Seth MacFarlane performs his Family Guy voices | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

because when you were directing yourself

I said how hard was it as an actor not

to do voices because that is kind of

your life yeah I mean it was it was it

was it was less of a leap than I was

then I feared it would be you know

they're doing Family Guy I had gotten

into the into the habit of being able to

record a line and then go into the booth

and listen to it and switch off my brain

and kind of feel like I was listen I'm

listening to somebody else yeah and that

did kick in pretty early on into the

process where I was able to run into

video village and look at the you know

look at the footage and see if I was

doing doing it right want me to take

over just curious like how many can you

do you know just enough to avoid being

myself the characters you do you do

Peter Brian Stewie quagmire and then a

smattering of others okay and are they

all based on people or you just there

they come from various places Peter I I

knew a thousand Peter Griffin's growing

up in New England guys who would not

think before they spoke like ever no

self editing mechanism everything it's

coming out here with no gateway and

Stewie is is based on your own Rex

Harrison who as a big fan of Wow

where's quagmire from that can't be a

perfect quagmire if it is he's not happy

no he's a bad egg he hit quagmire when I

was a kid my father used to buy me old

radio dramas from the 40s and 50s so I

would listen to these things and the

commercials were intact you hear these

old commercials you know all the like

brand sparkplugs

the only sparkplug for you and like

everyone had this high-pitched voice

which I guess the mics were more

sensitive to the mid-range voice at that

time and and they all sounded like

quagmire and so that kind of stuck with

me and when I was coming up with a voice

for him that he began as a as a as an

impression of 1950s admin and when

you're doing because you know those

characters are in scenes together yeah

do you do one line after the other do

you all do all one and then go back to

the other one when I do a table read

yeah I have to jump back and forth okay

how much going on hello sad man



but then sometimes you do them


yet when I when I record the shows I

kind of literally do it one line at a

time just to just to make sure that but

that's not really because of the voices

it's just cuz you have to be naked

completely naked for Brian completely

the essence of yourself yeah completely

emotionally and physically nude you

think these people accept you as one of

their own but they do like some cool

whip like like why are you saying like

that what am i say i'm saying cool whip

you're saying cool whip yes I'm saying

cool quits on the Aged cool whip I say

cool quick cool say whip whip

it's all recycled vaudeville humor not

the only person on the couch who does it

does voices because we've heard releases

Bach the South African coke I'm sampling

it it's going to be my ringtone but no

Emily Blunt

I heard you earlier you do do a TC goat

noise do one line at all what time

should I do

I don't know I feel the need the need

for speed



how'd you go with that you do Donald

Duck yeah do you do it okay now it's

your turn


adorable my text message alert and Mike

my last bit of getting a stick and

poking Seth I don't know what that means

- Liam Neeson Neeson in a million ways

to other West so did you ever do you're

takin your version of the taken phone

call for him our version on Family Guy

was Kermit the Frog doing doing tape I'm

not gonna be able member the speech I

don't have any money



I do have a very specific set of skills


for somebody like you if you don't let

the girl go

I will track you down all right we'll

find you we'll kill you