Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" R-Rated Teddy Bear Malfunctions - CONAN on TBS


ted comes out on DVD tomorrow this movie

has not just been successful it's been

spectacularly successful half a billion

dollars this movie has me yeah yeah

that's it that's that's crazy is there a

TV is there a blu-ray in that cuz I

haven't gotten mine yet and maybe I can

take that with me one yeah you can have

this one you know it's yes blue right in

here one are you there that's your happy

that's the only reason you came I was

thinking today cut are we gonna get free

copies I haven't gotten one and look at

this I'm this is me being completely

serious I'm not even joking no you're

gonna sit down tonight and watch it well

I've seen it a hundred times my last

thing I want to do is watch it no I want

to say I want to put it on the shelf you

know next to the vow and see how neat

and tidy it looks you can have the

cardboard cover too thank you you you

had a very good song in in the movie our

opening title every everybody needs a

best friend and there's a possibility

that that could be an oscar-nominated

song that that is our yeah VFX our

special effects team and and the song or

are really the only two points of

likelihood that a movie like Ted has to

be nominated for an Oscar movies like

Ted as you may know don't get nominated

for Best Picture

but yeah it's at Norah Jones sang it

it's and yeah we think we have a shot

we'll see you know that'd be fantastic

use about time something went your way I

love this this is going to be a big

Christmas toy this year you can buy the

the bear you can buy Ted but my favorite

thing is I noticed there's this tag on


rated R right it's so

I just love a child cuddling up to a

rated or teddy bear and then it just

says you yeah he or he talking bear it

says things and I just had never thought

we'd live in a world where think oh no

not for me

yeah rated R yeah for you I really I

just want this you can take that I have


this shows turning out amazingly well

how do I make it talk you got to squeeze

the paw Oh nothing's happening well well

most of the others work the other part

the other part

no no they gave you a bum bear yeah what

terrible advertising

I just there's no batteries in it

imagine it you know why don't you tell

us what it says you were sure yeah yeah

to the bear and then you say right it

says when you hear the sound of fun that

don't you'll get through scared just

grab your Thunder buddy and say these

magic words you Thunder you can Mike you

can't get me you afraid


and authors the Oscars got to you can I

say the f-word I'm trying

the person that does our bleeping is

very yes I'm gonna save the mother who

does your bleep we fired that guy a long

time ago we have a deleted scene this is

a song that's one yeah this is a scene

that you I guess cut out of the movie

yeah if it wasn't good enough because it

wasn't good now now we get to do them

they get to show in here now it's a

street because that's what Conan is that

what Conan's all about hey Tay can I

tell you something nobody knows my mom

and dad took me to the park for a picnic

and they have your stuff on there when

nobody was looking you pooped in my hand

and threw it at a duck does that mean a



giant wave of laughter from this crowd

till tonight

just me that we we made the right choice

this is a test crowd just to make sure

and you should feel good now I feel like

a hundred bucks yeah