so today Oh today today we are doing

another 1919 challenge today we're doing

the oldest player in the NFL versus the

youngest player in the NFL who can get a

99-yard touchdown / so we got to find

out who the oldest player is and who the

youngest player is and that's easy to do

so we can just go right to the top of

the ADEs list and right there is Adam

Vinatieri he is 45 years old and he is a

kicker for the Indianapolis Colts South

to go the opposite way it is all awesome

Khamenei edenia

let's just call him bro Pro is 20 years

old right outside linebacker for the

Pittsburgh Steelers head so we're gonna

move both these guys to the wide

receiver position and see who can get a

touchdown first

so what foot both these guys both on the

Steelers and move them both to the wide

receiver position as you can see they're

both a 12 overall Adam Vinatieri has a

56 overall speed Umbro has 78 overall

speed so he has a little bit of an

advantage but at the same time not

really they both have pros and cons so

we're gonna find out who can get an

unknown yard touchdown first the oldest

player or the youngest player we're

gonna start off with Adam Vinatieri he

is the oldest player everything is set

to all Matt and the number written upper

left-hand corner as you can see right

there here we go on attempt number one

with Adam Vinatieri at wide receiver a

kicker at wide receiver 45 years old can

he freaking get it he got ah he didn't

get this tech have number two now he's

on a drag route right in front of us

let's see if we can get it to him Oh No

ten number three he's on a very small

route right here let's see if he can at

least just get the catch mmm

attempt number five he's on the slants

the slants are generally good let's give

him a soft little pass and oh he hold on

to it he caught one finally attempt

number ten he's actually going kind of

deep here if he's open this could be

good okay Frank at oten Breedlove in

here now he's going actually pretty deep

here he just has to outrun everybody

which is pretty difficult oh good catch

okay that was really good number 16 he's

on a very good route right here let's

see if we can give him the ball no it's

number twenty he's on the slant right

here he's open he it was right in your

hands you're wide open attempt number 21

let's see what this one does we're

throwing it to him he's open no 10

number 26 he's gonna come back route

he's open

he gets the catch nope he didn't he

can't catch a ball cuz he's a kicker 28

okay he is wide open there you go no you

got a run you got he caught the ball and

then didn't move

you got a run at seven umber twenty-nine

he's on a very freakin long route right

here throw it off to him

oh my gosh number 32 okay he is going

very very deep let's get it to him let's

get it to him look how open he is oh my


that was a great play but he didn't get

the touchdown okay times 137 he is on

the slant he should be wide open oh my

gosh he's gonna be wide open he's gonna

get the catch I'll run him know attend

her 41 this might be our only chance

throw the ball he gets the catch break

off go no come on

751 throw it to him he gets the catch go

go this is the fastest he's running this

is the fastest he is running what that

is the literally the fastest he runs and

it was his only chance this is a 10

number 51 this is his only freaking


the dude completely misses him he

finally catches the ball and this is the

fastest he runs on full sprint are you

kidding me

Wow I don't even know it said you guys

know the rule I stopped at a hundred

attempts if they kick it in 100 times

and they're not gonna get it I don't

think he's gonna get it that was awful


um he's open nope

oh he is so open okay

full sprint nope he's not gonna come out

see it later




alright I'm back all right well I'm just

trying to grind this out so I get a

hundred I guess because I don't think

he's ever gonna get it



what wait a minute what what what just


can anybody tell me right now why Adam

Vinatieri just runnin 99-yard touchdown

like he was Antonio Brown was that in

turn around no that's not any around

been rod Springer hi cabal and I'm gonna

tears running he outran the cornerback

at that point me to contracts drawing

he's still running all runs that guy

catches it flawlessly and then doesn't

be doing stupid slow sprint he actually

ran he actually ran pretty fast and he

outran them what well my goodness Adam

Vinatieri I don't know where that came

from but a tell me 454 there we go

alright so I don't know what just


but anyways we have switched Adam in

eternity with bro and now he is exactly

where I live into Terry was everything

you said the exact same way for the girl

wanna tell you one with him he's

actually got a wide open land look at

this play all the defense's right here

there's one defender and he's not even

on him this might be a to tell number

one play right here okay throw to him

all he has to do is catch it no way he

didn't catch it

he didn't catch it what are you doing we

might be in for a long video tech number

two he's got a nice little route here

across the middle of the field let's see

how that goes for him okay to stop and

go he makes the catch

pretty good pretty good tag number three

is on the slants can't go wrong with


it's just timing out right there he is

gets the catch he's still going he's

still going okay now solid I'm number

four on the slants they're blitzing so

he's got even more room to run

you got the catch got some Running Room

and then he got tackled all right

attempt number seven he's going very

deep here and that defenders pushing up

he might get behind him he's behind him

wide open makes the catch

is he gonna keep on going nope you got

brought down dang it haven't number 11

here he's on the slants can't go wrong

with it there he is gets the catch it's

completely rocked 15 here he is can he

get it

can he get it can he get it oh my gosh

he's wide open

makes the catch run Juke he choked but

then he got tackled dang it attempt

number 20 here we go throwing it to him

now he makes the catch finally jumps


Oh number 26 on a drag route across the

center of the field gets the catch

finally oh my gosh my gosh my gosh 10

number 27 is T 227 can he get on my

number he's on the / you can't go wrong

with the slant

let's grab on to the right find him

there he is open makes the catch Jukes

right Jukes right oh oh

number 33 right here on the slant oh he

is wide open this is it this is it Oh Oh

breathe out not gonna say anything I'm

not gonna say anything at 10 number 35

that didn't even happen he's on the same

row ten hundred thirty five here we go

throw it to him dude

number 41 if he could just frickin catch

the ball would be good we would be good

you got you catch that out of all those

bowls oh my gosh run run run oh my gosh

oh my gosh he's gonna get it he's gonna

get it I see the finish side because oh

I think it was a 10 number 41 I'm not

sure even away he beat Adam Vinatieri oh

my gosh this okay there's a I skipped a

lot of attempts because a lot of it's

just you know born in bulla but he

dropped so many balls I'm gonna say he

dropped 85 percent in the passes I threw

him I guarantee we could hide on attempt

number one if you would've just dropped

it so there we go we're on the slide

and you see the thing that really made

this good was that Elie Rogers in him

were both together on that one defender

Co there's two guys right here on one

defender so he really doesn't know who

to cover he follows the ball and somehow

this bro catches it one-handed

one freakin handed holds on to it that

guy doesn't tackle him then he manages

to get the Juke off oh my gosh this guy

is so good then he takes off down the

field and just barely barely manages to

outrun these three defenders literally I

think he tackled him into the end zone


wow that was incredible whoa so there

you guys have it the youngest player

versus the oldest player it took bro

41 attempts I think and it took out in

Bennett era 254 attempts this is a very

fun challenge thank you to whoever

coming to this challenge down there on

the screen right now if I'm gonna see

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next guys of course we have to try to

get it back to back can we get it back

back right here with the bro here we go

on the slant again again I told you you

can't go wrong with the slants same guy

gets the Juke off made the catch

ah but he can't Juke those guys alright

I'll see you guys in next video goodbye