Ultron and Jarvis / Vision interview The Avengers: Age of Ultron

whosoever be he worthy shall haveth

apart whatever man it's a trail it is

much more than that my friend if I lift

it to a get to the last guard yes it's

cool I will be fair but firmly cold get


I'm even pulling are you on my team just

represent pull alright let's go smoke

out nothing oh no that's not a question

I need answered the handles imprinted

whosoever is carrying Thor's

fingerprints as I think the literal

translation yes that's a very

interesting theory I have a simpler one

you're all not worthy

how could you be worthy you're all

puppets tangled in strings

mind blown you guys mine alone I left

the theater last night and I kind of had

to sit there for a few minutes while

eating Pinkberry naturally to just


tell me about shooting this film you

know that's so funny you're saying that

though because real I had the same

action and well I think a lot of us at

the same reaction when we were at

comic-con yet last year and we saw that

teaser I mean it really is like what

that was a stay away and oh and all of

us I looked along the row of actors and

everybody including Sam was like yeah no

and that was only a little teeny piece

not even the big things right yeah and

this is like very long and just constant

rain this is not one of those yes it's

not an action film that you can just

kind of mindlessly like oh yes my

popcorn candy this is gotta listen

paying attention but still having your

mind blown for two and a half hours I

think that's ultimately Ultron's job in

this film right is pay attention he

actually says that I think he got a

little done I think so he is a smart

aleck and I love I don't think there

could have been better voice casting

thank you tell me a little is he just

iron man's alter ego or is he his whole

new I think he starts as that I mean I

think that was originally you know he

certainly represented an intention of

Tony's and them Bruce manners but um

then he turned evolves into a very

different thing evolves which is kind of

Awesome now I I watched his Marvel films

and they're very Shakespearean almost

you kind of got the war and pace and the

good and evil and all that are they just

action movies or they're truly do you

watch it and you kind of say well

there's some certain there's some

real-life application here it was a pure


well Shakespeare was entertainment true

and also you dealt with you know adult

with life and death and love and Lawson

and comedy and tragedy and you know all

the rest of it and just did it very very

well and represented the best of you

know pop entertainment at the time

Marvel's doing the same thing but it's

just very different

you know just reflects a different

society and culture and absolutely a

reflection of our you kind of watch it

you're like oh this is kind of how we

are this is humanity you know I love the

theme of peace but at what cost

and I think Ultron kind of thinks he's

doing the right thing then you have

vision come and say well I'm just on the

side of life can you just speak to that

a little bit I think there's a theme

emerging in the movies that the more you

defend yourself the more something will

rise up to challenge your defenses which

i think is really interesting when you

look at our world and how we all operate

you know indeed okay so I just need to

know makeup for you tell me about that


besides the fabulous glowing thing in

the middle of your head the process was

that you know it was

unhhhh stressful and that it was so

short and sweet wasn't it just took two

minutes yeah tell me tell me ours

it wasn't the putting it on he was not

the problem the staying in it was the

problem because after after you know

after about ten hours not really being

able to hear anybody and only having

this much of your skin on your whole

body open to the air you really really

get a little you also can't sit down and

relax I don't really sit down and relax

and you have a you have a cooling suit

underneath the suit which is which has

got like a radiator with ice-cold water

going through and then and so you're

attached to this thing that's pumping

this water and you just find yourself

sitting down and reading a lot and

getting into a very very zen state

because you do feel a bit punchy and

just never charted on set ever in my

career and I'm not going to you know so

but and you just have to imagine the

line of actors behind you that would

love to be in your job right now be

inside of the suit with the water and

getting paid money so yes I felt I felt

myself I felt very lucky but it was I

would be lying if I said it wasn't

really uncomfortable well punchy is okay

I'm impressed that punchy is the