Watch the full U.S. vice-presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris

when i introduce the candidates please


california senator kamala harris and

vice president mike pence

thank you

senator harris and vice president pence

thank you for being here

we're meeting as president trump and the

first lady continue to undergo treatment

in washington

after testing positive for covet 19. we

send our thoughts and prayers to them

for their rapid and complete recovery

and for the recovery of everyone

afflicted by the coronavirus

the two campaigns and the commission on

presidential debates have agreed to the

ground rules for tonight

i'm here to enforce them on behalf

of the millions of americans who are


one note no one in either campaign or at

the commission

or anywhere else has been told in

advance what topics i'll raise

or what questions i'll ask this

90-minute debate will be divided into


segments of about 10 minutes each i'll

begin a segment by posing a question

to each of you sometimes the same

question sometimes a different question

on the same topic you will then have two

minutes to answer

without interruption by me or the other


then we'll take six minutes or so to

discuss the issue

at that point although there will always

be more to say

we'll move on to the next topic we want

a debate

that is lively but americans also

deserve a discussion that is civil

these are tumultuous times but we can

and will

have a respectful exchange about the big


facing our nation let's begin with the

ongoing pandemic

that has cost our country so much

senator harris the coronavirus is not

under control

over the past week johns hopkins reports


39 states have had more covet cases over

the past seven days

than in the week before nine states have

set new records

even if a vaccine is released soon the

next administration will face

hard choices what would a biden

administration do in january and


that a trump administration wouldn't do

would you impose

new lockdowns for businesses in schools

and hot spots

a federal mandate to wear masks you have

two minutes to respond

without interruption thank you susan

well the american people have witnessed

what is

the greatest failure of any presidential

administration in the history of our


and here are the facts 210 000 dead

people in our country

in just the last several months over

seven million people who have contracted

this disease

one in five businesses closed

we're looking at frontline workers who

have been treated

like sacrificial workers we are looking


over 30 million people

who in the last several months had to

file for unemployment

and here's the thing on january 28th

the vice president and the president

were informed

about the nature of this pandemic they

were informed that it's lethal

in consequence that it is airborne

that it will affect young people and


it would be contracted because it is


and they knew what was happening and

they didn't tell

you can you imagine if you knew on

january 28th

as opposed to march 13th what they knew

what you might have done to prepare

they knew and they covered it up the

president said it was a hoax

they minimized the seriousness of it the

president said

you're on one side of his ledger if you

wear a mask you're on the other side of

his ledger

if you don't and in spite of all of that

today they still

don't have a plan they still

don't have a plan well joe biden does

and our plan is about

what we need to do around a national

strategy for contact tracing for testing

for administration of the vaccine and

making sure that it will be free for all

that is the plan that joe biden has and

that i have

knowing that we have to get a hold of

what has been going on

and we need to save our country and joe

biden is the best leader to do that and

frankly this administration has

forfeited thank you their right to

re-election based on this

thank you senator harris vice president


more than 210 000 americans have died of


since february the us death toll as a

percentage of our population

is higher than that of almost every

other wealthy nation

on earth for instance our death rate is

two and a half times that of canada next


you head the administration's

coronavirus task force

why is the u.s death toll as a

percentage of our population

higher than that of almost every other

wealthy country

and you have two minutes to respond

without interruption susan thank you

and i want to thank the commission and

the university of utah for

hosting this event and senator harris

it's privileged to be on the stage with

you and our nation has gone through a

very challenging time

this year but i want the american people

to know

that from the very first day president

donald trump has put the health of

america first

before there were more than five cases

in the united states

all people who had returned from china

president donald trump did what no other

american president had ever done

and that was he suspended all travel

from china the second

largest economy in the world now

senator joe biden biden opposed that


he said it was xenophobic and hysterical

but i can tell you having led the white

house coronavirus task force that that

decision alone by president trump

bought us invaluable time to stand up

the greatest national mobilization

since world war ii and i believe it

saved hundreds of thousands of american


because with that time we were able to

reinvent testing more than 115 million

tests had been done to date

we were able to see to the delivery of

billions of supplies so our doctors and

nurses had the resources support they


and we began really before the month of

february was art to develop a vaccine

and to develop medicines and

therapeutics had been saving lives all

along the way

and under president trump's leadership

operation warp speed we believe we'll


literally tens of millions of doses of a

vaccine before the end of this year

the reality is when you look at the

biden plan it reads an awful lot

like what president trump and i and our

task force have been doing every

step of the way i mean quite frankly

when i look at their plan that talks

about advancing testing

creating new ppe developing a vaccine

it looks a little bit like plagiarism

which is something joe biden knows a

little bit about

and i think the american people know

that this is a president who has put the

health of america first and the american

people i believe with my heart

can be proud of the sacrifices they have


it's safe thank you american lives

senator harris

would you like to respond absolutely

whatever the vice president is claiming

the administration has done clearly it

hasn't worked

when you're looking at over 210 000 dead

bodies in our country

american lives that have been lost

families that are grieving

that loss and you know

the vice president is the head of the

task force

and knew on january 28th how serious

this was and then

thanks to bob woodward we learned

that they knew about it and then when

that was exposed

the vice president said when asked well

why didn't you all tell anybody

he said because the president wanted

people to remain

calm well let's go but susan i this is

important and i want to add but if mr

vice president i'm speaking

i haven't i'm speaking yeah you can have

15 more seconds

and then we'll give the vice president

so i want to ask the american people

how calm were you when you were panicked

about where you're going to get your

next roll of toilet paper

how come were you when your kids were

sent home from school and you didn't

know when they could go back

how kind thank you thank you when your

children couldn't see your parents


you were afraid they could kill them

let's give vice president pence a chance

to respond vice presidents you have one

minute to receive you know there's not a

day gone by that i haven't thought of

every american family that's lost a

loved one

and i want all of you to know that

you'll always be in our hearts

and in our prayers but when you say what

the american people have done over these

last eight months hasn't worked that's a

great disservice

