Does ‘The Last Supper’ Really Have a Hidden Meaning?

the Last Supper one of Leonardo da

Vinci's most famous works plays a key

role in ron howard's 2006 blockbuster

The Da Vinci Code the movie claims the

figure sitting to Jesus's right is Mary

Magdalene not the disciple John as the

church would have us believe

and that she is the Holy Grail

when I saw the movie the of them Brown

and I read the book I was very happy

because it was a very beautiful novel

but is science fiction Mario to die is a

Milan based inventor and an expert on

the works of Leonardo da Vinci he spent

15 years analyzing the Renaissance

masters work trying to get inside his

mind Mario doesn't believe the movies

claims and for good reason he knows da

Vinci's version of the Last Supper was

just that a version before gana da Vinci

there are hundreds of last suppers and

when he painted the last suppers he had

to follow some rules the user wants to

have the people in that position with

death smile so people can recognize the

different apostles at one by one before

Leonardo's Last Supper all of the other

copies look very similar artists used

the same formula to depict Christ's

disciples st. Peter handles a knife

Judas carries a purse of silver and

Saint John the youngest disciple is

always shown as a youthful feminine

looking figure

is this a John or Maria Magdalene is a

very easy question but it's a stupid


because it must be John because Leonardo

had to head to copy the Last Supper

before him and John looks like a woman

that lerna da Vinci just copied these

things because they must be in this way

so it must be recognizable as John

that's it the movie asks us to believe

that the Last Supper contains letters

hidden in plain sight and M referring to

Mary Magdalene and a V the symbol of a

chalice typically known as the Holy

Grail or as The Da Vinci Code would have

us believe a V for the shape of a womb

according to the experts if you look

hard enough

all paintings contain shapes that look

like letters Leonardo da Vinci may not

be revealing the truth about Mary

Magdalene and Jesus's relationship in

his painting but he is sending a message

one that five centuries ago was just as

controversial as The Da Vinci Code

before Leonardo da Vinci all versions of

the Last Supper showed Jesus and His

disciples with halos in effect

portraying them as Saints but da Vinci

chose to ignore this convention and

paint them without halos

I believe that Leonardo never put a halo

set because he think that that people

are common people and this is their true

secret of Leonardo there is no

extraterrestrial a supernatural object

inside the Last Supper no not the one to

tell us that they did 13 men are simple

men's and is a sin said something much

more powerful Leonardo da Vinci is

communicating a subtle message with his

last supper he's telling us that Jesus

was immortal a theme echoed in The Da

Vinci Code