The Original Story of the Tooth Fairy Book for Children [HOW THE LEGEND BEGAN]

the original story of the tea fairy the

beginning of a legend by Lawrence

Douglas there once lived a handsome king

and a beautiful queen who would dearly

loved by the people of their Kingdom the

king and queen were always warmly

greeted by their people as the royal

coach travelled throughout the kingdom

outside of the King and queens castle

gate was the Royal Garden in the Royal

garden lived a quiet little mouse at

night while everyone in the kingdom was

sleeping the mouse loved to feast on the

fresh fruits and vegetables in the

garden the little mouse was so happy in

the royal garden however she wondered

what it would be like to live in the

castle and be the voice one night when

the moon was full and bright the little

mouse quietly scampered under the castle

gate across the Royal cobblestones up

the wool rain spout and into a moonlit

room as the little mouse quietly made

her way into the room and climbed onto

the top of the Royal clock the light of

the moon softly showered its rays

through the window at first the little

mouse could not believe her eyes she

looked once then twice and then the

third time to be sure it was a little

boy and a girl

peacefully sleeping in their beds the

little mouse never knew that the king

and queen had children she had heard

playful sounds coming from inside the

castle walls she had always been curious

what those sounds were but now she knew

it was the Royal children day after day

the little mouse would quietly watch the

Royal children play in their room she

wanted so much to be their friend but

she knew that children of the king and

queen could never be friends with a

mouse one day the little mouse heard

princess cry out mummy my tooth has

fallen out the Queen quickly came

running the princess had always wondered

what it would be like to lose a tooth it

felt so strange there was a hole in her

mouth and she could not stop looking at

it in the mirror the young princess

asked her mother the Queen if she could

sleep with her teeth your tooth will get

lost if you sleep with it the Queen

warned but the princess had a brilliant

idea I will place the tooth under my

pillow to keep it safe she explained

that night the little mouse watched

intently as the Royal children fell

asleep then without even thinking the

little mouse scampered across the floor

up the bedpost and under the pillow of

the sleeping princess there it was the

shiny white tooth of the princess the

mouse could not believe her eyes she had

never seen a tooth before the curious

mouse held up the tooth into the

glistening light of the moon it was so


suddenly a magical Moonbeam came

shooting through the window landing on

the mouse and the teeth the Moonbeam

instantly turned the mouse into a

sparkling fairy and the tooth into a

shooting star

the mouse who had now become a fairy

watched in amazement as the tooth became

a shooting star and found its place

among the other stars in the night sky

Oh No the tooth is gone what shall I do

cried the fairy then the fairy had a

brilliant idea she could replace the

tooth with the little treasure when the

princess would wake up in the morning

she would see her tooth had been

replaced with a small treasure she would

be so

happy the fairy watched anxiously as the

morning sunlight slowly filled to the

room of the Royal children suddenly the

princess shouted with excitement my

tooth is gone but it has been replaced

with the treasure the children danced

with joy as The Fairly watched happily

from the window news spread quickly

about the princess's lost tooth and her

treasure soon all of the children

throughout the kingdom would place their

lost teeth under their pillows at night

every night the little fairy would

search the entire kingdom for children

who had lost a tooth each lost tooth

would be replaced with a small gift and

another bright star would be added to

the night sky now many years later news

of the Tooth Fairy has spread to

children all around the world every

night a child tooth is replaced by a

gift or a small treasure and another

beautiful star is magically added to the

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