to the sacrifices the american people

have made

the reality if i may if i may finish


the reality is dr fauci said everything

that he told the president in the oval

office the president told the american


now president trump i will tell you has

boundless confidence in the american

people and he always spoke with

confidence that we'd get through this


but when you say it hasn't worked when


fauci and dr burks and our medical

experts came to us in the second week of


they said if the president didn't take

the unprecedented step

of shutting down roughly half of the

american economy that we could lose 2.2

million americans and that's the reality

thank you they also said to us if we did

everything right susan we could still

lose more than 200 000 americans

vice president one life lost is too many


but the american people i believe

deserve credit

for the sacrifices that they have made

putting the health of their family

and their neighbors first our doctors

our nurses our first thank you vice

president pence and i'm going to speak

up on behalf of what the american people

have done vice president pence you were

in the front row

in a rose garden event 11 days ago what

seems to have been a super spreader

event for senior administration and

congressional officials

no social distancing few masks and now a

cluster of coronavirus cases among those

who were there

how can you expect americans to follow

the administration's

safety guidelines to protect themselves

from covid

when you at the white house have not

been doing so

well the american people have


over the last eight months that when

given the facts

they're willing to put the health of

their families and their neighbors and

people they don't even know

first president trump and i have great


in the american people and and their


to take that information and put it into


in the height of the epidemic when we

were losing

a heartbreaking number of 2500 americans

a day

we surged resources to new jersey and

new york and new orleans and detroit we

told the american people what needed to

be done and the american people made the


when the outbreak in the sun belt

happened this summer again americans

stepped forward

but the reality is the work of the

president of the united states goes on

a vacancy on the supreme court of the

united states

uh has come upon us and the president

introduced judge amy coney barry thank

you thank you very much

if i may say that rose garden event

there's been a great deal of speculation


it my wife karen and i were there and

honored to be there

many of the people who were at that

event susan actually were tested for


and it was an outdoor event which all of

our scientists regularly and routinely


the difference here is president trump

and i trust the american people

to make choices in the best interest of

their health

joe biden and kamala harris consistently

talk about

mandates and not not just mandates with

the coronavirus but

a government takeover of health thank

you thank you green new deal

all government control we're about

freedom and respecting the freedom of

the american people

let's talk about respecting the american

people you respect the american people

when you tell them the truth

you respect the american people when you

have the courage to be a leader

speaking of those things that you may

not want people to hear but they need to

hear so they can protect themselves

but this administration stood on

information that if you had as a parent

if you had as a worker knowing you

didn't have enough money saved up

and now you're standing in a food line

because of the ineptitude

of an administration that was unwilling

to speak

the truth to the american people so

let's talk about

caring about the american people the

american people have had to sacrifice


too much because of the incompetence of

this administration

it is asking too much of the people

we're talking about the president

that they would not be equipped with the

information they need

to help themselves to protect their

parents president and they're sorry

uh senator harris i mean i'm sorry

that's fine i'm comma

no no you're senator harris to me um for

life to get back to normal

dr anthony fauci and other experts say

that most of the people who can be


need to be vaccinated but half of

americans now say they wouldn't take a


if it was released now if the trump

administration approves a vaccine before

or after the election

should americans take it and would you

take it

if the public health professionals if dr

fauci if the doctors tell us that we

should take it i'll be the first in line

to take it

absolutely but if donald trump tells us

i should that we should take it i'm not

taking it

vice president pence there have been a

lot of repercussions from this

pandemic in recent days the president's

diagnosis of covenant 19 has underscored

the importance

of the job that you hold and that you

are seeking

that's our second topic tonight it's the

role of the vice president

one of you will make history on january

20th you will be the vice president to

the oldest

president the united states has ever had

donald trump will be

74 years old on inauguration day joe

biden will be

78 years old that already has raised

concerns among some voters

concerns that have been sharpened by

president trump's hospitalization in

recent days

vice president pence have you had a


or reached an agreement with president

trump about

safeguards or procedures when it comes

to the issue

of presidential disability and if not

do you think you should you have two

minutes without interruption

well susan uh thank you although i would

like to go back

i think we need to move on well thank

you but i would like to go back

because the reality is that we're going

to have a vaccine

senator in record time in unheard of

time in less than a year

we have five companies in phase three

clinical trials

and we're right now producing tens of

millions of doses

so the fact that you continue to

undermine public confidence in a vaccine

if the vaccine emerges during the trump

administration i think is

is unconscionable and senator i just ask


stop playing politics with people's

lives the reality

is that we will have a vaccine we

believe before the end of this year

and it will have the capacity to save

countless american lives and

and your continuous undermining

of confidence in a vaccine is just it's


unacceptable and let me also say you

know the reality is when you talk about

about failure in this administration we

actually do know what failure looks like

in a pandemic

it was 2009 the swine flu arrived in the

united states

thankfully it was ended up not being as


as the coronavirus but before the end of

the year

when joe biden was vice president of the

united states

not seven and a half million people

contracted the swine flu

60 million americans contracted the

swine flu

if the swine flu had been as lethal as

the coronavirus in 2009

when joe biden was vice president we

would have lost 2 million american lives

his own chief of staff ron klain would


last year that it was pure luck

that they did quote everything possible


and and we learned from that they left

the strategic national stockpile empty

they left uh an empty and hollow plan

but we still

learn from it and i i think the american

people say again can be

vice president pence i'm sorry we have

done and senator please thank you stop

undermining confidence in a vaccine

senator harris let me ask you the same

question that i asked vice president

pence which is

have you had a conversation or reached

an agreement with vice president biden

about safeguards or procedures when it

comes to the issue

of presidential disability and if not

and if you win the election next month

do you think you should you have two

minutes uninterrupted

so let me tell you first of all um the

day i got the call from

from joe biden it was actually a zoom

call um asking

me to serve with him on this ticket was

probably one of the most memorable

memorable days of my life um i you know

i thought about my mother who came to

the united states at the age of 19.

