Rand Paul: Release Whistleblower’s Name | The View

intimidation seems to be trending in DC

right now former Ukrainian basa der

Murray okay thank you testified that she

felt repeatedly threatened by the White

House there are allegations that the

Justice Department tried to force the

anonymous author of an anti-trump book

to reveal their identity and here's what


I hate Rand Paul has said at one of you

know whose rallies the other night take

a look the whistleblower needs to come

before Congress as a material witness

because he worked for Joe Biden at the

same time hunter Biden was getting money

from corrupt oligarchs I say tonight to

the media do your job and print his name

it's not so crazy but why does he sound

so crazy he does has forgotten the rule

of law okay I said I was watching this

anyway it's against the law to reveal

the whistleblowers identity and now he's

telling the media to break the law why

don't you break the law and then you go

to jail ran yeah and I started if anyone

follows me on Instagram which whatever

but there was like six people I

literally got on my Instagram why

because I was laughing so hard at the

read the transcript t-shirt read the

transcript read the transcript but it's

like brilliant marketing on Trump's part

because he's like it's much like make

America great again it's really simple

it's really accessible you've got a

bunch of people clapping and they're

like yeah read the transcript read it

I laughed really hard because I was like

oh we're done now just read to know your

ideas he's brilliant of advising its

summary it's a memo it's not a

transcript it's not verbatim ready no

what's really bothering me about all of

this is that had Nixon tried to do this

to anyone

we'd have had him we'd have had him out

said no that's not how the law works

Constitution doesn't work that's not

that's not how the law works well we had

ethical all kinds of ethics but for me

when I see that the Department of

Justice is no longer does it feel

neutral yeah they're not looking to see

if it's true they're just saying well

you know it's done that makes me

uncomfortable I can't make every

American uncomfortable it's it's I'm

sorry just start with me yeah because

you know if grant Paul were doing this

to a witness and saying this about a

witness that I had on one of my cases I

would send an FBI agent to his house and

I would have him brought in because

that's witness intimidation punishable

by up to 20 years in prison he's

encouraging people to break the law how

dare he he's a sitting senator he's Club

Mario's waiter he's covered by the

president who also it does want this

tampering Greg Lee and William Parr the

attorneys you know what we's right it's

coming from the department there's no

law in the country no that's not so

level there is still law listen we have

not read the transcript

I beat that horse till it dies for the

rest of the election sight at this point

it's ignorant

I'm too old to do jury duty yes those

people out there you don't have to do it

after a certain age you look it up you

ladies I said I don't want to do jury

duty they would come and hold your

button to endure worse to jail somewhere

efficient these people get away with

murder and yet they're not holding

anybody in