the | Tom Hardy talks 'The Dark Knight Rises' on Jonathan Ross

let me ask you then about Batman because

this is going to be the big no two ways

about it it's going to be one of if not

the biggest movie the song you've seen

it as it finished have they finished

cutting together

I'm see anything okay the trailers out

there people have seen the trailer have

you seen any of the action in that I've

seen the trailer bit okay it looks

incredible I don't know how many of you

seen it we have the picture of you here

I was buying who's a kind of that's a

awesome picture why they're that kind of

sums it up and what's going on with his

face for people who don't know what's

happened to his face why does he wear

that thing who me know the bloke who's

sitting over there you know your whim

you are him in danger why is he wearing

on his foot oh my god it's cuz I showed

the big breakfast TV oh yeah that's very

girly you torn it with a toaster but I'm

not angry

it's different you think you're possibly

little cross I'm just detached coolly

your love Jenna mean by Jonathan don't

leave the tool box aways that was


get it for me all the way don't look you

really hurt that don't be her you're a

bigger person in that I'm not no I don't

trust you in there okay come here


we chose it


that's enough now

right well let's talk about the process

leading up to the film talk when you

first met Christian Bale did you think

okay because he can be a fiery character

once on the set yeah quite intimidating

were you concerned about that worried

about that or was it an easy fit

immediately or was it good because

you're meant to be against each other

there was a possible friction and I was

a full open book about it I really

wanted to meet a Christian as well

because he's he's exciting and an

impressive actor yes yeah that well yes

that's yeah absolutely

he was a massive draw to work with but

when I saw him first time when I got to

to LA were doing it at the screen test

and was trying on the bane outfit and

I'd put on some weight and I felt strong

and I've been training and I've gone on

the trailer and I saw Christian Sattler

and he didn't have a t-shirt at the vest

on and I saw his arms and I looked at

him I thought yeah you thank you I'm

gonna walk this wasn't well I said how

are you good lovely to meet you sir

hello Tom how are you and I slept that I

got changed into my outfit and I went on

set and we were doing the turns and

that's where the photo is taken from

that screen test and then this this huge

looming figure turned up on set to the

rain was there was about 10 foot tall

and by 8 foot wide with huge pointy ears

had the game up yeah and I looked at him

and he was looking at me like oh yeah

yeah he's terrifying Batman and then he

looked me dead in the eye and I thought

I'm never gonna be able to survive the

onslaught is Christian Bale or Batman

and actually he's a really tough boy

the Batman I grew up with was a

different sort of Batman you could have

taken easy this was the one I got yeah

that's what I was expecting to win the

gray pants yeah that guy went to throw

down with me

as I was looking today they kick hell

out in there you go uh