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hello boys and girls today we will talk

about teachers do you know what teachers

do let's find out a teacher is someone

who helps children learn at school they

teach lessons about reading writing math

and other important subjects when you

have a question you can ask the teacher

the teacher will help you find the



teachers do more than just teach

teachers play help




and create

teachers can help you learn different

things music teachers show you how to

play an instrument a ballet teacher can

teach you how to dance you can even

learn how to paint a picture from an art

teacher who is your favorite teacher

tell us in the comments after the video

it's trivia time listen to the questions

and choose the correct answer question 1

what can you learn from a teacher how to

fix a car

how to read and write how to train a



that's right teachers help students

learn how to read and write good job


question - where do teachers work at a

restaurant at a shopping mall at a

school very good a teacher's job is to

help children learn at school question

three which of these people is not a



yes a firefighter is not a teacher

teachers can help people learn different

things like art and dancing great choice

thanks for watching goodbye


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