The Voice of Dora the Explorer, Fatima Ptacek

I think Dora has accomplished the level

of groundbreaking showing in children's


there was narrative added in the form of

a high stakes adventure so that wasn't

done in Sesame Street and he wasn't done

in blue school boy goes on adventures

and sauce problems along the way with

the help of the viewer who's chasing so

it's another innovative informat at the

time the Dora was being developed their

Latino population was the fastest

growing in the US and also that there

was that on the representation of Latino

characters of good role models on TV

especially on children's TV Oh a night

when I see one and you my lady are the

most enchanting and beautiful lady night

that I have ever seen being inclusive of

all the Latino identities and and bring

that into one character that's Torah and

that's why we call her fan Athena

because she really represents all the

Latinos in America like she's from from

everywhere she's American right Donna

my mom is particle durian and my

father's from European descent so I'm

kind of like a mutt we can do it I'm a

lot like Dora but we're both determined

and we're both loyal friends and we love

teaching kids and having

one with them it's really an honor and I

can put a smile on millions of kids

faces now and I think that's my favorite

part we did it now a second language you

seen is a very cool thing but almost as

a necessity and there are reflects that

building bridges between people now that

I am the voice of it I feel like I have

a connection with those kids as well as

with her because you know I'm stepping

into her shoes and now I feel like I'm

you know passing down that legend of

Jorah honey royal Knight's Rescue I'm

really excited

there's a new episode coming out called

Doros royal rescue it's a odorous spin

on Don Quixote and his adventures we

have some really cool guest stars

Placido Domingo and Annika's yeah my

name is the rocinante encantado de

conocerte I think what makes Dora so

relatable has to do with her essence as

a friend as a smart girl who solves

problems who asks for help

that's right

and then the fact that she's latina just

has a huge impact on on the image of