Who is the Trump whistleblower?

got new details emerging in Trump's

impeachment inquiry The Whistleblower

New York Times reporting was a CIA

officer who worked at the White House

very fast movie situation let's go to

Jessica Smith who is live in Washington

DC for the very latest on everything

Trump related Jess

yeah these this New York Times article

has new details about the whistleblower

as you mentioned the New York Times

reports that the whistleblower was a CIA

officer who worked in the White House

but has since gone back to the CIA The

Times reports that the officer was

likely an analyst by training and had

detailed knowledge of American foreign

policy and how it relates toward Europe

when the Acting DNI testified today he

said that he did not know who the

whistleblower was but he said that he

believed that the whistleblower did act

in good faith and he said at some point

he would allow the whistleblower to

testify before Congress though that

would be behind closed doors the

president has been blasting the

whistleblower slamming that person for

coming out with secondhand information

in LA Times has a recording of the

president at a closed-door event today

and he was attacking the aides who

helped the whistleblower who talked to

the whistleblower saying they're close

to a spy and I want to read you this

exact quote from the LA Times

they say the president said you know

what we used to do in the old days when

we were smart right

the spies in treason we used to handle

it a little differently than we do now

congressman Schiff has come out with a

response to that quote on Twitter he

said that this is a reprehensible

invitation to violence against witnesses

in our investigation so a lot of new

details coming out quickly and we do

know the Acting DNI was supposed to

testify before the Senate Intel

committee in private this afternoon so

we'll see if lawmakers on the Senate

side have any more to say once that

wraps up miles hey Jess Rick Newman is

there any indication of cracks among

Republicans on Capitol Hill I mean are

they basically saying yeah we agree with

Trump we should probably shoot CIA

analysts and put them in prison or

whatever Trump was suggesting there

where they started it say publicly that

they're uncomfortable with this you know

the earring today when they were

questioning Acting DNI most of them were

sticking up for president Trump they

were really using the same lines that

we've heard from the president being a

Russia hoax or blaming the media for

this we did hear from congressman Mike

Turner who said that the call was

inappropriate but then he went on to say

that the complaint wasn't exactly what

we thought it was he said the call was

inappropriate but then he kind of

backtracked a little bit there I think

that was the closest we've seen to a


we know Senator Ron Johnson who says he

has no problem with this call he

actually told reporters today that he

was uncomfortable with the cover-up that

that was that was troubling the when the

complaint alleges the aides tried to

lock down details of the call so maybe

starting to see a few more Republicans

say that they're uncomfortable with some

of this but I'd say the vast majority

are really still sticking with the

president just this whistleblower

complaint which became public for the

first time today it talks about several

people in the White House who supposedly

spoke to this whistleblower and it says

they those people at the White House who

do have first-hand knowledge of what

went on with regard to the call and the

transcript and where it was archived and

so forth that they were very

uncomfortable with what was happening I

think the word is disturbed the obvious

question for the Intelligence Committee

or other committees in Congress are they

trying to identify those White House

aides and potentially call them to

Capitol Hill as to testify well we know

chairman Schiff said that there would be

additional witnesses that they wanted to

talk to he wouldn't get into specifics

about who those people were but he did

say that the committee plans to call

more witnesses look at more documents he

says the whistleblower laid out a

roadmap for the investigators so I do

expect they'll probably try to figure

out who those people were that were

involved in the call the complaint says

that about a dozen people were witness

to that call between the president and

the president of Ukraine so we'll see if

they try to find out who any of those

Witnesses are and bring them in we don't

know that just yet but they say again

the whistleblower laid out a roadmap for

investigators all right Jessica Smith

with the latest from Washington DC

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