This modern 'white witch' casts spells for a living

hi i'm deejae johnson and i'm a

professional white witch so these are

some of my tools that I work with this

is my one and I cast my circle with this


lady of the night sky bring good luck

and good fortune to me lady of the night

sky bring good luck and good fortune to

me so mote it be witchcraft has been so

misunderstood for so many years but

basically witchcraft has been here since

the beginning of time and it's all about

learning the power of nature and

learning how to empower yourself you

still have with the older people that

sense that we're doing bad I still do

come across that and you're out to no

good they don't understand or don't

practice it so they've still got that

vision of the witch of old conjuring up

with our pointy hat and her black hat

but you just don't get that with the

youth of today the Internet has made

witchcraft and Wicca a lot more

accessible particularly for young people

they're really up for it and it's like

veganism and vegetarian I've been

vegetarian since I was 15 very common in

which is to be vegetarian and a lot of

vegan now


tarot card reading is to having a look

to see what has been going on or what's

going on now in your life and predicting

the future like 2/3 of the God s cards

the oracle cards say we have got the

butterfly maiden which is a beautiful

card its transformation you are

experiencing enormous change right now

which bring great blessings Kunene which

is a beautiful God s card it's about

compassion release judgment about

yourself and others and focus on love

and light that's within everyone and

Donna the High Priestess is which I am

High Priestess and means you've got

divine knowledge that can help others

through your spiritual teaching you I

have got energy in you that's very

spiritual and you can help others

because that's what High Priestesses do

they actually help publish so yeah

definitely and I know good teacher I

guess I've always had magic in me so

when I was little I was always when I

wish for things I practically always got

them and I thought everyone could do

that and it was only one I was a little

bit older to understand that actually

everyone wasn't doing what I was doing I

just sit on the swing at nighttime they

wouldn't come in just to have a look to

see what was going on but actually what

I was loom bathing which I didn't

realize which is moon bathe we've heard

everyone's heard of sunbathing but which

is unform then we moon bathe and pick up

her energy which is quite magical when

you do feel different after and also I

drink moon water so I put my water under

the full moon

so it's moon bless so I get the energy

of the moon in inside us on a full moon

it's a time for our big spell so if

people want fertility or healing would

gather in a word in a quiet place with a

cauldron with our herbs our oils and

candles and with gathering a circle and

we'd make a rhyme up and would cast our