gave birth to me at the age of 25 at

kaiser hospital in oakland california

and the thought that i'd be sitting here

right now

i know would make her proud and she must

be looking down on this

you know joe and i were raised in a very

similar way

we were raised with values that are

about hard work

about the value and the dignity of

public service

and about the importance of fighting for

the dignity of all people

and i think joe asked me to serve with

him because

you know i have a career that included

being elected the first woman district


of san francisco where i created models


innovation for for law enforcement in

terms of reform of the criminal justice

system i was elected

the first woman of color and black woman

to be elected attorney general of the

state of california where i ran the

second largest department of justice in

the united states

second only to the united states

department of justice and there i took


everything from transnational criminal

organizations to the big banks that were

taking advantage of homeowners

to for-profit colleges that were taking

advantage of veterans

and then of course now i serve in the

united states senate is only the second

black woman ever elected

to the united states senate i serve on

the senate intelligence committee where

i've been in

regular receipt of classified

information about

threats to our nation and hot spots

around the world i've traveled the world

i've met with our soldiers

in our in war zones and i think joe has

asked me to serve with him

because he knows that we share we share

a purpose which is about lifting up the

american people

and after the four years that we have

seen of donald trump unifying our

country around

our common values and principles thank

you senator harris you know neither


president trump nor vice president biden

has released a sort of detailed

health information that had become the

modern norm until the 2016 election

and in recent days president trump's

doctors have given misleading answers or

refused to answer basic questions about

his health

and my question to each of you in turn

is is this

information voters deserve

to know vice president pence would you

like to go first

well susan thank you and uh

and let me let me say on behalf of the


and the first lady how moved we've all


by the outpouring of prayers and concern

for the president and i do believe it's

emblematic of the prayers and

the concern that have ushered forth for

every american impacted

by the coronavirus but the care the

president received

at walter reed hospital the white house

doctors was exceptional

and the transparency that they practiced

all along the way will continue

the american people have a right to know

about the health and well-being

of their president and we'll continue to

do that

but i'm just extremely grateful and was

more than more than a little moved uh by

the broad and bipartisan support and

senator i want to thank you and joe

biden for your expressions genuine


and i also want to congratulate you uh

as i did on that phone call

on the historic nature of your


i i never expected to be on this stage

four years ago so

i know the feeling but um the reality is

uh we've got an election before the

american people in the midst of this

challenging year

and the stakes have never been higher

because i think the choice has never

been i want to

give senator harris a chance to respond

to the same question i ask which is do

voters have a right to know

more detailed health information about

presidential candidates and especially

about presidents

especially when they're facing some kind

of challenge absolutely and that's why

joe biden has been

so incredibly transparent and certainly

by contrast

um the president has not um both in

terms of

health records but also let's look at


we now know because of great

investigative journalism

that donald trump paid 750 dollars in


when i first heard about it i literally

said you mean 750

000 and it was like no seven hundred and

fifty dollars

we now know donald trump owes

and is in debt for 400 million dollars

and just

so everyone is clear when when we say in

debt it means you owe money to somebody

and it'd be really good to know who the

president of the united states the


owes money to because the american

people have a right to know

what is influencing the president's

decisions and is he making those

decisions on the best interest of the

american people of you

or self-interest so susan i'm glad you

asked about transparency

because it has to be across the board

joe has been incredibly transparent

over many many years the one thing we

all know about joe

he puts it all out there he he is

honest he is forthright but donald trump

on the other hand

has been about covering up everything

thanks thank you senator harris i want

to give you a chance to respond vice

president well look i i respect the fact


joe biden spent 47 years in public life

i respect your

public service as well thank you the

american people have a president

who's a businessman it's a job creator

who's paid tens of millions of dollars

in taxes

payroll taxes property taxes he's

created tens of

thousands of american jobs the president

said those

public reports are not accurate and the

president's also released

literally stacks of financial

disclosures the american people can

review just as the law allows but the

distinction here is that

joe biden 47 years in public service

compared to president donald trump

who brought all of that experience four

years ago thank you very much thank you

turned this economy around by cutting

taxes rolling back regulations

thank you thank you very much energy

fighting for free and fair trade

and all that thank you vice president if

joe biden and kamal harris you know

that's a good segue into our third

topic which is about the economy this

has been another aspect

of life for americans it's been so


by this coronavirus we have a jobs


brewing on friday we learned that the

unemployment rate had declined to 7.9

percent in september

but the job growth had solved and that

was before the latest round of layoffs

and furloughs

in the airline industry at disney and

elsewhere hundreds of thousands of

discouraged workers have stopped looking

for work

nearly 11 million jobs that existed at

the beginning of the year

haven't been replaced those hardest hit

include latinos

blacks and women senator harris the

biden harris

campaign has proposed new programs to

boost the economy and you would pay for


new spending by raising 4 trillion


in taxes on wealthy individuals and


some economists warn that could curb

entrepreneurial ventures

that fuel growth and create jobs would

raising taxes

put the recovery at risk and you have

two minutes to answer

uninterrupted thank you um

on the issue of the economy i think

there couldn't be a more fundamental


between donald trump and joe biden

joe biden believes you measured the

health and the strength of america's


based on the health and the strength of

the american worker

and the american family on the other

hand you have donald trump

who measures the strength of the economy

based on how rich people are doing

which is why he passed a tax bill

benefiting the top one percent

and the biggest corporations of america

leading to

a two trillion dollar deficit that the

american people are going to have to pay


on day one joe biden will repeal that

tax bill

he'll get rid of it and what he'll do

with the money is invest it in the

american people

and through a plan that is about

investing in infrastructure something

that donald trump said he would do i

remember hearing about some

infrastructure week i don't think it

ever happened but joe biden will do that

he'll invest in infrastructure it's

about upgrading our roads and bridges

but also

investing in clean energy and renewable

energy joe is going to invest

that money in what we need to do around


there was a time when our country

believed in science

and invested in research and development

so that we were an

innovation leader on the globe joe biden

will use that money to invest in


so for example for folks who want to go

to a two-year community college it will

be free

if you come from a family that makes

less than a hundred and twenty-five

thousand dollars

you'll go to a public university for


and across the board will make sure that

if you have student loan

debt it's cut by ten thousand dollars

that's how joe biden thinks about the

economy which is it's about investing in

the people of our country

as opposed to passing a tax bill which

had the benefit

of letting american corporations go


to do their business thank you senator


vice president pence your administration

has been predicting a rapid and robust

recovery but the latest economic report

suggests that's not happening

should americans be braced for an

economic comeback that is going to take

not months but a year

or more you have two minutes to answer


when president trump and i took office

america had gone through the slowest

economic recovery since the great


is when joe biden was vice president

they tried to tax and spend and regulate

and bail our way back to a growing


president trump cut taxes across the


despite what senator harris says the

average american family of four had

two thousand dollars in savings in taxes


with the rise in wages that occurred

most predominantly for blue-collar

hard-working americans the average

household income for a family of four

increased by four thousand dollars

following president trump's tax cuts

but america you just heard senator

harris tell you on

day one joe biden's gonna raise your


it's really remarkable to thanks i mean

right after

a time where we're going through a

pandemic that lost 22 million jobs at

the height

we've already added back 11.6 million


because we had a president who cut taxes

rolled back regulation

