Peter Cullen explains how he created the voice for Optimus Prime

okay I'm gonna just go ahead and read

his question if he's not here okay

my ten-year-old son has a few questions

in in hopes to submit one for mr. Cullen

and the one we've selected is how did

you come up with the original voice for

Optimus Prime

it's a story that I've told many times

and maybe some of you have heard it but

it's a story very dear to me and it's

the truth and it happened my brother

Larry a captain in the Marine Corps had

returned from Vietnam he was a decorated

marine and the Bronze Star with V and a

couple of Purple Hearts and we were

sharing an apartment going through a

difficult time of my life

when Larry came down and he was in 1984

and we were as I said living in an

apartment together and he would always

take a little interest in where I was

going every day because I was a I was a

WoW a grunt as the Marines would say you

know if you're a ground trooper you're a

grunt anyway Larry's 13 months older

five inches taller and but were 13

months apart we were very very close so

he said Peter where are you going today

well alar why you need the car he said

no no I just want don't worry you're

going I'm going to audition I'm gonna be

I'm auditioning as a truck

he did the same thing I said but Larry

he's uh evidently he's a hero truck he's

a real I mean he's a hero and his face

got somber and he said Peter if you're

gonna be a hero be a real hero don't be

a Hollywood hero type with all the BS

and all the yelling and screaming and

trying to be tough be strong enough to

be gentle okay learn yeah so as his

voice is ringing in my ears as I'm

driving to the audition and I read the

copy and Larry is just coming out his

voice the way he talked to me and it

said you know I'm Optimus broad no it

was my name is Optimus Prime


and the softness in his advert advisory

tone was was significant and so I but

the words just rolled off my tongue I'm

from the planet Cybertron and blah blah

blah blah blah and I I kind of finished

it and said and said okay thank you very

much Peter

well I walked out and getting into the

car and I said I wish Larry have been

here I think he would have been proud of

me because I think I nailed it I really

think I've nailed the character because

it was just Larry and two weeks later my

agent called me up and said Oh Peter

remember that transformers thing the

truck he said yeah you got the part of

Optimus Prime I said hi - oh yeah and

you also have another part called

Ironhide was this iron

so so that was the beginning that was

the launch did that answer the question

you think I think it answers the



you need your little Ironhide haha

Jewish prom

calm down Ironhide I just want to kick

some butt prime not now not now Ironhide

later much later