate my answer between

the two defenders I gotta go with Joey

Bosa he has been an absolute beast in

his first couple seasons

Jenny J is incredible too but he has

trouble staying on the field Bosa had

eleven and a half sacks this season JJ

Watt only four so get him off the screen

hot take carson wentz might be the most

underrated player in the entire NFL not

just underrated quarterback player 27

touchdowns seven interceptions that's

Aaron Rodgers level

rubriz level Carson Wentz is MVP talent

and even though Joey Bosa is one of the

best defenders in the entire league

Carson Wentz is the best six five player

six foot six ironically it's between

Nick Foles who is a big reason people

don't give Carson Wentz the respect he


and Darren Waller who's this guy he is

an athletic freak that's who he is

the rookie tight end for the Raiders

Greg don't tell me you're picking a

rookie over a Super Bowl champion well

let's see how they did this season nick

foles are you ready for this three

touchdowns and two interceptions awful

what about Darren Waller 90 receptions

1,100 yards and three touchdowns when

makes David Waller so scary is how fast

he is he's six foot six and is faster

than most wide receivers that my friends

is what we call unguardable in the NFL

and that is why Darren Waller is the

best six foot seven we have the tallest

quarterback in the league Paxton Lynch

67 but he's obviously not in them it's

between Jimmy Graham a future

hall-of-famer and deforest Buckner the

number seven overall pick from 2016

Jimmy Graham is a certified legend he's

been a part of so many great teams had

so many great quarterbacks he's a

five-time Pro Bowler in 2013

he led the NFL in receiving touchdowns a

tight end with more touchdowns than any

of the receivers but he's not the best

because the Forrest Buckner had seven

and a half sacks this season the 49ers

defense is what got them to the Super

Bowl and he was a big part of that and

if you're an offensive lineman imagine

how scary it is to see a six seven

defensive lineman at that point you

might as well just quit and find a new

job 6 8 clays can bail another defensive

lineman bro where do these guys come

from he had six and a half sacks this

season ten and a half sacks the season

before another five-time Pro Bowler and

these only 300 pounds when you're 6-8

and 300 pounds that's considered skinny

6 9 Alejandro Villanueva a pretty good

offensive lineman but it's not like he

had any competition and the tallest

player in the NFL standing 6 feet 10

Nate Wozniak best NFL player from each

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