unleashed american energy fought for

free and fair trade

and secured four trillion dollars from

the congress of the united states

to give direct payments to families save

50 million jobs through the paycheck

protection program

we literally have spared no expense to

help the american people and the

american worker through this

joe biden and kamala harris want to

raise taxes

they want to bury our economy under a 2


green new deal which you were one of the

original co-sponsors of in the united

states senate

they want to abolish fossil fuels and


fracking which would cost hundreds of

thousands of american jobs all across

the heartland

and joe biden wants to go back to the

economic surrender to china that when we

took office

half of our international trade deficit

was with china alone

and joe biden wants to repeal all of the

tariffs that president trump put into

effect to fight for american jobs and

american workers

joe biden says democracy's on the ballot

make no mistake about it susan

the the american economy the american

comeback is

on the ballot with four more years of

growth thank you

an opportunity four more years of

president donald trump

2021 thank you very much the biggest

economic year in the history of this

country thank you vice president pence

senator harris well i mean i that we saw

enough of it in last week's debate but i

think this is supposed to be a debate

based on fact and truth and the truth

and the fact is

joe biden has been very clear he will

not raise taxes on anybody who makes

less than four hundred thousand dollars

appeal the trump tax cuts mr vice

president i'm speaking

well i'm speaking be important if you

said the truth

john biden said twice in the debate last

week that he's going to repeal the trump

tax cuts that was tax cuts that gave the

average working family

two thousand dollars in a tax break

every single year that senator

that is absolutely not true that is he

only cutting

is he only going to repeal part of the

trump tax cuts if you don't mind letting

me finish

we can then have a conversation okay

please okay

joe biden will not raise taxes on anyone

who makes less than four hundred

thousand dollars a year he has been very

clear about that

joe biden will not end fracking he has

been very clear about that

joe biden is the one who

during the the great recession was


for the recovery act that brought

america back and now the trump

hence administration wants to take


when they ran when they rode the

coattails of joe biden's success

for the economy that they had at the

beginning of their term of course now

the economy is of complete disaster

but joe biden on the one hand did that

on the other hand you have donald trump

who has reigned over a recession

that is being compared to the great

depression on the one hand you have joe

biden who was responsible with president

barack obama

for the affordable care act which

brought health care to over 20

million americans and protected people

with pre-existing conditions and what it

also did

is it saved to those families who

otherwise were going bankrupt

because of hospital bills they could not

afford on the other hand

you have donald trump who's in court

right now trying to get rid of

thank you trying to get rid of the

affordable care act

which means that you will lose

protections if you have pre-existing

conditions and i just this is very

important susan yes and it's

but we need to give we need to get vice

president i'd just like he interrupted


and i'd like to just finish please

if you have a pre-existing condition

heart disease

diabetes breast cancer they're coming

for you

if you love someone who has a

pre-existing condition thank you thank


coming for you if you are under the age

of 26 on your parents coverage

they're coming for you senator harris

thank you let me give you a chance to

respond well i hope we have a chance to

talk about health care because obamacare

was a disaster

the american people remember it well and

president trump and i have a plan

to improve health care and to protect

protect pre-existing conditions for


american but look senator harris you're

you're entitled to your own opinion but

you're not entitled to your own facts

you yourself said on multiple occasions

when you were running for president

that you would ban fracking joe biden

looked at a supporter in the eye

and pointed and said i guarantee i


that we will abolish fossil fuels they

have a two trillion dollar version of

the green new deal susan that your

newspaper usa today said

really wasn't that very different from

the original green new deal

more taxes more regulation banning


abolishing fossil fuel crushing american


and economics surrendered china is a

prescription for economic

decline president trump and i will keep

america growing

the v-shaped recovery that's underway

right now

will continue with four more years of

president donald trump thank you very

very much vice president pence once

again you've provided the perfect segue

to a new topic

which is climate change and vice

president pence i'd like to pose the

first question

to you this year we've seen


hurricanes in the south another one

hurricane delta is now threatening the


and we have seen record-setting

wildfires in the west

do you believe as the scientific

community has concluded

that man-made climate change has made

wildfires bigger

hotter and more deadly and have made

hurricanes wetter

slower and more damaging you have two

minutes uninterrupted

thank you susan well first i'm very

proud of our record on the environment

and on conservation

according to all of the best estimates


our air and land are cleaner than any

time ever recorded

our water is among the cleanest in the

world and just a little while ago the

president signed the outdoors act

as the largest investment in our public

lands and public parks

in a hundred years so president trump

has made a commitment to conservation

into the environment

now with regard to climate change the

climate is changing

but the issue is what's the cause

and what do we do about it president

trump has made it clear that we're going

to continue to listen to the science

now joe biden and kamala harris would

put us back in the

paris climate accord they'd impose the

green new deal

which would crush american energy would

increase the energy costs of american

families in their homes and literally

would crush

american jobs and president trump and i

believe that

the progress that we have made in a

cleaner environment

has been happening precisely because we

have a strong

free market economy you know what's


is the united states has reduced co2

more than the countries that are still

in the paris climate accord but we've

done it through innovation

and we've done it through natural gas

and fracking

which senator the american people can go

look at the record i

i know joe biden says otherwise now as

you do

but the both of you repeatedly committed

to abolishing fossil fuel and banning

a fracking and so by creating the kind

of american innovation

we're actually steering toward a

stronger and better environment

with regard to wildfires president trump

and i believe that forest management has

to be front and center and even

governor gavin newsom from your state

has agreed we've got to work on forest


and with regard to hurricanes the


oceanic administration tells us that

actually is as difficult as they are

thank you vice president there are no

more hurricanes today than there were a

hundred years ago

thank you but many of the climate alarms

use hurricanes

and wildfires to try and sell the bill

of goods of a green new deal

and president trump and i are going to

always put american jobs and american


first senator harris as the vice

president mentioned you co-sponsored the

green new deal in congress

but vice president biden said in last

week's debate that he does not support

the green new deal but if you look at

the biden harris

campaign website it describes the

greener deal as a crucial framework what


would be the stance of a biden-harris


toward the green new deal you have two

minutes uninterrupted

sure so first of all i will repeat and

the american people know

that joe biden will not ban fracking

that is a fact

that is a fact i will

repeat that joe biden has been very


that he thinks about growing jobs which

is why he will not

increase taxes for anyone who makes less

than four hundred thousand dollars

a year joe biden's economic plan

moody's which is a reputable wall street


has said will create seven million more

jobs than

donald trump's and part of those jobs

that will be created by joe biden

are going to be about clean energy and

renewable energy

because you see joe understands that

the west coast of our country is burning

including my home state of california

joe sees what is happening on the gulf


which are being battered by storms joe

has seen and talked with

the farmers in iowa whose entire crops

have been destroyed because of floods

and so joe believes again in science

i'll tell you something susan i served

when i first got to the senate

on the committee that's responsible for

the environment do you know this


took the word science off the website

and then took the phrase climate change

off the website

this we have seen a pattern with this

administration which is they don't

believe in science

and joe's plan is about saying we're

going to deal with it but we're also

going to create jobs

donald trump when asked about the

wildfires in california

and and the question was you know the

science is telling us this you know what

donald trump said

science doesn't know so

let's talk about who is prepared to lead

our country

over the course of the next four years

on what is an existential threat

to us as human beings joe is about

saying we're going to invest that in

renewable energy

it's going to be about the creation of

