Who is the Wasp? | Superhero Origins


hello my name is Hugh and welcome to

this comic book origin story

one of the Marvel movies smallest stars


today I'm here to tell you all about the

comic book history and origins of the

wasp the shrinking and flying superhero

played by Evangeline Lilly in the marvel

cinematic universe however things get a

bit confusing with this early on because

the wasp were used to seeing in the

film's hope Van Dyne who's the daughter

of the original ant-man Hank Pym isn't

actually the wasp who appears most often

in the comics instead that honor goes to

Janet Van Dyne mother to hope and wife

to Hank Pym in the bills who's played by

Michelle Pfeiffer in ant-man in the wasp

Janet Van Dyne first appeared in the

June 1963 issue of the comic tales to

astonish where she was introduced as a

wealthy socialite who teams up with Ant

Man aka Hank Pym after her scientist

father is murdered in order to get

revenge for her dad she goes through a

biomechanical procedure that allows her

to grow wings when she shrinks under

certain size thanks to ant man's size

altering Pym particles when she's small

like ant-man her strength increases due

to her condensed mass but unlike him she

can fly up to 40 miles per hour unaided

in later years

Jana actually became able to shrink

without the use of the Pym particles and

she picked up some offensive wrist

blasters known as her wasps stick in

time even that sting became something

she could do naturally by harnessing her

body's natural bio electricity which is

real science anyway ant-man in the wasp

quickly developed a working and romantic


fighting various foes and ending up as

founding members of the comic book

version of The Avengers as the years

went on Hank in China actually got

married it was quite a weird storyline

where ant-man has some sort of nervous

breakdown and assumes a new identity

and a few years later they ended up

getting divorce anyway but Janet carried

on superheroing

and became an acclaimed fashion designer

on the site and she both led and joined

various incarnations of the Avengers

over the decades in more recent years in

the comics she's also picked up the

ability to grow to a large size and

communicate with insect life and

generally speaking she's a pretty

important figure in the Marvel

at universe and happily this original

Janet Van Dyne wasp also gets some

screen time and a plan in the wasp in

the movie version of the characters

universe Janet Van Dyne is also the

original ant-man's partner but she went

missing in the quantum realm after

shrinking between the molecules leaving

her daughter hope to take up the mantle

a few years later and I know what you're


I hope is the hope version of the wasp

in the comics too well yes and no a

daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne

called hope has existed in the comics

but only in a series of adventures where

the children of the normal heroes are

the stars and that set decades in the

future that version of hope is called

Hope pimp and she actually ends up as a

supervillain called the Red Queen who

takes on some of the more established

heroes it's quite a different backstory

to the wasp we're familiar with from the

Marvel films in the comics she also has

a brother called big man who we can't

quite imagine will make the grade for

any future movies still we're sure fans

will be more than happy to get to wasps

for the price of one in future MCU

movies just as long as they don't ruin

any superhero picnics