20 Tallest Women From All Over The World

I have the world's longest legs do you

ever imagine what it would be like to be

taller than all of your friends

well these women know all about being a

full head and shoulders above the crowd

we found 20 of the tallest women in the

world and they have some pretty

incredible stories


Macie Curran Macy is breaking the record

for having the longest legs in the world

she's only 16

but she is 6 feet 9 inches tall and has

53 inch legs Macy towers over her mom

and siblings wherever they go but other

than that she's a normal teenager she

shared that being tall has its

advantages she can easily spot her

friends in a crowd some disadvantages

Macy mentioned are hitting her head

having trouble getting into cars and

finding clothes that are long enough to

fit her tall body Ekaterina 'la Sina

Ekaterina was the record holder for the

world's longest legs before Macy came

along she is also 6 feet 9 inches tall

but her legs are 52 inches long an inch

shorter than Macy's a Katerina is the

tallest model in the world she's also

said to have the biggest feet in Russia

with a size 14 shoe Ekaterina owes her

height to her family all of the members

of her family are at least 6 feet tall

she started playing basketball

professionally at 15 years old but now

she works as a model she said that she

was blessed with a fabulous height so

she can reach the stars

Molly Duong D at one time molly Duong D

was listed as the tallest woman in the

world in the Guinness Book of World

Records at 6 feet nine and a half inches

she was known as Thailand's tallest

woman but her life was not easy she

suffered from health problems largely

due to a brain tumor that appeared when

she was only nine years old Molly had

high blood pressure and heart disease

which eventually took her life at the

young age of 24 before she left this

world she got the chance to meet

Thailand's tallest man he was also at

the hospital seeking treatment for

health complications associated with his

height Caroline Wells this German woman

is known around her home country for her

height she is 6 feet 9 inches tall and

most Germans see her as an inspiration

this beauty is so tall she makes every

doorway look tiny considering how

difficult it is for people her height to

find clothes that fit properly it's no

wonder she became a tailor to supplement

her income while she also works as a


we're willing to bet that she's a

favorite among tall people at her tailor


Maria stepanova at 6 feet 8 inches Maria

has no problem reaching things on high

shelves but that's not her only talent

she also knows her way around the

basketball court she is a Russian

professional ball player at an Olympic


she's distinguished as one of the

tallest basketball players in the world

as you can imagine it takes large feet

to support such a tall frame

that's why Maria's basketball shoes are

a whopping size 15 she's got a long

history in basketball that goes all the

way back to 1998 in the WNBA with the

Phoenix Mercury team Brittney Griner

Brittney is also a Phoenix Mercury

playing center position for the team

she's a record breaker and not because

of her six foot eight inch height

Brittney is the only NCAA player to have

ever scored 2,000 points and blocked 500


she was named ap Player of the Year and

most outstanding player of the Final

Four in 2012 of course her

accomplishments have everything to do

with hard work and ability but being

that tall certainly doesn't hurt when

you're shooting baskets Lindsey Kay

Heyward Lindsey is a pro wrestler and

actress who measures in at 6 feet 8

inches tall she was recognized in the

Guinness Book of World Records for being

the tallest woman in a leading role of a

movie that role was a dominatrix in the

racy film r100 she also appeared in the

TLC show my giant life which was all

about her and her co-stars living large

as tall women in a small world

Lindsay learned to embrace her height

from a young age at age 9 she was

already six feet tall imagine how hard

it must have been for her to fit in

those tiny fourth-grade desks at that

height lindsay taylor this

basketball-playing beauty has been a pro

in the sport for a long time she is 6

feet 8 inches tall which has helped her

score baskets for several teams in the


including the Houston Comets Phoenix

Mercury Seattle Storm and the Washington

Mystics she has played in the WNBA leda

feminine de basketball the wkb Elle and

the Polish woman's League the basketball

was not her first love she originally

wanted to play in the high school

marching band until her friends talked

her into joining the basketball team

Gatica shrivastava Gatica comes by her

height honestly her dad is a former

basketball player who measures seven

feet four inches tall following in her

dad's footsteps Gatica played basketball

in the indian national women's

basketball team

she was the tallest one on the court at

6 feet 11 inches tall

now Gatica is an entrepreneur she

founded a network called Navia it was

created for cancer patients to help them

make important treatment decisions

although she went on a different path

she says that her father still inspires

her more than anyone will john NSM

Genova this woman has had one of the

biggest impacts on women's international

basketball ever this latvian superstar

was voted the most popular athlete in

her home country 12 times from 1970 to

1985 she towered over the other players

at an incredible height of 7 feet tall

she began her 18-year career in

basketball in 1968 during that time she

never lost a single international game

being tall and talented has its benefits

