The Best of the Twelfth Doctor | Doctor Who

according to war council of Gallifrey

this is the doctor you might say I've

been doing this all my lives we are by

midday commencing calculation preserver

their cross the boundaries the divided

one universes coordinates for my name's


when I was well-off all 12 of them no


so the Daleks know that something is

happening they're increasing their





geez how can do kidneys don't like the

color of your kidneys

just one question

did you happen to know how to fly this



summers him then the dr. Jack dinosaur

from the distant past is just Portland

he's a blue box from outer space this is

not today for jumping to conclusions Jax

if you wouldn't mind


hello exit the box and surrender the

glory of the Sontaran Empire social


I was being chased by a giant dinosaur

but I think I managed to get the sleepy

sneezy dopey grumpy


tell the green well and they're not

green one what could be the other way

around I mustn't prejudge oh you



thingy yeah no they're not mainly the

asking questions when names not my area

claw what might be Claire might not be

the lottery sorry

listen to meet you you need to calm down

I'm not flirting by the way I think

something's gone wrong


what's gone wrong have you regenerated

remember your handles you used to be a

little a little boo-boo

head really let yourself go how do you

know come on Karla you know the nice big

dinosaur Clara I'm Clara are you're very

similar Heights

maybe she's where labels

why you I did while you're doing that

why you y'all going doc please stop that

nothing yeah nevermind

everyone take five

what we do at our stand

who is he where's a doctor I here

that's him


the doctor

well then here we go again



life support failing I don't know if

you'll ever hear this guy

I don't even know if you're still alive

95 doctor it's not working

you've killed us all this is gonna save

us good energy into the wall no no into

the wall through the wall rule number

one of being the doctor use your enemy's

power against them

but they harvest or three dimensions to

a door that never existed


they touch the darkness I tried to talk

about to remember that I tried to

recharge I tried to understand you may

think that you understand us perfectly I

think we just don't care that is the

role you seem determined to play so it

seems that I must play my

the man that stops the monsters

I'm telling you back to your own

dimension who knows some of you may even

survive the trip and if you do remember

this you are not welcome here

this plane is protected I am the doctor


I named you for us



everyone who ever lived man woman and

child is now at my command an

indestructible army to rage across the

universe the more they kill the more

they recruit happy birthday you didn't

know did you

it's lucky one of us remembers these


happy birthday


tiny bit pleased

I'll go on crack a smile I'm gonna see

if your eyebrows drop off all of this

Oliver just to give me an army well I

don't need one do I

and these are the people who think

they're right nobody thinks they're

writer than you give a good man fire and

he'll never run out of people to kill

I don't want an army well that's the

trouble yes you do

you've always wanted one all those

people suffering in the darle cats now

you can save them all those bad guys

winning all the wars going and they're

good guys back nobody could have that

power you will because you don't have a

choice there's only one way you can stop

these clouds from opening up and killing

all your little pets down here conquer

the universe mr. president show a bad

girl how it's done why are you doing

this I need you to know we're not so

different I need my friend back every


every invasion from now on you decide

the outcome was the matter mr. president

don't you trust yourself tell me

am ia good man sir

I see into your soul doctor I


another hero


thank you thank you so much I really

didn't know I wasn't sure you know sighs

sometimes thank you I am NOT a good man

I'm not a bad map

I am NOT a hero I'm definitely not a

twisted and no I'm not an officer you

know what I am I an idiot with a box and

a screwdriver

passing through helping out learning I

don't need an army

I never have because I've got them

always damn

because loves it's not an emotion

love is a promise


and he will never hurt our big cats


they didn't notice did you while you

were doing all ya silly orders while you

were showing up the one soldier not

obeying now that's wrong as a possible

brain will not forward oh why won't it

the clouds will burn who'll burn them I

will burn them how I will burn one

burning Cyberman is hardly going to save

the planet vortex manipulators years of

sleep - main pain transition

I really wouldn't throw up don't you

piccolo cook according to you there's a

further doctoress how do we find in how

