The Voice Don LaFontaine.... The GEICO Voice....

hello this is glozell and this is Don

LaFontaine okay and if you don't know

him he has that awesome sexy voice like

in a world in a world

oh I'm sorry I didn't know it was that

powerful like oh my gosh okay I'm sorry

I'm freaking out right now

this is my first celebrity block okay

okay can you just say a glozell glozell

he is so sexy okay now how did you what

did you know that you had such a hot

voice but my voice changed I was 13

let me drop that low in the middle of a

sentence mom I'll help you with the

dishes and from the beginning you just I

mean is that what you and I originally

started off as a recording engineer no

writer back in the early 60s and one day

guy didn't show up to do a job so I

stepped it and that's how it started

well do you know that you're hot and

your voice is not like do you know that

well I know yeah obviously it's been

serving me well for a number of years so

yeah okay well I'm just excited you were

on The Tonight Show yes it was that

voice I'm so excited okay

she's our our our love it okay well I'll

never just say that I'm just very

honored to meet you my pleasure all

right thank you very much