The Son of Zorn Cast Shows Their Secret Talents

I can play 3/4 of Bach's toccata in D

minor oh yeah I kind of lose it at the

end I'll find it I'll find it again one


I can juggle not that well I can do a

backflip into a pool we live on about 10

years ago I can ride a bike I'm not

really scared of large animals

I can I can paint I can play the drums

capably and like a rock setting like a

4/4 kind of thing and speak just a

little bit of French huh it's a touch of

French Class B driver's license so I can

drive any vehicle combination between

600 pounds by 6,000 pounds yep I can

chug Guinness oh I really can I can chug


that's amazing yeah people say you can't

chug Guinness but I think it's easier to

drink than other beers I mean yeah I'd

like to see that I'll do it two million

I'll do it did I mention that I can play

3/4 of bucks to come in