millions of jobs we will achieve

net zero emissions by 2050 carbon

neutral by 2035

joe has a plan this has been a lot of

talk from the trump administration and

really it has been to go backward

instead of forward

we will also re-enter the climate

agreement with pride

senator harris just said that climate

change is an existential threat

vice president pence do you believe that

climate change poses an existential

threat as i said susan the climate is


we'll follow the science but once again

uh senator harris uh

is denying the fact that they're going

to raise taxes

on every american joe biden said twice

in the debate last week

that on day one he was going to repeal

the trump tax cuts

those tax cuts delivered two thousand

dollars in tax relief

to the average family of four across

america and with regard to banning

fracking i just recommend that people

look at the record you yourself said

repeatedly that you would ban fracking

you were the first

senate co-sponsor of the green new deal

and while joe biden denied the green new

deal susan thank you for pointing out

the green new deal is on their campaign

website and as usa today said

it's essentially the same plan as you


with aoc when she submitted it in the

senate and you just heard the senator

say that she's going to resubmit

america to the paris climate accord look

the american people have always

cherished our environment we'll continue

to cherish it we've made great progress

reducing co2 emissions through american

innovation and the development of

natural gas through fracking

we don't need a massive two trillion

dollar green

new deal that would impose all new

mandates on american businesses

and american families thank you joe

biden wants us to retrofit

four million thank you vice president

business buildings

it makes no sense it will cost jobs

president trump

thank you very much america first he's

going to put jobs first and we're going

to take

care of our environment and follow the


senator let's talk about that you the

the vice president earlier referred to

as part of what he thinks is an


um the the president's trade war with


you lost that trade war you lost it

what ended up happening is because of a

so-called trade war with china

america lost 300 000 manufacturing jobs

farmers have experienced bankruptcy

because of it we are in a manufacturing


because of it and when we look at

where this administration has been there

are estimates that by the end of the


of this administration they will have


more jobs than almost any other


administration and the american people

know what i'm talking about

you know i i think about 20 year olds

you know we have a 20 year old

20 something year old who are coming out

of high school in college right now and

you're wondering

is there going to be a job there for me

we're looking at people who are

trying to figure out how they're going

to pay rent by the end of the month

almost half of american renters

are worried about whether they're going

to be able to pay rent

by the end of the month this is where

the economy is in america right now

and it is because of the catastrophe

and the failure of leadership of this


thank you senator harris vice president

pence let me give you just 15 seconds to

respond because then i want to move on

to well i i'd love to respond look

lost the trade war with china joe biden

never fought it

joe biden has been a cheerleader for

communist china through over the last

several decades

and and again senator harris you're

entitled to your opinion you're not

entitled to your own facts

when joe biden was vice president we

lost 200 thousand manufacturing jobs

and president obama said they were never

coming back he said we needed a magic

wand to bring him back

in our first three years after we cut

taxes roll back regulation unleashed

american energy

this administration saw 500

manufacturing jobs created

and that's exactly the kind of growth

we're going to continue to see as we

bring our nation through thank you very

much pandemic

the green new deal your massive new

mandate your paris climate accord

it's gonna kill jobs this time just like

it killed jobs

i just need to respond very well 15

seconds thank you thank you

joe biden is responsible for saving

america's auto industry and you voted

against it

so let's set the record straight thank


i'd like to talk about china we have as

our next

topic we have no more complicated or


foreign relationship than the one with

china it is

a huge market for american agricultural

goods it's a

potential partner in dealing with

climate change in north korea

and in a video tonight president trump

again blamed it

for the coronavirus saying china will


vice president pence how would you

describe our

our fundamental relationship with china


adversaries enemies you have two minutes

thank you susan well let me before i

leave that let me let me speak to voting

records if i can

you know everybody knows that nafta cost


thousands of american factories to close

we saw automotive jobs go south of the

border president trump

fought to renegotiate nafta and the

united states mexico canada agreement is

now the law of the land

american people deserve to know senator

kamala harris was one of only 10 members

of the senate to vote against the usmca

it was a huge win for american auto

workers it was a huge win for american

farmers especially dairy in the upper


but senator you you said it didn't go

far enough on climate change

that that you put your your radical

environmental agenda

ahead of american auto workers and ahead

of american

jobs and the american people deserve to

know that is probably why

newsweek magazine said that that kamala

harris was the most liberal member of

the united states senate in 2019

more liberal than bernie sanders uh more

more liberal than

any of the others in the united states

senate so

now with regard to china look

susan first and foremost

china is to blame for the coronavirus

and president trump is not happy about

it he's made that very clear made it

clear again today

china and the world health organization

did not play straight with the american


they did not let our personnel into


to get information on the coronavirus

until the middle of february

fortunately president trump in dealing

with china from the outset of this


standing up to china that had been

taking advantage of america for decades

in the wake of joe biden's cheerleading

for china

president trump made that decision

before the end of january to suspend

all travel from china and again the

american people deserve to know joe

biden opposed president trump's decision

to suspend all travel

from china he said it was hysterical he

said thank you vice president

but president trump president china

we're going to continue to stand strong

thank you vice president pence we want

to improve the relationship but we're

going to

level the playing field and we're going

to hold china accountable for what they

did to america

with the coronavirus thank you senator

harris let me ask you the same

question that i asked the vice president

how would you describe

our fundamental relationship with china

are we competitors

adversaries enemies you'll have two

minutes uninterrupted

susan the trump administration's

perspective and approach to china has

resulted in the loss of american

lives american jobs

and america's standing

there is a weird obsession that

president trump has had

with getting rid of whatever


was achieved by president obama and vice

president biden

for example they created within the

white house

an office that basically was responsible

for monitoring pandemics

they got away they got rid of it it's

not true there

was a team of disease experts

that president obama and vice president


dispatched to china to monitor

what is now predictable and what might

happen they pulled them out

we now are looking at 210

000 americans who have lost their lives

let's look at the job situation we

mentioned before

the trade deal the trade war they wanted

to call it with china

it resulted in the loss of over 300

manufacturing jobs and a manufacturing


and the american consumer paying

thousands of dollars more for goods

because of that failed war that they

called it

then let's talk about standing pew a


research firm has done an analysis

that shows that leaders of all of our

formerly allied countries have now


that they hold in greater esteem and

respect xi jinping

the head of the chinese communist party

than they do donald trump

the president of the united states the

commander-in-chief of the united states

this is where we are today because of a

failure of leadership by this


senator harris we've seen changes in the

in the role of the united states in

terms of global leadership

over the past four years and of course

times do change

what's your definition we've seen

strains with china of course

as the vice president mentioned we've

seen strange with our traditional allies

in nato and elsewhere what is your

definition of the role of american


in 2020 so

you know joe is i love talking with joe

about a lot of these issues and you know


he i think he said it quite well he says

you know foreign policy it might

sound complicated but really it's

relationships so just think about it as


and so we know this in our personal and

professional relationships

um you got to keep your word to your


god be loyal to your friends people who

have stood with you got to stand with


you got to know who your adversaries are

and keep them in check

but what we have seen with donald trump

is that he has betrayed our friends

and it and and and and embraced

dictators around the world let's take

for example

russia so

russia i serve on the intelligence

committee of the united states senate

america's intelligence community told us

russia interfered in the election of the

president of the united states in 2016

and is playing in 2020.

