The Youngest Mothers In The World...

with teen pregnancy reality tv shows

and huge social media followings the

world has become used to finding out

about teen parents and young mothers but

in today's video

let's go beyond reality tv and teen moms

and let's take a look

at the youngest mothers in history make

sure you stick around because number one

will definitely shock you to the core

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number 10 britain's youngest mother 12


if you thought young girls getting

pregnant before the age of 18 was


get ready to hear about britain's

youngest mother in 2014 the world was

introduced to the youngest parents in


the 12 year old mother and her 13 year

old boyfriend

this 12 year old girl and her boyfriend

had been together for over a year when

it was

reported that the young mother was

pregnant with her first child

according to reports the girl got

pregnant when she was just 11 years old

when the news broke out in britain the

father of the 12 year old mother made a

comment that shocked many people

he said how he was glad to hear about

the pregnancy because at least his


wasn't doing drugs i would have rather

had come home and had this than find out

she was on drugs at 11 or 12.

number nine the missouri mother 11 years

news broke out in early 2020 when a baby

boy was rushed to the hospital with its

umbilical cord and placenta still

attached to its body

the newborn was taken to the hospital by

a father who had claimed the boy was his

it was only after a thorough

investigation was conducted

that it was revealed the mother of the

young boy was actually the man's


the 11 year old mother who was raped by

her 17 year old brother

and the girl had apparently given birth

in a bathtub

officials and police later questioned

the girl's parents who had denied any

knowledge of sexual abuse

police later arrested both parents and

the young girl's 17 year old brother who

was charged with rape and sexual abuse

as far as the young girl goes according

to reports she is staying at a

relative's house far away from her


number eight samantha goodman 10 years

in 2003 10 year old samantha goodman

gave birth to a baby girl

the zimbabwe native was just a child

herself when she gave birth to her six

pound baby girl named courtney

when samantha turned 16 she opened up

about her pregnancy and her delivery

according to the young mother

she was at a friend's house when she and

a close friend were playing hide and


they had stumbled upon an adult book in

the library and had some funny pictures

in them

we thought it would be funny that we

were trying to do it we did it

it was funny said samantha it was only

after her mother noticed her big bella

that she realized the 10 year old was

actually pregnant

and according to the sixteen-year-old

childbirth was less painful than the

time she broke her arm

number seven main umbi ten years

in 2015 ten-year-old main envy was taken

to the hospital by her mother

because she believed her daughter had an

abdominal tumor it was only after they

arrived at the hospital

and in an ultrasound that the doctors

found out the 10 year old was 5 months


the doctors and nurses at the hospital

quickly called the authorities to report

this unusual case

police later found out that the father

the baby was manombie's 42 year old

stepfather who tried to escape the


but was later arrested at the border he

denied any accusations of sexual abuse


the dna paternity test revealed that the

baby was in fact

his both mother and stepfather were

charged and arrested for negligence and

sexual abuse of the ten-year-old mother

mayumbi number six leila mafi

nine years in november of 1994 a

nine-year-old iranian girl named leila

maffy gave birth to her first child

five years later at the age of 14 she

gave birth to twins

according to the information gathered by

the non-profit human rights organization

amnesty international layla had been

prostituted by her mother ever since she

was eight years old

the unbelievable trauma led the young

mother to be developmentally delayed

according to her doctors when she was

assessed at the age of 19 she was

diagnosed to have a mental age of an

eight-year-old in 2006 layla was sent in

a rehabilitation center

and is now living in an apartment with a


number five daphne nine years

on january 27 2013 the director of the

zaquin hospital reported that a

nine-year-old girl

had given birth to a healthy baby girl

the mother named daphne

had apparently gone pregnant from her

17-year-old boyfriend

when daphne gave birth the officials

started looking for her boyfriend who

was said to be charged for having sexual

relationships with a young girl

but this particular case of daphne is

quite interesting as officials soon

started doubting the real age of the

young mother

rumors started to spread that daphne was

actually 15 years old

when she gave birth and the father was

not her 17 year old boyfriend

but rather her 44 year old stepfather no

matter what the true age was

we can all agree it's always shocking to

hear about such

a young mother number four hilda


eight years old in 1957 it was reported


time magazine that a nine-year-old child

had given birth to a healthy baby girl

the article named little mother

explained how a young girl visited the

lima maternity hospital

where she gave birth to a nine pound

girl it was later corrected that hilda


the young mother was eight not nine on

december 2nd 1957

the peru native gave birth to her first

child named maria del rosario

officials soon found out that the father

of maria was actually hilda's 22 year

old cousin

the unnamed cousin was staying with

hilda's family in a one-room apartment

when the boy raped the eight-year-old

girl the cousin was later arrested

and put in prison on several charges

including having sexual relations with a


number three the unnamed girl eight

years old

in early september of 2004 one colombian

policeman noticed a little girl walking

by with a huge belly

at first the policemen thought the

little girl was part of a drug smuggling

scheme but

it was later revealed that the

eight-year-old was actually pregnant

the young girl was taken to the hospital

she had x-rays and blood tests done

which confirmed that the eight-year-old

colombian girl was 32 weeks pregnant

when officials asked the girl how this

happened they confessed how a pharmacy

employee had raped her

the young girl was sent out to get her

sick mother's medicine

when the employee sexually assaulted her

the young mother remains

unnamed but local publications reported

that she had given birth to a baby boy

at the missine hospital number two

lizza yeli zaveta pentova in 1934 in the

cold winter nights of russia

a six-year-old girl gave birth to her

first child

lizza yatzeta pantueva was only five

years old when her

year old grandfather sexually assaulted

and impregnated her

when the family found out the girl was

pregnant they decided to go through with

the pregnancy

back in the day caesarean or c-sections

were considered to be extremely

dangerous and the six-year-old girl was

forced to have a natural birth

unfortunately the infant girl died

during labor because of a placenta


but according to the doctors the child

could have been a healthy baby if the


hadn't occurred number one lena medina

five years old if you weren't disturbed

by our list of young mothers by now

then get ready to hear about the truly

shocking lena medina

who is the youngest mother in the world

in 1939 lena was only

five years and seven months old when she

gave birth to a baby boy

named gerardo at first lina's parents

had taken her to the hospital because

they noticed her abdomen getting

unusually large

the parents had suspected a tumor but it

was later revealed lena was actually

five months pregnant

at the time the peru native had

apparently gone through precocious

puberty which meant she had developed

earlier than her peers

police arrested medina's father in

suspicion of abuse but

he was later let go due to a lack of

evidence to this day no one really knows

who impregnated five-year-old lena who

became the youngest mother

in history and with that we end today's


which of these insanely young mothers

shocked you the most

were you surprised by the ages let us

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