10 Popeyes Commercial

you're a witch right uh-huh can I get

your opinion on something okay what do

you think of my Popeyes $4 wicked good

deal I love it thin strips of premium

chicken breast with a choice of side of

biscuit and dipping sauce for four bucks

that's a lot of food before Bob I know

right am I crazy nope thank you welcome

I'm not good that's why we call it a

wicked good deal they named it after me

so you're a famous football player

that's the rumor you good at anything

else depends how about a Popeye's

commercial can you do that pretty sure

all right read that script it's playoff

season honey and nothing brings flavor

to the game like my amazing Popeyes

classic Cajun wings for a limited time

get six wings with buttermilk dressing

for just 399 nothing goes with football

like Popeyes you are good thanks

how did you do that I'm a pro back in

the day in New Orleans when the band

finished at 3:00 a.m. and needed

something to eat there was always some

place serving of chicken and waffles

dinner and breakfast in one meal well

honey in the spirit of this five

tradition say hello to my amazing

popeyes chicken waffle tenders three

tenders with a crispy waffle coating a

side biscuit and honey maple sauce for

just five bucks you don't have to play

the blues until 3:00 a.m. to get my

chicken waffle tenders you can get them

right now get a 12 or 16 pieces and

start open still you know what you're

doing with my Popeyes riff and chickens

really different and after you rip it

and dip it or even live it again honey I

don't just make great food I make great

food that's just plain old fun to eat I

slice up a whole chicken breast that I'm

marinating at I'm tingling spicy plane

with fries a biscuit and Mike Hill a new

habanero red dipping sauce for just 399

ribs and chicken I'm sorry how did that

go again we know how to have fun when we

eat you might want to join us



I'm guessing you've heard of the

mysterious ghost pepper but have you

ever tasted one honey get ready for

something you have never imagined say

hello to my new Popeyes Ghost Pepper

wings i marinate these wings in a blend

of spicy peppers including a dash of

ghost pepper for a whole new flavor

adventure and right now you get six

wings and a biscuit for just 399 taste

the mystery of the ghost pepper today we

have Annie and Carl the other guy

hello Eddie what's on the menu well Eric

I have taken shrimp to a whole new level

with my amazing five dollar butterfly

shrimp tackle box eight Louisiana

seasoned shrimp aside and a biscuit for

just five bucks wonderful and Carl

we got a frozen fish patty on a bun you

all darkness to be illegal all right

that's just a sandwich

annie has paid strip beside and a

biscuit for five bucks

baccala honey from my first ever Popeyes

fine buck wing bash my amazing popeyes

chicken now in a boneless wing six wings

aside and a biscuit for just five bucks

this is your famous chicken in a

boneless way oh that is big news season

how about you it's everything you love

about my chicken in a boneless wings six

big wings a side and a biscuit for just

five bucks at boneless wings y'all

excuse me we got someone's attention if

you know what you'll find in any seafood

joint in the south hush puppy hush

puppies honey and I'm turning this side

dish into a star with my new cop eyes

hush puppy butterfly shrimp ate shrimp

fries and a biscuit for just $4.99

what's going on here's a hint need a

bigger hand that's right honey it's a $5

bonafide big bucks two pieces of my

chicken or three handcrafted tenders

your choice of two sides in one of my

biscuits for just five bucks

most folks idea of a $5 deal is not a

meal honey we got this here giant burger

and a soda that's not a meal this is a

meal come and get it while it lasts

because it will not last long that's a