Every Heavyweight Champion in UFC History

severn and coleman have made their way

into the octagon this one to decide

the ultimate warrior on the planet


coleman now on the mountain




this is positions showdown for the ufc

heavyweight championship those kicks

will take their toll

i don't know if coleman got the energy

right now to go and shoot again for a

single or double legs

it is underway the heavyweight

championship in the ufc

and he knew he had to be composed here

don't try to rush anything

oh there's some and now looking for

some elbow strikes is randy couture

working on the hand of maurice smith

and this is going to go to the judges

what a great fight

what a great fight randy

it is the most prestigious belt

in the world of mixed martial arts one


tonight will take it home


of kevin randleman the side of the head

he's coming up to the side

which is legal is picking up some

much-needed points here in these last

couple of minutes partner

and it's because

it's over 21 minutes the heavyweight


goes the distance

there is a lot of feeling of vengeance

right here

randleman takes the center of the ring

shoots immediately

i mean this man was absolutely beside


after the decision

he tried to lift williams williams

stopped him and then randleman got

caught in a back arched position and i


i know williams was going to land in the

mount nice trip

kevin active a right and a left that

takedown may have wrapped up the

heavyweight championship for kevin

randleman well if he doesn't get caught

like that

and yes oh another oh a combination

perhaps the explanation

and the bell sounds

randleman couture here tonight in the

year 2000 there we go

putting his head down that's a bad move

there's a clinch this is where randy

wants to be now

look at that straight knee there we go

he's never been in that position


not blink heavyweight championship


locking it up again right in front of us

sinking down for the double

he's keeping it he's hitting his hips

really low into the

defense which is good for him but puts

him in a bad position he needs to circle

away from the fence though

look at that guard stanley watch out

randy's fun away from

he's got his back though barnett with a


we'll see who's going to finish here we

got 30 seconds left

he's punching seconds around

champion the new here i told you guys he

faced assassins

rico rodriguez undefeated in the octagon

against the two-time champion randy


and a good take down for rodriguez

of punches

rico rodriguez is the new heavyweight

champion tim sylvia

rico rodriguez oh






champion of championship world frank mir

tim sylvia

this is where frankner wants to


for the be he's got a quick submission

frank mirror oh god look at it he's got

it back

oh a tremendous clash for the interim





looking for the finish

that was extremely intelligent the knots

very very good

andrei orlowski

the former champion the present-day


the belt is on the line

he's in big trouble


he's still wobbly


the hall of famer against the

heavyweight championship

randy throws down


this place


right now he doesn't have control with

tim tim can step out of this especially

when he lifts that left leg up pop and


now he's got that leg that second leg is

important that's the sweep there it is

that's what i'm talking about

immediately this

is huge and tons of time remains in the

round huge for nogueira

in this position he is one of the best

in the world

guillotine anaconda

heavyweight champion and there is a ton

of respect

for brock lesnar of randy couture and

vice versa brock wants what randy has

though that is the heavyweight belt


heavyweight titan on the left lesnar is

trying to finish

brock lesnar pounding away on randy


randy trying to survive


lesnar is the new ufc

heavyweight champion of the world brock

lesnar told us he wouldn't hate a


with frank mir i'll tell you what

frankner looks outstanding and minotauro

is moving straight back

oh again



unbelievable ufc

heavyweight title fight

good left hook he caught him with the


oh he jumped up a flying knee a la uriah


but now brock's on top against defense


ufc heavyweight champion

the challenge ahead and here we go


is carwin for carwin it's mere


there's a nice combination by frank and

now mir has him pressed up against but

carwin quickly turns it around

there's a left by car with a couple big

up and catch fight there's a trouble

great mirrors in big trouble

looking for the finish off

trying to finish breaking it it's over i

think he's out mike

he's out shane carwin


wow heavyweight title is on the line

carwin looking to explode again here's

the big shot there it is he's got him on

his back this is bad for shane carwin

he's got the mount he's got an off


trying to finish this fight with one of

the strongest men

in the mixed martial arts rob wow lesnar

is the undisputed

heavyweight champion of the world wow

there's a buzz here at honda center

velasquez lester

spinning out of control

velasquez looking to finish brock lesnar

he's the ufc heavyweight champion

complete total domination

kane velazquez junior dos santos

for the heavyweight championship


big shot he's a big right hand by junior

santos he's hard he's

trying to get us this fight

he's the new ufc heavyweight champion

of the world unbelievable

act two kane velazquez

dos santos so a very encouraging start

here for the challenger kane velasquez

this was the king of alaska as we all

expected in the first fight and

junior is wearing down he's wearing down

already and it's the first round big

right hand by velasquez del santos has

got to get back to his feet john

and he's got to defend himself this

truly is a prolonged beating

by the former champion and we throw

around the term

heart of a champion in pro sports junior

dos santos is that defined but this


belongs to the former champion kane


the winner becomes the fifth interim ufc

heavyweight champion

nice knee he's got him for doom trying

to finish

silver it's the new interim ufc

heavyweight champion of the world


versus for doom is the third title

unification bout in ufc history

never seen kingdoms like this

is the undisputed ufc

heavyweight champion wow verdum

miocic or the heavyweight belt

lubricio aggressively attacking

steeping is the new

ufc champion

never before has a ufc light heavyweight

champion moved up

to challenge the active heavyweight

champion that is our reality here and


and then he clinches

oh man that is history ladies and

gentlemen you'll never see it again

with that the rematch is upon us


oh again oh big shot a good right hand

dc knows


waited more than a year and once again

the heavyweight division

belongs to him