christopher wray the director of the fbi

said the same

but donald trump the commander-in-chief

of the united states of america

prefers to take the word of vladimir

putin over the word of the american

intelligence community

you look at our friends at nato

he has walked away from agreements you

can talk look at the iran nuclear deal

which now has put us in a position

where we are less safe because they are

building up

what might end up being a significant


arsenal we were in that deal guys we

were in the iran nuclear deal with

friends with allies around the country

and because of donald trump's unilateral

approach to foreign policy

coupled with his isolationism he pulled

us out and has made america less safe so


it's about relationships and the thing

that has always been part of the

strength of our nation

in addition to our great military has

been that we keep our word but donald

trump doesn't understand that

because he doesn't understand what it

means to be honest

thank you thank you uh thank you senator

harris vice president

let me give you a chance to respond well

thank you um well president trump kept

his word when we moved the american

embassy to jerusalem

the capital of the state of israel when

joe biden was vice president they

promised to do that and they never did

we stood strong with our allies but

we've been demanding

nato is now contributing more to our

common defense than

ever before thanks to president trump's


we've strengthened our alliances across

the asia pacific

and we've stood strong against those who

would do us harm

you know when president trump came into

office isis had

captured an area of the middle east the


of pennsylvania but president trump

unleashed the american military and our

armed forces destroyed the isis


and took down their leader al baghdadi

without one american casualty

al baghdadi was uh responsible

for the death of thousands um

but notably america's hearts today are

with the family of kayla mueller

your parents which are here with us

tonight in salt lake city

today two of the isis killers

responsible for kayla mueller's murder

were brought to justice in the united


jihadi john was killed on the

battlefield along with the other beetle

the reality is that when joe biden was

vice president we had an opportunity

to save caleb miller breaks my heart to

reflect on it but the military came into

the oval office

presented a plan they said they knew

where caleb was

baghdadi had held her for 18 months

abused her mercilessly before they

killed her but when joe biden was vice

president they hesitated

for a month and when armed forces

finally went in

it was clear she'd been moved two days

earlier and her family

says with a heart that broke the heart

of every american that

if president donald trump had been

president they believe kayla would be

alive today

thank you very much we destroyed the

isis caliphate

uh and you talk about re-entering the

iran nuclear deal i mean the last

administration transferred 1.8 billion


to the leading state sponsor thank you

very much of terrorism

president donald trump got us out of the

department thank you vice president and

and when qasim solomoni was traveling to

baghdad thank you very much

to americans president donald trump

thank you vice president pence and


is is safer our allies are safer and the

american people know

president donald trump will never thank

you vice president take action

i would like to give senator harris a

chance to respond but not at such great

length because of course there are other

topics we want to talk about but i would

like equal time

yes thank you please go ahead first of

all to the mueller family

i i know about your daughter's case and

i'm so sorry

i'm so sorry um what happened to her

is awful and it should have never


and i know joe feels the same way and i

know that president obama feels the same


um but you mentioned soleimani let's

let's start there

so after the strike on solemani there

was a counter

strike on our troops in iraq

and they suffered

serious brain injuries and do you know

what donald trump dismissed them as

headaches and this is about a pattern of

donald trump's

where he has referred to our

men who are serving in our military as

suckers and losers

donald trump who went to arlington


and stood above the graves of our

fallen heroes and said

what's in it for them because of course

you know he only thinks about what's in

it for him let's take

what he said about john mccain a great

american hero

and and donald trump says he doesn't

deserve to be called a hero

because he was a prisoner of war

take and this is this is very important

when you want to talk about

who is the current commander-in-chief

and what they care about and what they

don't care about

public reporting that russia had

bounties on the heads

of american soldiers and you know what a

bounty is

it's somebody puts a price on your head

and they will pay it if you are

killed and donald trump had talked at

least six

times to vladimir putin and never

brought up the subject

joe biden would never do that thank you

joe biden would but joe biden

would hold russia to account for any


to our nation's security or to our


who are sacrificing their lives for the

sake of our democracy and our safety

thank you

senator harris this is such an important

issue but we have other important issues

as well

want to i want to make sure we have a

chance i really have talked about that

she has 15 seconds because well i gotta

try to keep that look

i'm sorry but vice president you've had

more time than she's had

so far against president donald trump

regarding men and women of our armed

forces are absurd

i'm sorry my son is a captain in the

united states marine corps

my son-in-law is deployed in the united

states navy

i can assure all of you with sons and

daughters serving in our military

president donald trump not only respects

but reveres

all of those who serve in our armed

forces and any suggestion otherwise it's


american people deserve american people

agreed to the rules for tonight's debate

with the commission on presidential race

i'm here to enforce them which involves

moving from one topic to another

giving roughly equal time to both of you

which is what i'm trying very hard to go

right ahead so i want to go ahead

and move to the next topic which is an

important one

as the last topic was and that is the

supreme court

on monday the senate judiciary committee

is scheduled to open hearings on amy

coney barrett's nomination to the

supreme court senator harris

you'll be there as a member of the

committee her confirmation would cement

the court's conservative majority and

make it likely

open to more abortion restrictions even

to overturning the landmark roe v wade


access to abortion would then be up to

the states

vice president pence you're the former

governor of indiana if

roe v wade is overturned what would you


indiana to do would you want your home

state to ban

all abortions you have two minutes


well thank you for the question but i'll

use a little bit of my time to respond

to that very important issue before

the american people deserve to know

qasim salamani the iranian general was

responsible for the death of

hundreds of american service members

when the opportunity came we saw him

headed to baghdad to

kill more americans president trump

didn't hesitate

and qasim salamani is gone but you

deserve to know that joe biden

and kamala harris actually criticized

the decision to take out solemn

uh qasim salamani it's really

inexplicable but

with regard to joe biden it's it's

explainable because history records that

joe biden actually opposed the raid

against osama bin laden

it's absolutely essential that we have a


who will not hesitate to act to protect

american lives

and to protect american service members

and that's what you have in president

donald trump

now with regard to the supreme court of

the united states

let me say president trump and i could

not be more enthusiastic

about the opportunity to see judge amy

coney barrett become justice amy coney


she's a brilliant woman and she will

bring a lifetime of experience and

a sizable american family to the supreme

court of the united states

and our hope is in the hearing next week

unlike justice kavanaugh received with

treatment from you and others

we hope she gets a fair hearing and we

particularly hope that we don't see the

kind of attacks

on her christian faith that we saw


i mean the democrat chairman of the

judiciary committee before

when when judge barrett was being

confirmed for the court of appeals

expressed concern that the

dogma of her faith lived loudly in her

dick durbin of illinois said that it was

a concern

senator i know one of our judicial

nominees you actually

attacked because they were a member of

the catholic knights of columbus

just because the knights of columbus

holds pro-life views

thank you thank you thank you vice

president when the hearing takes place

thank you vice president pence that

judge amy coney barrett will be

respected thank you vice president

voted and confirmed the supreme court of

the united states senator harris you're

the senator from and former attorney

general of california so let me ask you

a parallel question to the one i posed

to the vice president

if roe v wade is overturned what would

you want

california to do would you want your

home state to enact no restrictions

on access to abortion and you have two


uninterrupted thank you susan first of


joe biden and i are both people of faith

and it's insulting to suggest that we


knock anyone for their faith and in fact


if elected will be only the second

practicing catholic as president of the

united states

um on the issue of this of this


joe and i are very clear as are the

majority of the american people

we are 27 days before the decision about

who will

be the next president of the united

states and you know before

when this conversation has come up you

know it's been about election year or


time we're literally in an election

over four million people have voted

people are in the process of voting

right now

and so joe has been very clear as the

american people are

let the american people fill that seat

in the white house

and then we'll fill that seat on the

united states supreme court and to your

point susan that

the issues before us couldn't be more

serious there's the issue of choice

and i will always fight for a woman's

right to make a decision about her own


it should be her decision and not that

of donald trump and the vice president

michael pence

but let's also look at what else is

before the the court

it's the affordable care act like

literally in the midst of a public

health pandemic

when over 210 000 people have died

and seven million people probably have

what will be in the future considered a

pre-existing condition because you

you contracted the virus donald trump is

in court right now trying to get rid of

the affordable care act

and i said it before and it bears


this means that there will be no more

protections if they win

for people with pre-existing conditions


means that over 20 million people will

lose your coverage

it means that if you're under the age of

26 you can't stay on your parents

coverage anymore

and here's the thing the contrast

couldn't be more clear

they're trying to get rid of the

affordable care act joe biden is saying

let's expand coverage

let's give you a choice of a public

option or private coverage

let's bring down premiums thank you

senator let's lower medicare eligibility

to 60.

