The Legend of The White Lady



welcome to conceal a small fishing town

on the south coast of cork small in size

but not small in historical stature it

was always a strategic port and charles

fort was at the heart of its defenses it

was here in charles fort and our story

unfolded the person that i'm familiar

with is that of governor warren Dan's

daughter willful being said to marry

captain Trevor Ashurst on the eve of

their wedding they were walking along

the grounds a transport when willful

spied some flowers down one with

battlements she commented on how

beautiful she thought the flowers were

and captain atrás - took note of this

and later that night sent one of the

centuries down to pick the flowers but

not wanting to leave the post unattended

talk of guard but due to those days long

festivities he was rather tired so fell

asleep at his post

governor Warrenton being a very very

strict man came along and found him


he shot him dead willful when hearing

the snooze threw herself from one of the

ramparts into the icy waters below it is

rumored her ghost wanders the grounds of

charles fort searching for any centuries

who have fallen asleep so this same fate

does not fall on them firstly I have not

seen the best but I do know someone who

has claimed that one evening was erected

and run by charles fort they stopped to

tie their shoe and balance the weight

underhand against the wall when they

felt a hand reach out of the wall and

interlock fingers with them he believes

this was the ghost of the white lady

yes the tale of the white lady is one of

our more popular legends we get lots and

lots of questions about it off tourists

and we bring people to Charles Ford on

the tour and we have actors do small

reenactments and jump scares book I

completely believe that this tale is

100% true as there have been so many

sightings and I'm very firm believer in

the supernatural

we didn't choose this we did hurt us

when we bought the building

I suppose 17 years ago it was called

away lady and the previous owner with

the white lady and the previous owners

the lady

so there's quite a lot of history was in

relation to the white lady yes a

jeunesse down the hotel it would be an

icon building around lots of people

would know of the white lady

and not a laugh but I was telling tell

Amelia of the story voice

okay and I would tell them that she

appears every two three weeks

of this hotel other sorta

twice I saw New Year's Eve making tools

in the kitchen and probably New Year's


absolutely very important she is around

she is spotted chance for numerous times

plus I say it's room 7 here where it all


decades after the tragedy

the white lady was seen wandering to

Charles for by soldiers and the families

especially children two sergeants were

packing up some equipment when one man's

daughter asked who was the white lady

smiling at her

both men turned around and saw nothing

but the girl was adamant that a woman in

a white dress had been looking at her

of the white lady herself no but I do

believe I saw the ghost of her father he

was rumored to have shot himself a few

days after his daughter died I was over

camping in the fort in my teenage years

with friends and we had all gone to

sleep and I was awoken a short time

later by one sounded like a stricken man

shouting harshly curiosity got the

better of me and I got up and went out

of the tent stood beside our on fire

which was dimly lighting the area

I saw we were near a turret and I saw a

man hunched over I couldn't see him

clearly but he did look like he had

military-style clothing on

I got a ministration and I jumped and

ran back inside the tent

- morning sobbing stop shortly after I'd

like to believe there is something there

but even after that I'm still not 100%

I'm open to it

not sure I think that might be my

imaginations in another story and Norse

saw the white lady standing over the bed

of a sleeping child but not all of her

interactions with the living have been


even into the first half of the 20th

century several captains recounted

stories being pushed down a flight of

stairs by an unseen force Charles Ford

was in military use until 1922 it is now

a ruin but a bride can still be seen

wandering the four walls in our white

wedding dress the white lady as locals

call her has been seen wandering to the

streets of Kinsale where she lived until

this day

there'll be nothing

who let you fall this time no mountain

is too high to stores I felt the skies

and all we can do is try I won't let you


no mountain is to her

stores in

the skies and all we can do

is true

my hope there will be nothing to fear if

you take we can