Every Welterweight Champion in UFC History

we're underway here in the Super Bowl of

mixed martial arts this is the one the

only Ultimate Fighting Championship

Mikey Burnett and Pat Miletich go the

distance the full 21 minutes the

correlation sensation



the UFC world welterweight championship

belt is on the line Newton is fun

quality people and that is why his his

stock is so high relative

beautiful literate and the follow-up

you always got the head


thank you


keeping tight as Jen's talked about keep

those hands up to defend the strength


now Matt huge she said maybe this camp

can get


he cannot hold the vets


he didn't even know he

what a matchup we have for the

welterweight championship heels what's

the takedown

news on his back a wrestler does not

like to be on his back you know what the

Matthews is very confident on his back

he's not really arrested anymore he's a

true mixed martial arts fighter at this

point and he's in his half guard down he

passed he's mounted he's got five

seconds about 1:45

bad spot for Matthews PJ's got

incredible back control be James like


he's got the job he's


to a champion


it's so dearly


someone will leave a champion either for

the first time or once again nice stiff

jab good straight punches by Saint

Pierre a defense so far hips back but

then again man who's doing what bad news

does break one show glance off of mad

uses chin and mat trying to finish this

round one with a flurry and score some

points with a submission victory



Matthews is once again the welterweight

champion Georges st. Pierre Matt Hughes

caught him again his key off Matt's jab

slipping outside throwing a launch out

of his own


the new welterweight champion

unbelievable shots

will tonight be

the defining moment of Matt Serra's



they had his gear change levels




time to settle the score this our main

event here at UFC 79

and quickly in with a half guard

Matthews is really getting overwhelmed

in this fight

George has stepped up before triangle

20 seconds


trying to submit here

charge it

George rush tapir defeats bad news again

against CP air

he's not using head movement he's

dropping his hands he's giving a lot of

opportunities for drug said here to work

his jab and work his combinations it

almost seemed like he was just trying to

wait for his spot to throw that big

knockout punch that that overhand right

that you alluded to earlier he's gonna

pass right here

side control 50 seconds easy passing all

night long for GSP he's using a tight

style of guard passing he's cutting

through Matt Serra's guard Matt Serra

has to come up with an answer for that

pass and for those takedown to door st.


20 seconds remains

by GSK

George st. Pierre

the undisputed


- wait champion

can't wait up be home yet awesome


getting loose here yes he is Oh


just about to the memory


that natural born killer turning it up

and again Condit shows no signs of

slowing down Nick's got his back

nicked I see the ground misty Kentucky


said their switches final seconds

Alaskan targets out common sense

it is over


we will have a new welterweight champion

for the first time in over six years

nice combination Johnny came over the

top of the good hard left handed a

beautiful leg kick I was his best kick

so far that was a hard kick good shot by

Hendrick excellent shots by Hendrix

that's a left-handed heritage a minute

can't slow down tremendously Hendrix

what's the take down and he's got it

it came down to the final five minutes

and with a minute left the four-time

all-american two-time national champion

it's the biggest takedown of his life

that may have done it

Johnny big rig

they gave us a fight to remember the

first time they are set to fight again

this southpaw Robbie Lawler comes out


great choice black trunks for big rig

big needed to the body by Robbie law and

he's going for an early lewdly a

frenetic pace early he hurts her leg and

she doesn't lean on the body Mike trying

to fight off another takedown to town

embracing the grind these are hard shots

by Lawry's sneaking a man here to a body

vicious ground-and-pound

by the Challenger 20 seconds looking for

the finish its attack but eight seconds

longer once the Dachau they clinch


and she's in trouble what

they go the distance login Louis still

staring them down that was intense



robbie lawler tyron woodley for the UFC

welterweight championship


Oh attacked a big shot


Dosanjh Osen Colby Covington and Walter

a championship opportunity tonight

this kid is for real all the trash talk

besides are the theatrics he could fight

especially with his kids all nights

uppercut by Covington that clip dos




as well because even though not backing

off when it comes to these striking nice

James seems landing well now going for

the takedown this is an exhausting fight

pretty good output on both sides here in

this fifth and final round the body

and a left hand from Covington

outstanding championship fight between

Kobe Covington and hop by Aldo Santos


it all comes down to this Tyron Woodley

and Kimora Osmond one man leaves Las

Vegas the undisputed UFC welterweight

champion and he's shifting to the weak

side he walked away




shishah here with least trying to get

his respect back buddy count


look at this we'll be showing the heart

of a champion with a big let's see what

Whitley can do that was a big shot

Woodley retreats then he thought about a

takedown nothing doing


whose Finch is outwrestling Woodley

right now keeping the high offense and

out grappling out wrestling out striking

and beating tire Woodley


for come unite come on Luce Minh

and stuff credible the big question was

how would he do against the best in the

world and turns out he is the best in

the world