Secretary of State talks about voting in Texas

today is tomorrow in Texas Secretary of

State Carlos costco's is the chief

elections officer and he joins us live

from austin mr. secretary good morning

good morning okay so let's talk about

this for the first time in a

presidential election in Texas people

can use government documents other than

a photo ID there have been complaints

and counties all over the state about

confusing or even misleading information

about what kind of ID can be used so

before we go any further kind of take us

through what can people use what can

people bring to them tomorrow ok it's I

mean it shouldn't be that confusing if

voters have been voting with a approve

photo ID nothing changes for them they

continue going to the polls today or

during early boat and produce that photo

ID it can be a driver's license or a

passport you know a military ID for

those that do not possess or have a

photo ID then they have an option and

that option is twofold one day they must

sign a an impediment declaration stating

that they that they do not possess or

have one of the seven approved photo IDs

and they they would briefly explain the

reason on that document but they also

have to take another form of

identification which would be like

something simple like you did a utility

bill it could be a bank statement it can

be a certified birth certificate or even

their voter registration card along

along with the along with their their

impediment document sure so you know and

this is your world you work in it every

day that is my world but there have been

complaints from several counties that

hey this is people aren't understanding

or they're being misled by people at

polling places in terms of what's

allowed what is your office doing to

make sure everything is clear for people

well we provided the necessary

information to all 254 counties in Texas

you know there there was some some early

confusion early on during the early

voting process but we monitor that we

will communicate directly with the

elections office of that of that county

to make sure that that the information

that they're disseminating is accurate

what about the questions about the

election being perhaps hacked or rigged

what's being done here in Texas

well I mean it would be highly unlikely

for that to happen every you know every

every county is independent in and of

itself so some would have to hack you

know every single County and you know

none of those elections are on the

internet so it'd be very difficult to do

that we've heard that but it's it's

highly unlikely very improbable for

something like that to happen in Texas

record number of early voters out in

this election does this help your office

at all in terms of easing some of the

chaos tomorrow well well we don't know

what the final number is going to be

tomorrow of course we're all looking

forward to your to high turnout we do

have a record number of registered

voters over 15 point 1 million that that

in itself is a Texas record we're

certainly hoping for for a great turnout

tomorrow as well Secretary of State

Carlos Costco's thank you again so much

for taking the time on what I'm sure is

a very busy day for you thank you very

much for having us you're welcome