throughout her career she earned 45

medals and 29 of those were gold medals

well Jonah is truly a legend in women's


zeyneb Bibi in Thein hogs case being

tall was a very dangerous thing at seven

feet two inches tall she was worried

about becoming a target for attacks in

her homeland of Pakistan she had to flee

her home and seek asylum in Britain so

she could feel safe Zainab suffered from

diabetes and high blood pressure which

eventually took her life in 2018 she was

only 46 years old malgorzata died Dec if

you're noticing that basketball is a

popular sport among these ladies you are

correct and we've got another WNBA

player on our list

Poland born Margo died X 7 foot 2 inch

frame casts a shadow on the other

players on the court she played for the

Utah Stars and the Connecticut Sun but

her career was cut short when she passed

away at just 37 years old she had a

heart attack early on in her pregnancy

with her third baby

WNBA president Laurel Richie called her

a tremendous person role model an

athlete who touched the lives of her

many fans and made an indelible mark on

women's basketball around the world

Delores Pollard everyone said she was

eight feet one inch

but her actual measurement was seven

feet five inches she traveled around the

world in a sideshow as the world's

tallest woman she was born in 1946 in

this picture you can see that she is

posing in front of the poster calling

her the Amazon girl but Dolores his life

was also cut short she passed away after

complications from surgery in 1971 soon

Phung she is the tallest woman in China

at seven feet three inches tall she's

actually considered the tallest woman in

the world but she's often mistaken for

another Chinese giant yeah a fen some

say she's the tallest woman ever at

seven feet eight inches tall also born

in China

Yao's giantism was because of a tumor in

her pituitary gland which pumped

extremely high levels of growth hormone

into her body

this caused her bones to grow very long

and large her family raised enough money

to have the tumor removed but it came

back since they couldn't afford another


Yao continued to grow until she reached

an amazing height of 7 feet 8 inches her

parents say she was over 6 feet tall by

the time she was only 11 years old

unfortunately Yao also passed away young

at just 40 years old this left a room

for soon Fung to become the tallest

woman in China Wasi Leakey Kali auntie

if it weren't for the Guinness Book of

World Records we may never have known

that the statuesque woman from Greece

existed at all she was born in 1882 and

there are no pictures of her but legend

has it she had eyes the size of hens

eggs an enormous hands and feet unlike

some of her fellow large ladies she did

not join the circus or travel in a

sideshow but she did make it in the

record books at 7 feet six and a half

inches tall Heather green Heather claims

to be the tallest woman in the world but

she's not she measures in at 6 feet five

and a half inches which is still

incredibly tall

Heather is over seven feet tall when she

wears heels this blonde beauty has to

duck to get through most doorways from

her YouTube video it's clear that she

enjoys towering over a man who are not

as tall as she is sandy Alan at 7 feet 7

inches and 400 pounds sandy was a giant

woman with gargantuan sense of humor

like many other women on this list she

was diagnosed with giant as

due to excessive growth hormones in her

system she looked at her life as a great

accomplishment claiming to be the oldest

giant who ever lived no matter how sick

she got she never lost her sense of

humor she joked during an interview

telling the reporter that if they ever

wanted the ceiling painted just put a

head on her and tell her which way to

walk she was often the subject of gossip

from tabloids who claimed she had an

affair with the world's shortest man she

would spend long periods inside her

house afraid of being stared at and

ridiculed because of her size but after

Guinness recognized her and mailed her a

certificate she bought a van with the

phrase world's tallest woman printed on

it she was also featured in a Federico

Fellini film as a woman who arm wrestled

in bars

sadly sandy passed away in 2008 at 53

years old

seong-jin lien at just under 8 feet 2

inches she is the tallest woman on

record in all of medical history born in

1964 Jean lived to be almost 20 years

old before she passed in 1982 according

to the Guinness Book of World Records

song shot up to over five feet tall

before she even turned four years old by

the time she was 13 she was over seven

feet tall similar to many other giant

counterparts she also suffered from

health problems namely diabetes and

scoliosis she was the only one in her

family with giantism her Barrett's were

no taller than five feet four and a half

inches and her brother was only 5 foot 2

that means she was almost 3 feet taller

than her parents and her brother Ali

Stotts Ali is a former model who had to

overcome a lot of bullying in school she

was over 6 feet tall in middle school

finally settling at 6 feet 9 inches in

adulthood people called her Godzilla and

other cruel names but she overcame it

and learned to appreciate her height

now she enjoys standing out from the

crowd and she has helpful advice to

other tall women today Ali walks around

with confidence she doesn't care what

other people think she just enjoys being

herself are you a tall girl in a small

world if so tell us about your

experience in the comments do you like

being tall or does it make your life

harder we'd love to hear from you

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