Animated Voice Comparison- Kermit The Frog (Muppets)

hi-ho Kermit the Frog here and this is a

mystery box you see if anybody can guess

from the clues I give what is in this

box then they can keep what is in the


is it kooky all right no it is not a

cookie I'll tell you what I'll do okay

if you guess what is in the box yeah

I'll give you a cookie no no no those

are those are those are wild guesses

well be wild about cookies yes what you

haven't guessed right no no me


hmm gentlemen may I see you in my cabin

immediately mm-hmm who hired this crew

this is undoubtedly the city as bunch of

cutthroats villains as counters I have

ever seen so whoredom your finger hired

the crew no that's silly the man who

lives with my finger hired the crew mr.





I gave Mikey

oh hi guys Merry Christmas

Supermax what's going on you tell us

which one of you is the real current me

we can cut that out I'm Kermit and this

is Constantine what Constantine this is

how you repay me by stealing from my

nice new neighbors the pentatonix family

me how am i evil whoa look I am sorry

Constantine I didn't know that you felt

that yeah sure I can get them new work

more thing Oh dark Kermit the brave

isn't feeling so brave anymore

you know what I am afraid of the dark

too you are hmm

by the way I'm Kermit the Frog I'm dot

you're a dragon named dot I was on an

adventure with my friends but we got

separated and the way they went is

really really dark Oh No

I wonder I don't feel so scared standing

here talking to you

what if we went