Meet the Voice of Winnie the Pooh … and Tigger, Too!

- [Jim] As far as my resume, you, you don't know me,

but you know Tigger and Winnie the Pooh.

[Jim as Pooh] I think it goes something like this,

but I can only do it for a small smackerel of honey.

[Jim as Tigger] And Tigger, don't be ridicerous.

Tiggers are wonderful things.

Their tops are made out of rubber,

their bottoms are made out of springs.

You gotta pay for the rest, I'm kidding with ya.

(Tigger's laugh)

(light upbeat music)

- [Jim] Well, you know, the way I got into the industry,

I mean, I guess I was kind of doing research my whole life

because I'd be sitting in the back of the classroom and

(dolphin sounds) you know I thought it was

time to break out a dolphin.

I, I don't wanna say I was the class clown;

I was the class wit 'cause it sounds better.

Some of the characters I played as a voice actor:

[Jim as Razoul] I take my orders

directly from Jafar, Princess.

[Jim as Kaa] And all I want you to do is trust in me.

[Jim as Ray] The women like a man with a big back porch

some kinda yeah, whoo hoo!

[Jim as Pete] Come here you little write-off.

- [Jim] People say, well, which one's most like you?

And probably Darkwing Duck 'cause he's a wise guy.

[Jim As Darkwing Duck] Well, I am the terror

that flaps in the night.

I am the bug that splatters across the windshield of crime.

I am Darkwing Duck.

[Pooh] What could be more important

than a little something to eat?

- [Jim] Well you know as far as performing Pooh,

You have to be true to the character;

I always say that Pooh sees the world

through honey-colored glasses.

Not a bad way to go.

(light uptempo music)

- [Pooh] Somebody or something has found my honey.

- [Jim] I jokingly say that I'm Winnie The Pooh

and the anti-Pooh, 'cause I'm the Tasmanian Devil.

(wild sounds)

(laughs) Taz like.

(music crescendos)

- [Taz] (belligerent sounds)

- [Female Tasmanian Devil] Having a little trouble?

- [Jim] A lot a times my agent will get in touch with me,

and there'll be a special needs little boy, little girl,

we're on the telephone,

and they're talking to Pooh or Tigger.

- [Jim As Pooh] Oh, hello there, Billy.

- [Billy] How are you?

- Jim as Pooh] Oh, very lovely.

- [Billy] Your Tigger voice.

- [Jim As Tigger] Oh, the colors,

tiggers are the wonderful things,

their tops are made of rubber,

their bottoms are made up of springs,

they're bouncing,

- [Jim] But his response was, it's just so cute.

He's in the world, you know Tigger was alive

and talking to him.

To know that you can bring him into smileville,

and where everything's happy,

and you're, you know, it's just a blessing and a half.

I never take it for granted.

Honestly, the most rewarding part is

seeing people's reactions and hearing stories about how

this one song got them through tough times

and they, they'll go back

and they'll listen to "Wherever You Are"

a song that Winnie the Pooh sung.

- [Pooh] ♪I need you to come here and find me ♪

♪ Cause without you I'm totally lost ♪

- [Jim] I'm grateful, grateful everyday.

(gentle upbeat music)