WRECK-IT RALPH - Interview with Jack McBrayer (voice of Fix-it Felix Jr.)


sighs start with something about your

character here

what makes fix-it Felix jr. a hero

well fix-it Felix jr. is a hero in his


because he is the person that everybody

in nice land which is the world in which

this game exists looks to him to fix

everything that Ralph Rex so it's kind

of his job he's just hardwired to be the

good guy the hero in that world well he

soon learns is that you can't always be

the hero especially when you're way out

of your element or just in situations

where you don't know what's got a rely

on your friends that's right

how is fix-it Felix jr. similar to

Kenneth's from 30 rock anyways the

characters are both people pleasers very

excited to do a good job beautiful smile

I think in a lot of ways and I mean just

a lot of the roles that are played in

other things too in the same vein of

people who are just happy to be there

and very happy to do good at their job

very nice nice guys right right okay so

if you could pick one other character to

a voice in the film who would you pick

Wow I gotta say that King candy was

cracking me up I know that I couldn't do

it even to the extent that he did it but

I could try that's gay ID what was the

first video game you ever played oh boy

I mean if you're talking ever ever

it would have been pong I'm like the

caveman but once we got our own console

like one of my favorites was pitfall mmm

it's three times older than you but

it'sit's it's all about this adventurer

swinging through the jungle and there'd

be like mud pits with crocodiles and

these logs that you had to jump over and

I mean it was old school it was very

black times have changed

you're just the bad guy who wrecks the

building what is your all-time favorite

Disney movie Oh

so but if you're talking like animated

movies I think the rescuers the first

one or the second one the second one is

Australia one don't under oh I guess the

first the first one with with honey yes

see you do know this stuff you have to I

guess but no I mean Disney has such a

tradition of you know solid movies with

great messages and I think it's been fun

to grow up but it to be a part of one

now exactly why do I fix everything are

done it's making your mama's proud time

good the cops I'm game of the time off