thank you senator that's true leadership

you know you mentioned uh

earlier vice president pence that the

president was committed

to maintaining protections for people

with pre-existing conditions

um and but you do have this court case

that you are supporting your

administration supporting

that would strike down the affordable

care act the president says

president trump says that he's going to

protect people with pre-existing

conditions but he has not explained how

he would do that

and that was one of the toughest nuts to

crack when they were passing the

affordable care

act so tell us specifically how would

your administration

protect americans with pre-existing

conditions have access to affordable


if the affordable care act is struck


well thank you susan but let me just say

addressing your very first question

i i couldn't be more proud to serve as

vice president to a president who stands

without apology for the sanctity of

human life

i'm pro-life i i don't apologize for it

and this is another one of those cases

where there's such a dramatic

contrast joe biden and kamala harris


taxpayer funding of abortion all the way

up to the moment of birth

late term abortion they want to increase

funding to planned parenthood

of america now for our part i i would

never presume how judge amy coney


would rule on the supreme court of the

united states but

will continue to stand strong for the

right to life when you speak

about the supreme court though i think

the american people really deserve an

answer senator harris

are you and joe biden going to pack the

court if judge amy coney barrett has


i mean there have been 29 vacancies on

the supreme court during presidential

election years from george washington to

barack obama

presidents have nominated in all 29


but your party is actually openly


adding seats to the supreme court which

has had nine seats for 150

years if you don't get your way this is

a classic case of if you can't win by

the rules

you're going to change the rules now

you've refused to answer the question

joe biden has refused to answer the

question so i think the american people

would really like to know

if judge amy coney barrett is confirmed

with the supreme court of the united


are you and joe biden if somehow you win

this election going to

pack the supreme court to get your way

i'm so glad we went through a little

history lesson let's do that a little

more in 1816 i'd like you to answer the

question mr vice president i'm speaking

i'm speaking okay in 1864

one of the i think political heroes

certainly of the president i assume if

you also mr vice president is abraham


abraham lincoln was up for re-election

and it was 27 days before the election

and a seat became open on the united

states supreme court

abraham lincoln's party was in charge

not only of the white house but the


but honest aid said

it's not the right thing to do the

american people

deserve to make the decision about who

will be the next president of the united


and then that person can select who will

serve for a lifetime

on the highest court of our land and so

joe and i are very clear

the american people are voting right now

and it should be their decision

about who will serve on this most

important body

for a lifetime thank you senator

harrison susan are voting

right now they'd like to know if you and

joe biden are going to

pack the supreme court if you don't get

your way in this nomination

let's talk about that you once again

gave a non-answer joe biden gave him

anonymous trying to answer you

american and if you haven't figured it

out yet the straight answer is

they are going to pack the supreme court

if they somehow win this election

men and women i got to tell you people

across this country if you cherish our

supreme court

if you cherish the separation of powers

you need to reject

the biden harris ticket come november

the third re-elect president donald

trump and we'll stand by that separation

powers in a nine-seat supreme court yeah

let's talk about pac and the court then

let's talk about this yeah i'm about to

so the trump pence administration

has been because i sit on the senate

judiciary committee susan as you


and i have witnessed the appointments

for lifetime appointments to the federal

courts district courts courts of appeal

people who are purely ideological people

who have been reviewed by

by legal professional organizations and

found who have been not competent

are substandard and do you know

that of the 50 people who

president trump appointed to the court

of appeals for lifetime appointments

not one is black this is what

they've been doing you want to talk

about packing a court let's have that


all right thank you thank you senator

let's go on and talk about

the issue of racial justice i just want

the record reflect she never answered

the question

so you know maybe the next debate joe

biden will answer the question but i

think the american people know the

answer thank you vice president

in march brionna taylor a 26 year old

emergency room technician in louisville

was shot and killed

after police officers executing a search

warrant in a narcotics investigation

broke into her apartment the police said

they identified themselves

taylor's boyfriend said he didn't hear

them do that

he used a gun registered to him to fire

a shot which wounded an officer

the officers then fired more than 20

rounds into the apartment they say they

were acting

in self-defense none of them have been


in connection with her death senator


in the case of riona taylor was justice


you have two minutes i don't believe so

and i've i've talked with

brianna's mother tamika palmer and her


and her family deserves justice she was

a beautiful young woman

she had as her life goal to become a

nurse and she wanted to become an emt to

first learn

what's going on out on the street so she

could then

become a nurse and save lives and her

life was taken

unjustifiably and tragically and


and it just it brings me to

you know the eight minutes and 46

seconds that america

witnessed during which

an american man was tortured

and killed under the knee

of an armed uniformed police officer

and people around our country of

every race of every age

of every gender perfect strangers to

each other

marched shoulder to shoulder arm in arm

fighting for us to finally achieve that

ideal of equal justice

under law and i was a part of those

peaceful protests

and i believe strongly that first of all

we are never going to

condone violence but we always must


for the values that we hold dear

including the fight to achieve our


and that's why joe biden and i have said

on this subject

look and i'm a former career prosecutor

i know what i'm talking about

bad cops are bad for good cops we need


of our policing in america and our

criminal justice system which is why joe

and i

will immediately ban chokeholds and

carotid holes

george floyd would be live today if we

did that we will

require a national registry for police

officers who break the law

we will on the issue of criminal justice


get rid of private prisons and cash bail

and we will decriminalize marijuana and

we will

we will expunge the records of those who

have been convicted

of marijuana this is thank you time for

leadership on a

tragic tragic issue senator harrison

black people in america

thank you senator harris vice president

pence let me pose the same question to


in the case of briona taylor was justice


you have two minutes uninterrupted

well our heart breaks for the loss of


any innocent american life and the

family of brianna taylor has our


but i i trust our justice system

a grand jury that refused the evidence

and it really is remarkable that as a

former prosecutor

you would assume that an empaneled grand

jury looking at all the evidence got it


but you're entitled to your opinion


i think with regard to george floyd

there's no excuse for what happened to

george floyd and justice will be served

but there's also no excuse for the

rioting and looting

that followed i mean it really is


flora westbrook is with us here tonight

in salt lake city

just a few weeks ago i stood at what

used to be

her salon was burned to the ground

by rioters and looters and and flora is


trying to put her life back together and

i must tell you this

this this presumption

that you hear consistently from joe

biden and kamala harris

that uh that america is systemically


and that as joe biden said that he

believes that law enforcement has an


bias against minorities

is is a great insult

to the men and women who serve in law

enforcement and i want everyone to know

who puts on the uniform of law

enforcement every day

that president trump and i stand with


and it is remarkable that that when

senator tim scott

tried to pass a police reform bill

brought together a group of republicans

and democrats senator harris

you got up and walked out of the room

and then you filibustered senator

tim scott's bill on the senate floor

that would have provided new

accountability new repeat resources

but we don't have to choose between

supporting law enforcement

improving public safety and supporting

our african-american

thank you very much all of our

minorities under president trump's

leadership thank you very much always

stand with law enforcement and we'll do

what we've done thank you your time is

the lives of

african americans thank you very much

record investments in education and

fight for school choice for all of our

members thank you

i'd like to respond senator harris i

will not sit here and be lectured by the

vice president

on what it means to enforce the laws of

our country i am the only one on this


who is personally prosecuted everything

from child sexual assault to homicide

i'm the only one on this stage who has

prosecuted the big banks

for taking advantage of america's

homeowners i'm the only one on this


who prosecuted for profit colleges for

taking advantage

of our veterans and the reality of this


that we are talking about an election in

27 days

where last week the president of the

united states took a debate stage in

front of 70 million americans

and refused to condemn white


not true and not true it wasn't like he

didn't have a chance

he didn't do it and then he doubled down

and then he said when pressed stand back

stand by and

this is a part of a pattern

of donald trump's you he was

he called mexicans rapists and criminals

he instituted as his first act a muslim


he on the issue of charlottesville where

people were

peacefully protesting the need for

racial justice

where a young woman was killed and on

the other side there were neo-nazis


tiki torches shouting racial epithets

anti-semitic slurs

and donald trump when asked about it


there were fine people on both sides

this is who we have as the president of

the united states and america you


better joe biden will be a president who

brings our country together

senator harris and and recognizes the

beauty in our diversity

and the fact that we all have so much

more in common than what separates

us vice president pence let me give you

a minute to respond

thank you susan i appreciate that very


you know i think this is one of the

things that makes people dislike the

media so much in this country susan

is that you selectively edit just like

senator harris did

comments that president trump and i and

others on our side of the islamic

i mean senator harris conveniently

admitted after after the president made

comments about people

on either side of the debate over


he condemned the kkk neo-nazis and white

supremacists and has done so

repeatedly you're concerned that he


condemn neo-nazis president trump has

jewish grandchildren

his daughter and son-in-law are jewish

