Declaration of Trust Before Purchase. Who is the Vendor?

hello my name is dr. Brett Davies and

now in the third page and this question

is asking for the name of the vendor the

vendor war well lots of endor a vendor

is the owner of the asset so you're

sending the trustee out to go talk to

the vendor about buying the asset piece

of lands machinery a motor vehicle

shares in a company and the vendor is

the owner the vendor does not need to

know who the true owner is the true

owner will be the beneficiary but there

is no legal requirement for the vendor

to know that so you sent the trustee out

secretly to go acquire that asset maybe

you own a whole block of flats other

than one there's 12 blocks of flats your

father start and your mother started

buying them up many years ago and this

is one left again and then you can

demolish it or throw throw out all the

tenants and demolish it and build

something bigger better but the last

flat owner knows that you're coming so

he sits there and waits and waits and

waits waiting to get his own over

inflated price because of his greed and

nastiness he doesn't want you to get the

whole ownership that's all you do is you

send your friend over let's call him

Jake Jake Smith

he said Jake Smith I'm gonna make you

the trustee I'm the beneficiary or maybe

my family trust maybe maybe my company

but anyway I'll have the Bennett I'll be

the beneficiary and you go out to the

vendor what you do is you find out the

vendors name the owner of the asset and

you put in that person's name see my

tour title search if his name's Joseph

Smith you type in Joseph Smith if his

name is Acme nominees proprietor minute

you put in that name with the ACN as

well because the vendor could be a

company or could be a human and could be

more than one as well maybe the flat

that that last flat belongs to a husband

and wife

their first names into sleep with the

husband's name in some setup now there's

the vendor so I'm going to press vendor

as human and put their details in and

then I'm going to press add another

vendor and then you can put the spouse's

name in they need a hand telephone us

we're a law firm and we can help you

answer these questions enjoy