Vikings Draft Profile: Minnesota QB Tanner Morgan


as the minnesota fighting vikings look

to draft their future franchise

quarterback in 2021 uh we continue our

draft profiles uh it's gonna be a lot of

quarterbacks for the foreseeable future

uh enter one tanner jerome ezekiel

morgan from the university of minnesota

golden gophers now

i i know the talk well the golfers have

never had a quarterback drafted in the

super bowl era which

is kind of amazing it seems like as a

power five school a big ten school

that'd be hard to do but anyway so

uh not adam weber not assad abdul kalik


not the the legendary mitch leidner

sorry vikings

uh vikings preseason legend mitch

lightner so none drafted

zero finito but again scout the player

not the helmet

uh tanner morgan does have legit nfl


i think he will certainly be drafted now

the question will be

how high and could the vikings consider

tandem morgan

is tanner morgan ready to trade in

rowing the boat

for rowing the love boat i'm so sorry

that was too easy but

let's talk about tanner morgan today so

uh tanner morgan

21 years old redshirt jr 6 2 215

from a three-star recruit from union

kentucky so fun fact

he's cousins uh with tim couch who uh

nfl draft bus number one overall pick by

the browns when they came back

but also university of kentucky legend

so bluegrass connection

boom uh he uh committed to western


uh but then eventually switched to

minnesota uh when pj fleck got the

gopher's job rode the boat

split time with zach onyxdad in 2018 as

a redshirt freshman

eventually took over the reigns redshirt

sophomore 2019

and he had himself a season he did

pretty good so complete 66 percent of

his passage

passes big jump from 2018 uh 3253 yards


30 touchdown school record seven picks

178.7 quarterback rating school record

85.5 pff grade

uh set 11 gopher school records uh in

the interim and also had was two time

uh big ten offensive player of the week

also performed his best in big time


uh in the upset win over then number

five penn state

he went 18 to 20 for 339 and three

touchdowns no big deal

also he is a type of dude who just loves

going vertical

so he will will push the ball up field

uh 12.1 adjusted yards per attempt

and also uh via pff uh 1135 of his

passing yards

uh ron throws at 20 plus yards downfield


that's a little over a third so that's

pretty amazing so he's not afraid to go

downtown he will push it push it real


now of course it's easy to push it down

field when you have the likes of tyler


extremely underrated extremely under

drafted i think he's going to do well

with the bucks as well as rashad bateman

who could

probably be the second wide receiver off

the board pretty uh easily a first round

pick but also

i mean it's not like trevor lawrence or

joe burrow or justin fields are throwing

to a bunch of dudes who down at the

7-eleven where zimmer finds his cover

two corners so

that's not the case right uh so the

gophers did end up going 11-2

uh their best finish since i don't know

the 60s probably

uh ended up being number 10 uh in the

country including a bull win

over sec participant auburn war war


uh and uh where he really toyed with uh

first round quarterback noah

the game so he did good time uh big time

stuff in big time games

uh second team all big ten behind or

justin fields

now he he does have arm talent uh as

evidenced by the

ability and the uh uh and the wanting to

push it down field but also

his arm is not on the level of a

lawrence or a fields or

uh even a zac wilson or trey lance but

of course who's is

right uh but if you think on in terms of

the level of like

tua's arm in terms of like jimmy

garoppolo better than andy dalton when

he was coming out tcu

where it's certainly at nfl level good

but not great but also

not horrible right uh can be a bit yolo

at times

seven picks uh could have had quite a

few more gophers fans will know

at 16 uh interceptable balls in 2019

uh the release is the thing that will

stand out uh first foremost so he's got

a compact release

it is quick it is impressive uh it gets

the ball extremely fast

you do like the rhythm that he throws

with he's got natural balance

always throw some bass even uh when he's

on the move

got really great footwork uh when he

does run he doesn't get off balance he

doesn't really get shaken which is great

he can buy some time in the pocket can

escape now

isn't a pure like uh athletic running

quarterback uh like he's not a fields

he's not a trey lance

uh terms of athleticism he's not even in

the zack wilson

area but he does have a nice snack for

buying time also pros he's a leader

team captain two time big ten all all

academic team which you also love as


uh cons so the term pro style offense

gets thrown a lot

around a lot and the gophers ain't that

so the gophers uh

is not that a ton of rpos run pass

options which

is starting to trickle up to the nfl so

that's less

uh that's less important but uh it does

take a lot of skill with decision making

um do you hand off to the run back are

are you gonna pull it are you gonna do

this are you gonna run are you gonna do


but it does create a lot of big wide

open throws

uh and the question is can he

selectively thread the needle without

being reckless at the nfl level now

something i do want to see is i want to

see more throwing with anticipation

because just of the nature of the

offense as well as the skill of johnson

bateman a lot of his throws are wide

open you see it you throw it

as opposed to you throw it then you see

it right he's accurate enough to do it

you just want to see more of it uh to

have a better assessment what he can do

at the next level and

i think that he does have the traits to

succeed at the nfl level but

also can he absorb the weightiness of an

nfl playbook a non-rpo heavy offense

can he check into the proper play can he

get audibles down can he dissect a


that's throwing the kitchen sink at you

can he do all that also

was last year more about tanner morgan

or more about rashad bateman tyler


as well as running back rodney smith

that was the yard rusher what's it going

to be

right but besides justin fields i think

that he's easily

the the big ten quarterback with the

most nfl intrigue uh so

this year is gonna be important for him

i think it would be well

obviously pj fleck's job is not to get

guys ready for the pros that's the win

college football games but

i mean if pj would work more pro

concepts into the offense

uh and then it shows the tanner morgan

what he can do at the next level

i think having a quarterback draft in

the first round is recruiting equity

that you can't

buy right so pj's already a great

recruiter and now you throw that in it's


well he kept like quarterback for me go

in the first round boom roll the boat

pretty easy peasy lemon squeezy uh plus

with defenses

doubling and tripling rashad bateman as

the only real receiving threat coming


i want to see how he can operate by

going to other receivers

by going to his second third fourth

reads etc and now i

as right now i'm not 100 sold on him

being a first round pick i know that

a lot of draft necks do have that hype i

think he certainly could reach that i


even if he cut and pace last year onto

his redshirt junior season i think that

he would certainly have a shot

but his extremely deep quarterback class

right now i think that he's probably in

the day two mix uh potentially a

mid-round guy

uh but the big ten being back i think he

can do himself uh

i i think that he could do himself the

most favors uh almost more than any

other quarterback in this draft class if

he can prove

uh that last year was not a fluke that

he can do it without tyler johnson and

rodney smith

uh even with bateman back uh and the

gophers as they take on michigan on

saturday like can't do it on the big

stage yet again

can he do that can you throw with

anticipation uh and also

getting into pro days getting in the


will be extremely important for him as

well but i think that he has a chance to

rise uh

but so it annoys me that the vikings

don't have a second round pick because

it would be perfect so penny sewell in

the first round

go get the greatest offensive line

prospect in 30 years

and then either maneuver trade up to the

top of the second do whatever we have to

do to get tanner morgan all of a sudden

you have the left tackle and you got the


let's go baby boom but ski uma ski or


ski whatever uh your thoughts tanner

morgan draft profile

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