2019 Val Demings - U.S. Representative, Florida's 10th Congressional District

it is now my privilege to introduce the

United States congresswoman boul

Demmings representative for the citizens

of Florida's 10th congressional district

since 2017 representative Demings sits

on the house permanent Select Committee

on Intelligence the House Judiciary

Committee and the House Committee on

Homeland Security prior to being elected

to Congress Representative Demings

served honorably with the Orlando Police

Department for 27 years working in

virtually every department until making

history in 2007 when she was appointed

to serve as Orlando's first female Chief

of Police


you know I love that background it was

through her hard-working leadership in

the dedication of her officers that the

Orlando Police Department was able to

reduce violent crime by more than 40


she worked tires tirelessly to make the

Orlando community a partner of the

department all while improving the

quality of life in Orlando's most

distressed community besides serving as

a subcommittee vice-chair congresswoman

Demings leadership positions include

serving as assistant and regional whip

for the house Democratic caucus co-chair

of candidate recruitment for the

Democratic Congressional Campaign

Committee and vice chair of the gun

violence prevention task force let's

give a warm VFW and auxilary welcome to

Florida's 10th congressional district

congresswoman bout Demings

well good morning VFW and auxilary it is

my honor it's a joy for me to be with

you of this morning to your commander in


Vijay Lawrence to your executive

director Bob Wallace and to your

national president it was so nice to sit

there and see her be honored this

morning sandy crib all right I'd also

like to take just a moment I do have the

microphone you all invited me I want to

acknowledge the Orange County mayor who

was gracious enough to accompany me here

this morning we are in the convention

center that is in his jurisdiction

please join me in recognizing Orange

County mayor who just happens to be my

husband Jerry Demings

it's an honor for me to be one of 435

members who represent you in the United

States House of Representatives but let

me pause for just a moment

are there any Floridians in the house I

thought so

are there any law enforcement in the

house thank you so very much for double

service I'm delighted that you have

chosen to hold your one hundred and

twentieth National Convention in Orlando

and we just happen to be in

congressional district 10 I stand before

you this morning as a member of Congress

and as a former police chief and I

believe in giving honor to whom honor is


VFW I believe in protecting those who

have worked so hard to protect us our

national defenders as this crowd knows

oh I know you know I know you know that

the United States of America is the

greatest country in the world am I right

about that yeah we are we are and we are

not just the greatest nation by chance

but because of the brave men and women

our servicemen and women who live and

die to protect our nation to protect our

freedoms and protect our democracy in

Congress we know that our veterans have

honored our country and now we as

members of Congress must honor them

by ensuring that we finish the v8

mission act and allow veterans to get

the care they need regardless of where

they live what else can we do to do our

part well we can be there for our

veterans and their surviving family

members by eliminating the 15-year use

or lose it limitation then and make the

GI Bill truly a forever GI bill and we

do acknowledge the 12-month inlay but we

must continue to work so that you will

understand that blessings delayed or not

blessings denied we're going to get it

done the blue waters veterans Navy

veterans Act was signed into law on June

25th yeah just a little while ago

bringing the decades-long fight for

disability benefits linked to exposure

to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War

to victory but we also realize there are

many other locations where we believe

our servicemen and women were exposed to

Agent Orange and we are working to

extend this act to cover those service

locations as well


in Florida there are 6,000 295 gold star

families who lose out on their survivor

benefit plan payments due to the

dreadful widows tanks with 168 of those

families living in congressional

district 10 to sum things up we need to

in the widow's tax VFW and auxilary this

week as you conduct the business of the

VFW I pray that you will have a

productive yet fun time in Orange County

and if you need something and don't get

it just give me a call because I know

the Orange County Mayor so thank you

thank you for the millions of volunteer

service hours thank you for scholarship

thank you for the advocacy you continue

to bring to Capitol Hill and to local

communities Thank You VFW and auxilary

for having our service men and women's

banks and making a difference we are a

better nation for it enjoy yourselves

be safe and may God continue to bless

and keep you thank you thank you thank


god bless you thank you