The Book of Judith - Uncovering the Deuterocanonical Books

throughout all of ancient history God

has not left himself without witness

from the profanity of Noah's time to the

slaughter of Isaac and to the exodus of

the Israelites the Lord has worked

wonders among his people like Daniel and

the three youth leaders rose up from

among the Israelites in times of peace

and in times of captivity to lead the

people in the righteousness of the way

the truth and the life

the heroes of the Bible are great in

number but we must not forget those of

the second cannon

Judith Tobit Esther Solon the wise Judah

Maccabee and many others who sought to

emulate Christ through their faith in

his promise

why were these books hidden and why have

they been deemed apocryphal first

question by the Jews in 100 AD these

books were officially removed from the

Hebrew Bible the Catholic and Eastern

Orthodox churches then reaffirmed the

acceptance of these books as

deuterocanonical meaning of the second

cap now thus delve into an ancient

biblical mystery of modern day feminism

the book of Judith was removed from the

Hebrew Bible primarily for the strength

of the female presence a contradiction

of traditional Hebrew customs

although we do not know to whom

authorship of this book is granted to we

are knowledgeable of the time and place

that his events occurred this story

ensues during the reign of

Nebuchadnezzar and the Assyrian

domination of the Near East

however the ideas and language of this

book lead scholars to believe that these

events happened sometime during the

second century BC

before we can begin to understand the

book of Judith you must first learn

about the heroine who saved the people

of Israel Judith's husband Vanessa died

of heatstroke at the time of the barley

harvest giving Judith a young widow for

three years and four months

Judith warned in her widowhood residing

in a tent on the roof of her house

dressing in sackcloth and fasting every

day save for select feast days

judith has publicly described was

beautiful and stature and very lovely to

look at as scripture tells us the story

of Judith occurs during the 12th year of

the reign of Nebuchadnezzar during this

time Nebuchadnezzar was waging war

against King Arphaxad

of the Great Plains in the region of rag

WA 5 years later

Nebuchadnezzar and his army were able to

march against rfx and gain victory one

year after the defeat of King Ark back

sad Nebuchadnezzar expressed his desire

to conquer all of the surrounding lands

however he understood that this was no

simple feat for one man and so desperate

to expand his territorial conquest

Nebuchadnezzar calls upon Holofernes the

chief captain of his army to execute

this mission he instructs hope fairness

to gather 120,000 soldiers and 12,000

cavalry to conquer lands to the west

thus making Israel once again it target

for the Assyrian army

as Hall of fairness advanced in his

conquest of the western lands words of

horror and obliteration came to the

Israelites the Hebrew people became

terrified at the possible devastation

coming their way but the greater fear

was for the temple of God

their sole connection to the deity of


in order to fend off the attack the

Israel's plan to work in unity with

other nearby tribes who were separated

by natural barriers such as mountain

passes in order that they may protect

one another

besides logistical planning for war the

Hebrews fought the spiritual war as well

they dressed in sackcloth put ashes on

their heads and cried to God for mercy

and divine protection when hollow

fairness heard of Israel's prepared

offenses he became immensely outraged

and advanced to the Israelites with fury

and thoughts of annihilation as the

Assyrians proceeded to attack the

Hebrews epithelia the people of Israel

began to have thoughts of surrender

when Judith heard of her people's

desperation she zealously rebuked the

elders for their lack of trust in God in

this encounter with the elders of

Bethulia Judith notified them of her

plan to gain victory for the Lord's

people but she was extremely discreet

and did not disclose any details

concerning her plan

prior to the execution of her plan Judit

spends a great deal of time praying to

God pleading with him to aid her in the

defeat of Paulo fairness she also

requests in the Lord that his power and

might be made known throughout all the


once judith has completed her prayer she

and her maid begin to prepare for the

journey judith removes the garments of

her widowhood and begins to adorn

herself so that she appears beautiful

with her judith brings a flask of wine a

crucible grain some dried fruit and a

loaf of bread wholly prepared to execute

her plan Judith and her maid leave

Bethulia and head to the Assyrian camp

when Judith arrives at the Assyrian camp

she identifies herself as a daughter of

the Hebrews who has fled from the

company of the Israelites because the

Assyrians will soon defeat them

the Assyrian men become captivated by

her beauty and listen to every word she

tells them they lead her to Halle

furnaces tempt at once and word quickly

spreads of Drude of Judith's arrival

when Judith meets with Hall of fairness

he is astounded by her beautiful

appearance and assures her that she'll

be safe in the Assyrian camp but he also

inquires of her the cause of her coming

Judith convinces Hall of fairness the

Israel is being punished for a

particular sin and when the messengers

returned from Jerusalem with a mandate

the Assyrians will gain victory over the

Israelites in response

Holofernes vows that when these things

come to pass he'll accept Judith Scott

as his own God within four days of

Judith's arrival to the Assyrian camp

while of fairness hosts a feast and

invites Judith to dine with him but she

does not eat of the food presented to

her rather she is nourished by the

provisions that she has brought from

Bethulia Halle fairness becomes

exceedingly delighted at Judith's

presence a drinks excessive amounts of

wine to unconscious drunkenness

at the completion of the banquet

everyone but Judith leaves Halle

furnaces tent she stands above Hall of

fairness with his very own sword and

taking hold of his hair Jude says Oh

Lord God of Israel at this moment

strengthen me and two strikes of the

sword Judith has beheaded Halle fairness

she then rips a piece of the canopy

which Holofernes have laid on and gives

both the head and the cloth to her maid

who was waiting outside the tent but

their mission being completed Judith and

her maid return to Bethulia with shots

of Thanksgiving to the Lord

critics of the book of Judith say that

she seduced Hulk fairness prior to come

however all biblical evidence states

that full of fairness was unconscious at

the time when Judith beheading him

meaning it is utterly impossible that

she seduced him in addition when Judith

is telling the Israelites about her

mission in the Assyrian camp she says a

pull of fairness that he committed no

sin towards her neither to defile her

nor shame

when Judith returns to the fovea she is

received with shouts of joy in the city

and when our key you are one of the

thuvia's elders hears of her return

he immediately faints bowing at Judith's

feet and giving her a great renown a

daybreak the next morning the people of

Bethulia hang the head of Holofernes on

the wall of the city and march out

against the Assyrians

when the Assyrians seed the Israelites

they go to wake Holofernes little did

they know that their chief captain had

been decapitated just the night before

when the army finds hollow fairness

without his head fear and trembling

overtake them and they flee in every

direction from the army of the


after their victory over the Assyrians

Judith begins to sing a song of

Thanksgiving before all of Israel she

calls all to praise the Lord for the

miraculous work he has performed Judith

then warns all the enemies of Israel to

be aware of the punishment that will

befall them if anyone dare rise up

against his chosen people

we the work of the Lord be forever

multiplied and may he be honored and

glorified throughout all the earth from

now and unto the ages of Ages