Go Behind the Scenes on SONIC: THE HEDGEHOG (2020)


I'm wet I'm cold there's a fish on my

head and clearly I'm not gonna be able

to do this on my own one of the things I

loved about the game was that when you

play it there's this aspect of it being

like out of control almost at points

when you go fast enough the idea of also

going incredibly fast with a character

in a video game is so exciting but the

idea that as you go fast the game can

get out of more difficult or whatever

it's just harder to control I loved the

idea that you can go so fast in

different ways of attacking but the idea

that you can fly across the screen if

you have enough speed this aspect of the

stage will be different than a different

part of the screen if you're going slow

because when you play a lot of side

scrollers a lot of the games are the

same speed no matter what but you can

change the speed of sonic so much that

it can change the entire path of the

game and make it crazy or more exciting

or something like that it was always

really fun also Robotnik is one of the

craziest-looking villains that is very

the dr. Robotnik is very exciting to try

to defeat I knew when I got the call to

do this movie that Sonic was a game I

think I had played it once or twice and

after I got the call I started playing

it with my grandson who humiliated me

constantly and the really fun part was I

got to see how smart he was

how clued any was and these games have

turned kids into jet pilots I mean

they're quick and their reflexes are


and he likes the trash talk a lot he's 9

years old any trash talks me I get angry

I put money in the swear jar and I'm

actually a lot like Robotnik play I was

there for the dawn and the birth of the

video game console so I was very

familiar with Sonic and I know that at

the time it was like a Sega versus

Nintendo thing and Mario versus Sonic

and so yeah I spent a long time playing

the game and then my kids and other

generation spent many hours playing the

game I'm not as familiar with it as some

but I definitely knew knew the character

and definitely had some you know it's a

good enough good good amount of hours

playing Sonic


ah this one is cute let's keep them when

Jim Carrey was how we learned about

comedy things like Ace Ventura and the

mask and dumb and dumber

I still regard as one of the top five

movies I've ever made it is an

incredible movie but when you see this

person who you know you just looked up

to as a legend and now he's in this film

it's incredible and also the type of

work that he's doing in this it just

resembles so much the stuff that I loved

it when you know he's doing those movies

when I was growing up that it's so

exciting to see when we're watching you

know cuts of this film I would look at

Jeff or or James or T can be like like

you look at it like oh because he's

doing these things that you were met

like touches a part of your childhood

and it just gets you really excited I

was very very excited and I think he

gives an incredible performance I think

it's so funny I'm just having so much

fun honest to god it's it's a great fun

part to do and you get in the gizmos and

the gadgets and stuff and fly around in

that ship and they've got that on a

crane and they're manipulating it and

stop and you're just kind of got to

imagine the whole thing it's it's a real

blast I really liked it really enjoyed

it I know you're supposed to say in

these things that working with this

person is like a dream and that's your

hero he really is one of the one of the

actors that I looked up to the most

growing up in this in this business and

I didn't before that his stand-up he's a

hero of mine and and the one saying that

he has they say don't meet your heroes

and this one like no I'm glad I got to

meet my hero the time for talking is

over it's time to push buddies you're

flying eggs are pretty impressive mister

Eggman but let's face it you'll never

catch me I think one of the things that

the movie does really well is that it

gives you heart in Sonic and you care

about the stakes that are happening it's

kind of like this kid that doesn't

really have a place to call home and

finally I guess without giving out too

much of the movie finally finding his

place a little bit in this world and

then it being stripped away from him

it's such a story where you see

heartbreak within within Sonic right you

so you feel for him it's not just a

cotton candy joke joke joke joke you're

invested in the character so when good

and bad happens to him you

care about the pathway character I think

those are the things that make a really

exciting movie and stuff like that it is

a joy to be on the receiving end of all

of Jim's antics all his his the

performance stuff that he comes with out

up with on set to be looking at him in

the eye when he's shouting at you

spitting in your face ten different

lines ten different ways and throwing

himself on the floor it's vintage Jim

Carrey and it's such a joy to watch if

they steal my powers they could conquer

the universe

just like Vin Diesel it's all about

family Tom

Sonic the Hedgehog