this is a president who

who respects and cherishes all of the

american people

but you talk about having personally

prosecuted i'm glad you brought up your

record senator thank you

but that's i really need to make this

point when you were when you were d.a

in san francisco when you left office

african americans were 19 times more

likely to be prosecuted for minor drug

offenses than whites and hispanics when

you were attorney general of california

you increased the purport the


incarceration of blacks in california

you did

nothing on criminal justice reform in

california you didn't lift a finger to

pass the first step back on capitol hill

i mean the reality is your record speaks

for itself

president trump and i have fought for

criminal justice for

thank you vice president fought for

educational choice and opportunities for

african americans

all of our members thank you sir and

we'll do it for four thank you you know

there is no more

important issue than the final issue

that we're going to talk about

tonight and that is the issue of the

election but itself

he attacked my record i would like an

opportunity to respond let me give you

30 seconds because we

because we're running out of time i

appreciate that

first of all having served as the

attorney general of the state of


the work that i did is a model of what

our nation needs to do

and we will be able to do under a joe

biden presidency

our our agenda includes what this

administration has failed to do

it will be about not only instituting a


on chocolates and carotid holes thank

you not only thank you senator i would

like to go through

these are points that you made earlier

in the hour and i want to talk about the

election itself before we have to but i

want to talk about

the connection between what joe and i

will do in my record

which includes i was the first

statewide officer to institute a

requirement that

my agents would wear body cameras and

keep them on full-time we were the first

to initiate a requirement that there

would be a training for law enforcement

on implicit bias because yes

joe biden and i recognize that implicit


does exist mr vice president contrary to

what you may believe

we did the work of instituting reforms

that were about

investing in re-entry this is the work

that we have done and the work we will

do going forward and

again i will not be lectured by the vice


on our record of what we have done in

terms of law enforcement and keeping our

communities safe

and a commitment to reforming the

criminal justice system of america

thank you senator harrison i'd like to

pose the

first i'd like you to respond first to

the question on our final topic the

election itself

president trump has several times

refused to commit himself to a peaceful

transfer of power after the election

if your ticket wins and president trump

refuses to accept

a peaceful transfer of power what steps

would you and vice president biden then

take what would happen

next you have two minutes so i'll tell

you um

joe and i are i think particularly um

proud of the coalition that we've built

around our campaign

we probably have one of the broadest

coalitions of folks that you've

ever seen in a presidential race of

course we have the support of democrats

but also

independents and republicans in fact


members of president george w bush's


are supporting our ticket we have the

support of

of colin powell cindy mccain

john kasich um over 500

uh generals retired generals and and

former national security experts and

advisors are supporting our campaign

and i believe they are doing that

because they know that joe biden

has a deep deep-seated commitment to

fight for our democracy

and to fight for the integrity of our

democracy and to bring integrity back to

the white house

and so we believe in the american people

we believe in our democracy

and here's what i'd like to say to

everybody vote

please vote vote early come up with a

plan to vote go to you can

also go to we have it within our power

in these next 27 days

to make the decision about what will be

the course of our country for the next

four years

and it is within our power and if we use

our vote

and we use our voice we will win

and we will not let anyone subvert our


with what donald trump has been doing as

he did on the debate stage last week

when again in front of 70 million people

he openly attempted to suppress

the vote joe biden on the other hand on

that same debate stage because clearly

donald trump doesn't think he can run on

a record because it's a failed record

joe biden on that stage said hey just

please vote

so i'll repeat what joe said please vote

thank you

senator vice president pence president

trump has several times refused to

commit himself

to a peaceful transfer of power after

the election

if vice president biden has declared the

winner and president trump refuses to

accept a peaceful transfer of power

what would be your role and

responsibility as vice president what

would you

personally do you have two minutes

well susan first and foremost i think

we're going to win this election

because while joe biden and kamala

harris rattle off a long litany of

the establishment in washington d.c and

establishments joe biden's been a part

of for 47 years

president donald trump has has launched

a movement of everyday americans from

every walk of life

and uh i have every confidence that

those the same americans that delivered

that historic victory in 2016

they see this president's record where

we rebuild our military

we revived our economy through tax cuts

and rolling back regulation

fighting for fair trade unleashing

american energy

we appointed conservatives to our

federal courts at every level

and and we stood with the men and women

of law enforcement every single day and

i think

i think that movement of americans has

only grown stronger in the last four


but when you talk about accepting the

outcome of the election

um i i must tell you senator

your party has spent the last three and

a half years trying to overturn the

results of the last election

it's amazing when joe biden was vice

president of the united states

the fbi actually spied on president

trump and my campaign

i mean there were documents released

this week that the cia actually made a


uh to the fbi documenting that those

allegations were coming from the hillary

clinton campaign and of course

we've all seen the avalanche with the

what what you put the country through

for for the better part of of three


until it was found that there was no

obstruction no collusion case closed

and then senator harris you and your

colleagues in the

in the congress tried to impeach the

president of the united states

over a phone call and now hillary

clinton has actually said to joe biden

that under in her words under no

circumstances should he concede the


so let me just say i think we're going

to win this election

president trump and i are fighting every

day in courthouses to prevent

joe biden and kamala harris from

changing the rules and creating this

universal mail-in voting that will

create a massive opportunity for voter


and we have a free and fair election uh

we know we're going to have confidence

in it

and i believe in all my heart that

president donald trump's going to be

reelected for four more years

you know i've uh i've asked i've written

all the questions that i've asked

tonight but for the final question of

the debate

i'd like to write a read a question that

someone else wrote

the utah debate commission asked

students in the state

to write essays about what they would

like to ask you

and i want to close tonight's debate

with the question posed by brooklyn


she's an eighth grader at springville

junior high in springville utah and

here's what she wrote quote

when i watch the news all i see is

arguing between democrats and

republicans when i watch the news

all i see is citizen fighting against


when i watch the news all i see are two

candidates from opposing parties

trying to tear each other down if our

leaders can't get along

how are the citizens supposed to get

along and then she added

your examples could make all the


to bring us together end quote so to

each of you in turn i'd like you to take

one minute

and respond to brooklyn vice president


you have one minute brooklyn it's a

wonderful question

and um let me just commend you for

taking an interest in

in public life i i started uh

following the news when i was very young

and in america

we believe in a free and open exchange

of debate

and we celebrate that and it's how we've


literally the freest and most prosperous


in the history of the world i i i

i would tell you that um don't

assume that what you're seeing on your


news networks is synonymous with the

american people

you know i look at the relationship

between justice ruth bader ginsburg the

late justice who we just lost from the

supreme court

and the late justice antonin scalia they

were on

polar opposites on the supreme court of

the united states one

very liberal one very conservative but

what's been learned since her passing

was the two of them

and their families were the very closest

of friends

i mean here in america we can disagree

we can debate vigorously as senator

harris and i have

on this stage tonight but when the

debate is over

we come together as americans and that's

what people do in big cities and small

towns all across this country so

i just want to encourage you brooklyn i

want to tell you that

we're going to work every day to have

government as good as our people

the american people each and every day

love a good debate we love a good

argument but we always come together and

are always there for one another thank


times of need and we've especially

learned that

thank you for the difficulties of this


senator harris what would you say to


um first of all i i love hearing from

our young leaders

and when i hear her words when i hear

your words brooklyn

um i know our future is bright because

it is that perspective on who we are and

who we should be

um that is a sign of leadership and is

something we should all aspire to be

um and that you know that brings me to

joe joe biden

one of the reasons that joe decided to

run for president

is after charlottesville which we talked

about earlier

it so troubled him and upset him like it

did all of us

that there was that kind of hate and


what propelled joe to run for president

was to see that over the course of the

last four years

what brooklyn described has been

happening joe has a long-standing

reputation of working across the aisle

and working in a bipartisan way and

that's what he's going to do as


joe biden has a history of

lifting people up and fighting for their


you mean you have to know joe's story to

know that joe has known pain

he has known suffering and he has known


and so brooklyn when you think about the


i do believe the future is bright and it

will be because of your leadership

and it will be because we fight for each

person's voice

through their vote and we get engaged in

this election because

you have the ability through your work

and through

eventually your vote thank you to

determine the future of our country

and what its leadership looks like thank


senator harris thank you vice president

pence thank you so much for being with

us tonight

we want to thank also the university of

utah for its hospitality

and most of all our thanks to all the


who watch this debate tonight again our

best wishes for a quick recovery to

president trump

the first lady and everyone who is

battling covet 19.

the second presidential debate is next

week on october 15th

a town hall style debate in miami we

hope you'll join us then

good evening