The Jungle Book (2016) Run Mowgli Run

everyone comes to peace rock so many

smiles to strange old descent that I'm

on Mowgli belongs to my pack joke

Mowgli they've given it a name shift

your hunting ground for a few years and

everyone forgets how the Lord works well

let me remind you tink for pleasure

killing for power you've never known

love the cup is mine mine to me so go

back to where you came from you burned


now I'm deeply respectful and the river

will rise and when this rock disappears

that truce will end

you want to protect him fine


there's a question that counsel had to


they deliberated and they argued for

many days


is not to be ignored

I don't want to see anyone get hurt I

can get help the boys right maybe it's

time we found another people no I'm the

one who brought him to you and now are

returning to where it's the only place


okay army for mine to me no matter where

you go of what they may call you you

will always be my son


I wish I could tell you that the Wolves

could have four check on what about the


of course the miners East is not

bringing you to the man village what I

don't know you will you might fall in

the trap okay eat or get hurt by flying

rocks I know what I said

created this jungle where they made

forums with their tusks the rivers

ground where they blew with their trunks

the lead stove they made all the pan


no because the jungle is no longer safe

for you you're being hunted by a tiger

only man can protect you No

why are you bringing me to the man

village if you found me in the jungle

now why does the tiger hate me so much

seems like you know where the sky glows

at night I'll find you on that path

figura I'm not taking one more step