do we know look my presence a slight













dude what is that you said you wanted an

axe fight oh come on a few hundred years

that'll be really funny it's a slow

burner a musical instrument it's not an

axe yes and a daffodil is not a


but I still want the last round what do

you think of my tank the way it isn't

loaded I don't like it another do I I

bought it for my fish your fish I may

have ordered online oh come on

fish tank honestly this stuff will be

hilarious in a very few hundred years

- please stick around mom with him he's

now like this well you really are new

aren't you wait hang on did he just say

that he doesn't know we're here does he




I have been here all day it's been a

great day they've been here for three

weeks three weeks bedtime

well we've partied yes I have to dig a

well with the first class child-friendly

Visitors Centre have given you some

top-notch maths tuition in a fun but

relevant way and I have also introduced

the word dude several centuries early


but I've got some sad news for your

dudes tonight I'm gonna have to leave

you but before I do I'd like you to meet

a couple of friends of mine

shielder get the hell muffin get it off



no pulse

I think


dr. she did


terribly sorry


heartfully yeah


I plugged her into the machine you still

up like a battery I'm so sick of losing

you didn't lose you saved the town and

I'm in the war I'll lose anywhere you


sick of losing people

look at you with your eyes you're never

giving up on kindness one day remember

if that will hurt so much that I won't

be able to breathe and I'll do what I

always do I'll get in my box and I'll

run a now run in case all the pain and

that catches up in every place I go it

will be there did your best

she died there's nothing you can do I

can do anything there's nothing I can't

do nothing but I'm not supposed to

ripples tidal waves rules I'm not




but what's wrong my face in front with

his face

way too small why they choose this face

doctor what's wrong with your face I

think I chose it

it's like I'm trying to tell myself

something I think you know what I'm

trying to say she's so much

not the whole time

just stop

come with me


I know where I got this face and I know

what it's for

okay what's it for to remind me to hold

me to the mark

the doctor and I save people


so let me ask you a question about this

brave new world of yours when you've

killed all the bad guys and when it's

all perfect and just unfair when you

have finally got it exactly the way you

want it what are you going to do with

the people like you the troublemakers

are you gonna protect your glorious

revolution from the next one will win Oh

will you well maybe maybe you will win

but nobody wins for long the wheel just

keeps turning so come on

break the cycle why are you still

talking because I want to get you to see

and I'm almost there do you know what I

see doctor a box a box with everything I

need a 50% chance for us to and we're

our fingers on buzzers are you feeling

lucky are you ready to play the game

who's gonna be quickest who's gonna be

luckiest this is not a game no it's not

a game sweetheart and I mean there most

sincerely why are you doing this yes I'd

quite like to know that too you set this

up why because it's not a game Kate this

is a scale model of war every war ever

fought right there in front of you

because it's always the same when you

fire that first shot no matter how right

you feel you have no idea who's going to

die do you don't know whose children are

going to scream and barn how many hearts

will be broken

how many life shattered how much blood

will spill until everybody does what

they were always gonna have to do from

the very beginning sit down I'm talk

listen to me listen I just I just wanted

to think you were thinking is it's just

a fancy word for changing your mind I

will not change my mind then you will

die stupid alternatively they could step

away from that box you could walk right

out of that door and you could stand

your revolution down no I'm not stopping

this doctor I started it I will not stop

it you think they'll let me go after

what I've done

you're all the same you screaming kids

you know that

look at me I'm unforgivable well here's

the unforeseeable I forgive you after

all you've done I forgive you you don't


you will never understand I don't

understand are you kidding me

of course I understand I mean you call

this a war this funny little thing this

is not a war I thought in a bigger war

than you will ever know I did watch

things that you could ever imagine when

I close my eyes I hear more screams than

anyone could ever be able to count do

with all the pain I tell you when you

put it all it tightens your hands and

you say this no one else will ever have

to live like this

no one else will have to feel this pain

nor am i watch




in totality


if I didn't know better I'd say our

