who follows the most accounts on Roblox?

hey there guys fave here and everyone on

roblox has a certain amount of followers

and following now before I go into any

more details about followers following

friends a little bit of a history lesson

today's challenge is if you have ever

typed before smash that like what but

anyway on roblox there was a noise of

followers and following feature back

then you could just add as many people

as you want and have a bunch of people

on your friends list I've done a whole

video about the history of the friends

list you can check that on the top right

corner well let's talk about followers

and following so I have a hundred and

forty-one thousand followers on roblox

which you know that's a decent amount I

mean whoa I'm famous on roblox I'm so

cool right but what's interesting is

that I follow zero people on roblox and

it's funny cuz people walk up to me and

game and be like fave could you follow

me please oh my god would be so cool if

you thought bro

I'm follow zero people you're not gonna

be the one but anyway we're gonna be

taking a look at some users with

ridiculous amounts of people that they

follow okay so first of all let's start

off with the most famous example here

like it's not the most famous but a lot

of people know about this guy his name

was follow all now a lot of people think

follow all follows those people on

roblox 17 million people he followed so

if you look at his list here he's not

banned forever and he follows seventeen

million one hundred eighty-six thousand

seven hundred and sixty-eight people now

that is definitely a lot of people

myself I don't even know seventeen

million people but he follows all this

amount of people this is back when the

feature was new and he can make box to

follow a bunch of people now if we look

at followers profile we could see that

he's a very handsome man looking like

with the classic noob colors but you mix

it with the modern-day bacon here with

the man face you get a nice little top

10 anime crossovers type moment with his

avatar but um if you look through his

profile he's played the name Snipes game

and he joined in 2015 now follow all has

nothing on our next user who is banned

for ever

and this user is known as Cubana zero

for let's go ahead and input his link in

here so anyway our next user Cubana zero

for happens to be banned forever and

cupen a zero four follows twenty three

million nine hundred and thirty nine

thousand five hundred and fifty nine

people and to simplify this

he follows twenty four million people

which is seven million more than follow

all approximately okay so if we take a

look at code bana zero four

how can he follow twenty four million

people well first of all I'm interested

to seeing what his profile would look

like and since y'all know I have magic

powers I'm able to see accounts that are

banned forever let's take a look at what

he got here so once again wearing the

man face and he has a hole in his torso

so I'm not sure what he got banned for

probably for making BOTS to follow a ton

of people but if we take a look here he

has two friends yes a Darth Vader mask

maybe this is actually Darth Vader and

he also happens to own the dethroned

ruler of the universe which is actually

quite a rare limited here okay

only a hundred were sold and a bunch of

them are banned forever so that's a cool

little fun fact about the man that

follows nearly 24 million people and so

I guess he was a trader joined in 2012

as of back in the day okay so that makes

sense in all okay he wants people to

send him good trades and he used to go

buy these remain mik items so instead of

McDonald's you got nick items like he's

trading all day and stuff which fine

cool whatever right but once again how

is he able to follow that many people

but of course we could talk all day have

a people bahding and doing crazy things

to get large amounts of following but

the person who follows the most users on

roblox is actually quite a simple answer

so if you've been around for a bit you

probably know who builder man is also

known as David bazooka in real life okay

now back when people joined roblox back

then before they had the 200 friend

limit everybody's would automatically

have builder man as their first friend

then when they updated from friends to

followers all your friends would turn

into people you follow and followers

and so if you take a look here builder

man has 67 million users that he follows


67 million eight hundred and sixty-five

thousand six hundred and twenty six

users so this is no joke this is this is

real okay so there you have it okay now

builder man has a long fabled history to

him I've done a video exposing him

before you can check that on the top

right corner is I think there's another

youtuber in that video that's kind of

old one but it's still good I'm a good

youtuber what can I say

and of course builder man also has 69

million followers nice but anyway um I

hope you found this information quite

interesting here another man he's been

around the block okay 2006 he is the

founder of roblox David bouzouki so yeah

you know let me don't you think down

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