Steven Universe Movie Villain's DOUBLE Identity!? (FINAL MOVIE THEORY!)

welcome back to crystal clear I am

ushered votes and this is lightly going

to be our finals TV universe the movie

theory now this and one or two more

videos are going to be pre-recorded due

to a last-minute business trip so if

anything comes out about the movie not

mentioned in our following videos it's

because I'm just not around to cover it

but it's not that long of a trip don't

worry so should this be our last hurrah

so the movie airs in terms of trying to

piece together what happens how things

come forward I want to take it back to

the very beginning the focus of most of

our theories and the focus of everything

surrounding the movie the village if her

name officially comes out after I record

this I'm going to be salty but when I

say take it back to the beginning I name

the beginning of us learning about the

film's existence got a teaser trailer

keep it in mind with this new diabolical


we're provided with an antagonist unlike

any we've seen before using her own

elastic body to come back Steven and the

crystal gems sporting three black lines

under rise and coming across as mentally

unhinged playing up the supervillain

role as she happily indulges in the

mayhem in havoc she's brought him to the

earth she's also the first villain who

has the intention and will to kill

Steven from the get-go

Jasper wanted to bring Steven the

homeworld peridot just wanted to get off

the planet

aquamarine wanted to capture humans and

just saw Steven or rose quartz has a

really nice constellation as for eyeball

she just wanted to bring Jasper home

before going in Fame inside a bubble and

seeing the death of Stephen as a hot

ticket to stardom but that determination

of murder Steven isn't the only thing

that leaves us scratching our heads

wondering how did things get up to this

point there's also the question of why

this gem is so malleable pudding mr.

fantastic and Elastigirl to shave many

people assume this is her power but what

if it isn't

what if she's actually nothing special

amongst the rest of gem kind at the

bottom line she has standard gem

abilities and a gem weapon seemingly

what we can assume is a scythe as the

clashes with Steven in the trailer

although with its gem stabilization

properties this could just be actual gem

technology she invented and that's what

makes this bill and dangerous from what

we can make out in a very brief frame in

the trailer it appears as a little

heart-shaped gem at the top of

just like the top of the giant injector

that Sheamus brought is shaped like a

heart just like her gemstone clearly

these things were custom tailored which

leads me to believe although she

definitely might have had some help

all these legs were invented by her

which means they were designed be amped

up and provide more devastation that

only a being like Stephen can endure

after all if her sole mission is to kill

Stephen it makes us at everything she's

brought is designed to torture and

destroy Stephen a half organic half gem

being no one else if this Jim has

something you would call a special power

I wouldn't say it's her elasticity I

would say its determination because

believe it or not we have seen her

abilities before just in different ways

ways where gems were both in and out of

control but it reserved the ladder I

would like to call to the stand

amethyst particularly in the episode an

indirect kiss with amethyst is crack gem

as we've seen throughout the series if a

gem still becomes cracked the gem

themselves will begin to glitch out the

longer they're damaged and the more the

crack spreads the more distorted they

become both and physical appearance and

their speech patterns so as a result

amethyst began to fall all over the

place now sure it was a crack gem she

had no control but the fact of the

matter is amethyst his body began to

stretch an elongate in a similar fashion

to this new villain just because she had

no control doesn't mean she wouldn't be

able to do this normally it's just not

her desired form and we saw how weird

amethyst is body can get through the

episode reformed and her various


so we can assume this is something

common with all gems especially with

amethyst being overcooked but it doesn't

stop there as garnet with full control

over her body has been able to stretch

her arms and grab on to others mainly

Steven multiple times throughout the

series not to mention the episode

offenders and light distortion which had

garnet amethyst and pearl adjusted

different settings for different cuts of

gem at one point their necks and limbs

stretching all over the place just like

the villain the point is I'm not

convinced miss stretchy stretchy is

stretching stretching because it's her

special ability like how Ruby has

fire or Sapphire has ice but because

she's focused and hold those natural gem

abilities especially one ability in

particular shape-shifting this takes me

back to the first teaser and something

I'm still scratching my head about the


why has this gemstone constantly flip

upside down right side up it feels so

intentional in your face as we've come

to know who Steven universe so that when

the movie was released a year later we

would go back to this teaser and have

our collective minds blown at top tier


now now that it has been over a year and

the movie is one week away from

premiering let's speculate a bit further

on the meaning of this rotating gem this

villain is evidently great at

shape-shifting has an unusually detailed

gemstone for someone who's not a diamond

and just for appearance you can tell

this doesn't seem like someone you would

just casually see on homeworld even

glancing at her bio on the movie website

the question is who is she why is she

out for revenge and yes the name is out

there but that's beyond the point

whatever identity she spits out to the

gems doesn't matter because again if you

go back to that teaser they're clearly

hinting at something well where have we

seen the rotation of a gemstone before

oh yeah with rose quartz

aka pink diamond this gem is out for

revenge seemingly targeting everything

at Steven and not taking any hostages we

can assume it's about the changes to

even brought to homeworld in era 3 a log

of his association of the named peak

diamond heck there's even a song in the

movie's tracklist titled change but what

did this gem decide to take her revenge

to the next level trying to get even

with Steven and pink diamond like let's

hidden think for a moment how does she

plan to even pull this off get your

sweet revenge but then what well what if

her plan was to go off the grid

completely and blend in with the rest of


pretending to mourn the death of Steven

that she orchestrated and getting away

with it because she's not really the gem

we think she is what if she's a double

identity a persona

another Batman just like rose quartz

assumably Steven would have to explain a

homeworld what happened with his mom the

true fate of pig diamond in the Jim war

give homeworld the closure they deserve

so bringing this Jim perceiving the full

story in her work mind she's gonna be

furious all of this was a waste of time

and that we have to abide by all these

changes we don't even want because one

Diamond said so and created a war and if

you look at it from that I mean you

should east ocean to destroy the earth

for like I could see why someone would

be upset so she goes use this two-year

time see if to hone her shape-shifting

abilities and pull off something only

pink diamond was known to do previously

to fill up a completely new alter-ego

and do it long enough where she can hold

it without having to revert back as we

know that's a big problem with gems of

shape-shifting aside from pink diamond

because well she's a diamond and was

able to reform as rose quartz full-time

that's right I think Steve universe the

movie like the show itself is going to

give us many twists within one you think

the villain is one person and there's

someone else completely but this would

mean that everyone's initial theories on

her identity isn't over yet as her true

form could still be a morganite fitting

in line with the real world pink

sweetheart gem or cubic zirconia not

letting go of that pink diamond 2.0

theory whatever the case may be because

I mean aside from looking cool which is

a valid reason and probably is the

actual case I'm looking to art into it

why would they have this gemstone rotate

upside down what would they be trying to

communicate with us

why would someone jump don't just come

out upside down and not right-side up

it's called right-side up for a reason

Phil I guess pink diamonds Jim stone is

upside down naturally woops

cinematic parallels but as always these

are just my crazy insane thoughts and I

want to hear yours what do you think

what do you want to happen in Steven a

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