Wealthiest and Poorest Presidents Throughout History

who was the richest US president ever

who was the poorest with a salary of

$400,000 per year presidents don't

necessarily get rich quick usually they

walk into the Oval Office with their

wealth already established the

wealthiest American president ever is

none other than the recent president

Donald Trump he is worth more than three

billion dollars all other presidents

have only ever been millionaires though

George Washington may have given Trump a

run for his money with a net worth

equivalent to 580 million dollars today

on the other end of the spectrum as

harry s truman America's poorest

President Truman had several failed

business ventures that brought him

perilously close to bankruptcy another

fairly poor president was Abraham

Lincoln who neared complete poverty

before he decided to become a lawyer

rich president or poor president see who

really had deep pockets throughout

American history