Tim Williams, aka trivago Guy, explains trivago

have you ever looked for a hotel online

did you notice that there's so many

prices out there for the exact same room

if your bagua does the work for you and

instantly compares prices for over six

hundred thousand hotels from over 100

different websites so instead of

searching for hours and spending too


Chicago makes it easy to find the ideal

hotel for the best price just go to

traval go calm type in where you want to

go and with two clicks select your

check-in and check-out dates and search

it's that simple

trivago searches hundreds of websites at

the same time and shows you the most

popular hotels you can adjust the price

that it fits in with your budget select

the number of stars or filter by average

guest rating from over 34 million

reviews remember Chewbacca shows you all

the different prices for the exact same

room that's how you can be sure that you

find the ideal hotel for the best price

with your Viacom Hotel Chewbacca