Who Was the Texas Shooter?

26 year-old Devin Kelly joined the Air

Force in 2010 but was kicked out four

years later for bad conduct kelly was

court-martialed by the Air Force in 2012

for charges of assault and aggravated

assault on his first wife and a child

earning him a bad conduct discharge 12

months confinement and a reduction in

rank officials say he served time for

the assaults at this military prison in

San Diego California Kelly had multiple

weapons in his car on the day of the

attack but an Air Force official here at

the Pentagon tells me that my law Kelly

lost his right to own a gun when he was

convicted of the domestic violence

charges however the Air Force said late

Monday it failed to enter the offense

into the FBI's national criminal

information center database which would

have stopped him from obtaining firearms

while Kelly's history of violence is

clear his motive for Sunday's attack is

still unknown but some suspect the

attack was personal the target was not

selected randomly which to me also

suggests the high degree of emotion here

high degree of deliberate violence

intended to be inflicted at that

particular location the head of the

churches Sunday school told VOA members

of the congregation knew the shooter and

some were even his family members Carla

Babb VOA news the Pentagon