Villa Trapp, the house and the story of the Von Trapp Family Singers.

I'm here walking with Sammy me exploring the original bond craft family home here

in Salzburg

quite different from the one in the movie

we all went in and look around the mansion grounds the 1965 movie The

Sound of Music is based on the Von Trapp family of

Salzburg as we walk here is the history of the Von Trapp Family Singers let's

begin with the patriarch Georg von Trapp was born in 1880 became a national hero

as a captain in the Austrian Navy during World War one he commanded submarines

with valor and received the title of return night and later Baron for his

accomplishment in 1912 Georg married Agatha Whitehead the

granddaughter of Robert Whitehead the inventor of torpedo we had seven

children together Rupert Agatha Maria Werner Hedwig

Johanna and Martina after the war Austria lost all of its

seaports and Georg retired from the Navy his wife died in 1922 due to scarlet

fever the family was devastated and unable to bear living in a place where

they had been so happy Georg sold his property in Pola and

bought an estate in Salzburg

Maria Costa Kucera was born in Vienna in 1905 she was orphaned as a young child

and had a miserable childhood while attending a school in Vienna she

accidentally attended the Palm Sunday service believing it to be a concert of

back music where a priest was indeed soon after Maria graduated and because

of her religious awakening she entered a Benedictine abbey of Thornburg in

Salzburg as a novice with Georg approached the Reverend Mother seeking a

teacher for his sick daughter Maria was chosen

she was supposed to stay for 10 months in the end she will formally enter the

convent maria tutored young Maria and develop a caring and loving relationship

with all the children she enjoyed singing with them and getting them

involved in outdoor activities during this time

Georg fell in love with Maria and asked her to stay with him and become a second

mother to his children Maria and Georg were married in 1927

they had three children together Rosemarie Eleanor and Johannes the

family lost most of its wealth through the worldwide depression when their bank

failed in the early 1930s maria dismissed most of the servants and

taking in boarders it was around this time that they began considering making

a family hobby of singing into a profession but Georg was reluctant for

the family to perform in public they made the acquaintance of a young priests

dr. Franz wasner who encouraged their musical progress and bought them sacred

music to add to the folk songs madrigals and ballads they were already singing as

depicted in the movie Sound of Music the family won first prize in the Salzburg

Music Festival in 1936 and became successful a love with dr. wasner they

do across Europe when the Nazis annexed Austria in 1938 the Von Trapps realized

they were in trouble Georg not only refused to fly the Nazi

flag on their house he also declined a naval command and a request to sing at

Taylor's birthday party they were also becoming aware of Nazis anti-religious

propaganda and policies and the brainwashing of children against their

parents they thought of staying in Austria and taking advantage of the

enticements the Nazis were offering greater Fame as a singing group

a medical doctors position for Rupert in a renewal naval career for georg against

leaving behind everything they knew their friends family has stayed in all

their possessions they decided they could not compromise their principles

and left for the United States so that ends the Von Trapp family saga in

Austria as for the house it is very different from the one in the movie it's

a 22 row historic house built in 1863 during the annexation of Austria

Heinrich Himmler used the home as his summer residence converting one of the

children's room to his office and installing a barracks for SS officers in

the grounds after the war a religious group the Catholic missionaries of the

precious blood bought the property from the Von Trapps who had their ownership

restored after the Nazis were defeated the priest rented out the property in

the 1990s and it became a hotel in 2008 now guests can stay in rooms that belong

to the various members of the Von Trapp family so that's it for the history of

the Von Trapp family in Austria and the villa Trump stay tuned in in

case I end up visiting the ball trap watch in Vermont

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