travel 12000 years into the future


600,000 years until a future

twelve hundred thousand years into the


years into the future



20 million years into the future

Shepherd's boy says this is mountain of

pure diamonds takes an hour to college

you know


fifty-two million years every hundred

years a little bird comes


and sharpens its peak on the diamond


and a billion years


the tree

when over two billion units two billion



personally I think that's a hell of a

bird Oh before you come in you better

prepare yourself for a shock it's not as

snug as it looks

finally finally it's my go yes we need

to concentrate what it is I know where

you're going with this but I need you to

calm down outside please enjoy my entire

understanding of physical space has been

nuclear DNG Amma tree has been torn up

further and slab to death by grasp the

universal constants of physical reality

have been changed

whatever sorry I've always wanted to see

that done properly would you like to

drink alder Brown brandy help yourself

don't touch that what's that noise a

suit of power done conserving batteries

there's an inbuilt life-support system

uh not sure what policy but really don't

care what's that noise I don't know

signal distress call homing beacon

possibly so the rest of hims come on

well it must be very cost he's lost his

hair time we were off then


don't want to press that button

y+ evacuates the waste tank on Dec 7

that's it what's wrong with you

the void Dec 7 something's interfering

with the engines which is technically

not maybe maybe the Enders are

interfering with themselves wild theory

but what if this machine had certain

safeguards for instance maybe a carp

takeoff when a life-form registers has

been both inside and outside at the same

time head and body which would mean and

again I'm just I'm just I'm just wildly

theorising here that the drawer would

not engage properly of course it can't

seal the real-time hand below

hence it can't take off not when someone

is in and out at the same time I mean

that just wouldn't be good manners would

it very quick for a doctor

so no more ghosts no laid to rest sure

yeah of course I'm sure I mean life's

not a comic book right doctor possibly

I'm not the right person to ask what if

something happens what if the whole

world is in danger well you know maybe

I'll keep the outfit then you know just

in case the world will be fine I've been

away for a while but I'm back I'll take

care of anything that comes up you are

away Oh 24 years

what a night where'd you go well


what was her name

I'm sure that mustard is a better go



things end that's all

everything else

as always sad

but everything begins again - and that's

what was happy

be happy

I'll talk after everything else I don't

hey doctor keep it real


her name was River Song they were

together for a while and they were very

happy and then she died a long time ago

in a library he's sure he's gonna be all


he's the doctor he's very brave and very

silly and I think for a time he's going

to be very sad but I promise in the end

he'll be all right I'll make sure of it


you never explained who exactly is he

Doctor Who Doctor





time time doesn't pass the passage of

time is an illusion and life is the

magician because life only lets you see

one day at a time


you remember being alive yesterday you

hope you're gonna be alive tomorrow so

it feels like you are traveling one to

the other but nobody's moving anywhere

movies don't really move they're just

pictures lots and lots of pages all of

them still not moving just frozen moment

if you experience those pictures one

after the other then everything comes

alive amount I'm that's a very big

question you know you're my foster mom

he's not my foster jira am I gonna have

to break every bone in his body it's not

like that you need to keep your eye on

men amount of time all happened at once

every moment of your life

laid out around you like a city streets

full of buildings made of days the day

you were born the day you die the day

you fall in love the teens love and the

whole city built from triumphant

heartbreak and boredom and laughter and

cutting your toenails it's the best

place you will ever be

time is a structure relative to

ourselves time is the space made by our

lives where we stand together forever

time and relative dimension in space it

means life

come on lady version I honestly don't

know what you see in him

now when I say no you talk back around

hey I'm gonna be dead if you are so

before I go let's have this out you and

me once and for all

winning slab what you think is about I'm

not trying to win I'm not doing this

because I want to beat someone because I

hate so ah no because because I want to

blame someone it's not because it's fun

God knows it's not because it's easy

it's not even because it works because

it hardly ever does I do what I do

because it's right because it's decent

and above all it's kind it's just an

just kind if I run away today good

people will die if I stand and fight

some of them might live maybe not many

maybe not for long

hey you know maybe there's no point in

any of this at all but it's the best I

can do so I'm gonna do it and I was

standing here doing it till it kills me

you're going to die too someday

I would that be if you thought about it

would you die for Who I am

it's where I stand where I stand it's

where I fall

stand with me these people are terrified

maybe we can help

see this face take a good long look at

it this is the face that didn't listen

to a word you just said

I see

you've changed I know you have I know

what you're capable of stand with me

well now sorry


thanks for trying





so talent is provoking the ghosts of

human history

with a doctor

but the doctor was

it's started




we'll have you taking me

if you're trying to make a point I'm not

listening I don't want to change again

never I can I can't keep on being

somebody else

whatever this


I can't go through with it I I won't

fight it I will not change



who is that an adopter oh I don't think


no dear me no you may be a doctor but I

am The Doctor the original you might say


how can it be you do I know your son

this is the South Pole well at the South

Pole of course we are

don't you know that this is where it

happened where what this is it

the very first time that I well you

we regenerated your mint regeneration

aren't you your face so all over the

place but you're trying to hold it back

what do you know of regeneration are you

a Time Lord You Know Who I am

you must have you come to take the ship

back the ship you still call it a

yeah expanding well so those years have

bigger on the inside you try sucking

your tummy in that door why are you

trying not to regenerate I have the

courage and the right to live and die as

myself tonight

it started a few minutes ago you were

weak as a kid right

you're fine with the state degrees both

of us they won't last long

we have a choice either we change and go

on or we die as we are

if you

if you die here

it's your future never happens if you

don't do the things that you are

supposed to do the consequences could be

stop snow look at it

our score there

everything stopped why

maybe that's us there is something else

somehow something has gone very wrong

with time hello


I'm sorry

I don't suppose either of you as a

doctor you try and be funny

you know what the hardest thing about

knowing you was

my superior intelligence bedazzling


oh my impeccable dress


playing go the doctor is so so hard

isn't it

see that's that's not the sort of thing

the real I am the real bill a life is

just memories of our memories so I'm


okay I'm gonna prove to you how

important memory though I've got a

little goodbye present for you oh that's

nice we'll have to pretend to like it

because honestly that right hook


Merry Christmas doctor



hello you stupid old man go back

you're in my head


and don't go forgetting me again because

quite frankly that was offensive

memories boy am i know what you're

thinking where is he hello sir when

you're already dying you're entitled to

think that your day couldn't get any

worse but yeah you are both of you here

how does that work we can be everyone we

are everyone mm-hmm yes put this in it

now among made of glass not just my

nipples yeah that they got my hair a bit

wrong right you don't have any hair I

have invisible hair got a suggestion for

you then oh there's a novelty don't die

because if you do I think everybody in

the universe might just go cold god I

have a half piece he'll die rest clothes

you can

it's your choice only your's

we understand No

I don't

you're not even really here you're just

memories held in class do you not have

any of you I could fill I would shatter

you my testimony was chavala a life this

long do you understand what it is it's a

battlefield like this one

and it's empty because everyone else has



thank you thank you both - say that you

were to be

what happens now

where I go


that's better





time to leave the battlefield


that is silly old universe

what I say that the money needs saving

the treadmill

this is an oath of get it all wrong

without me

well I suppose

one more lifetime I'll kill him

except me


you wait a moment doctor let's get it

right I've got a few things to say to


basic stuff first

never be cruel never be cowardly in ever

every pass remember

hate is always foolish enough

as always why


always try to be nice but never failed

to be kind mustn't tell anyone your name

no one would understand it anyway


children can't hurt



if their hearts are in the right place

and the stars are too

children get here




laughs fart

one fast


I let you go





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