Youngest Chapter-Book Author in U.S. History, Anaya Willabus, Publishes Second Book | BK Live

young readers are no doubt trying their

hand at some writing of their own but

how many of them have had a book

published before they finish grade

school how about two books how about

that's really impressive now the truth

is nine-year-old Anaya willabus has lots

of other interests and talents playing

soccer training martial arts and eating

Oreos but the real news here is that

Anaya just finished with fourth grade

has her second book titled a bully's

disguise available on and we

are excited to hear what it's like to

hold the title of youngest chapter book

author and US history and to hear about

her latest work Anaya willabus welcome

to VK live and of course to tell us more

about those orioles were delighted to

have her mom dimple a local

businesswoman hello thank you for having

us yeah thank you both for being on VK

live Ania you are the most accomplished

young author I've ever met in my life

how does it make you feel when people

tell you how remarkable it is to have

two books out as just a fourth grader

well it's great to inspire others and it

feels good to you know be there where

others can learn from what I do as well

amazing it is amazing what made you come

up with the idea of bullies disguise I

mean your first book the day mohan found

his confidence what was the inspiration

well i'd wrote about confidence and

bullying because these are money is used

that children deal with in life so i

thought that since their relatable if

you let me write this in a book what's

the process of you actually writing do

you sit at the computer like an hour a

day do you just write when you're

inspired what's the process well I write

whenever I have time to write well I

take notes and then sometimes I type

down to the computer sometimes with help

from my mom and I put the notes together

and make my books Wow you know the apple

doesn't fall far from the trees so she

gets a lot of this from you mom it makes

me question my own parenting like how

can I make my child or a parent make

their child I guess as accomplished as

your daughter well the truth is I'm not

an AI is one of three kids that

and the tool my other two children are

different in that they have different

interests with Anaya she started reading

it too and I never creeper crawl like a

normal baby she just started running at

nine months ago so we knew there was

something different about Anaya

literally so she started reading at 2:00

she could barely pronounce words

correctly but she started reading she

could memorize an entire book and recite

the entire book but as parents we never

knew that her interest will grow in

reading and writing the way it did but

she always said that she wanted to write

a book so we just ignore it yeah yeah

yeah kids want to do things but but to

something some reason she just had this

inspiration to write and my husband of

course always take them to the library

because he felt as though reading is so

fundamental and so important to your

growth it will always be part of life as

an ayah says so those are the

foundations are for reading and writing

background who are some authors that

inspire you and I am well I've read

poetry from shel silverstein I've read

Barack Obama's um Dreams from My Father

I've read Malala he's off skis book and

I've read several others as well it's

amazing I love it I love shel

silverstein what do you hope people get

out of your books in terms of lessons

about confidence and bullying well I

hope that children will always remember

you know speak up for what you believe

in because many children when they deal

with bullying they think oh well people

won't listen to me by saying and telling

on somebody I will be a tattletale and

these things aren't true because when

you see someone being bullied the right

thing is to do is to tell others right

right and you've won numerous awards can

you share just some of the awards you've


yes well last Friday I won one award

from the Assemblywoman mr. Allen Mizell

I won it because I won the woman's

history poetry contest first place in

the district I got a certificate of

merit for my participation in the Black

History Month essay contest I got an

award for being the top st. jude's

earner in my school because our school

had a mass phone

and I've gotten I've been appointed as a

global youth editor for foreign magazine

that's amazing

I feel like such a loser listening to

all that's just kidding question my work

do more mom tell us you know what do you

say to her everyday that you think helps

inspire her to continue along the path

that she's on well I should say what we

say which is my husband and I am he is

big on making sure both of us are on the

same page in terms of their education we

actually teach him at home

we teach them we have over 400 books in

our library at home and I read an excess

maybe of about 600 books so far and you

can tell her level of reading she reads

books that I've never read I'm like I

never read the some of those books but

um what we've instill in them is that

whatever they learn with the school

curriculum we teach them beyond for

example the Black History Month in her

school they did not learn anything but

black history but at home we taught them

so much of a black history so they have

that fundamental understanding and

grounded in the history black history in

the culture and our guy needs culture

too because my husband and I from South

America so we teach him a lot at home

Matt you know English literature we

teach him so much more so that's some of

the reasons why you know she reads and

write like this yeah so intelligent and

so many accolades congratulations on

those Anaya what do you think is ahead

do you have ideas for future books you

want to write are you gonna continue to

write books at a fast pace well when I

grow up I hope to become a teacher and I

will continue writing books so that

children can still continue to be


wants to be a teacher I see president

you haven't thought about being

president that's great we'll show this

cliff when you are now your books are on

Amazon what else can you tell us I mean

I we asked what's next I mean there's a

book deal coming up dimple can you tell

us about that well we've actually turned

down a lot of publishing companies and

because my and I and I would sit and

discuss publishing companies and we've

never actually tried to reach out the

publishing company to publish our books

because of the fact that the way she

writes and the content of it may not be

something people may approve of because

it talks about different cultures and

stuff and she when I tell a nossa

restriction and a publishing company

when you go through a publishing company

there's restrictions yes they may give

you a lump sum up front of fifty

thousand dollars which I was offered

excuse me but I refuse it because fifty

thousand means nothing when it comes to

her freedom especially school because

her school is most important to us now

and if you give give us fifty thousand

then she's restricted basing our

regulations not to mention her work will

be not her property but will be the

publishing company's property so for us

it's not about the money is about

teaching her value teaching her

leadership teaching her to get her

thoughts out so those are the funding

the basic things and important things to

us so in terms of a publishing company

we're not interested in a publishing

company as of now at least as of now

until she gets old and she choose to do

different that's on her but as of no no

wow and your brothers and sisters how

many brothers and sisters do you I have

one younger brother and one older sister

okay and an outside of writing what do

you do do you watch movies we know you

like Oreos well I love to play soccer

and karate and I love spending time with

my brother and my sister um bredren and

jeantel and oftentimes we still go to

the movies and we go to the mall and we

have fun do your sibling is inspire you

at all do you think about them when

you're writing your books at all yeah

nice my siblings are very supportive of

me as well - oh that's great are they

writing books are they authors um well

my brother hopes to be coming

okay she inspired him what you should

tell him that you also did they cover

feedback please yes what can you tell us

about the Congress oh well I drew all of

the pictures on my cover and for the

characters I drew them and then my

sister helped me to create the book

cover you see now and what's this here

well these are some bags I'd like to

give you the old hard winning offer Oh


amazing thank you so much thanks are

available on Amazon what would happen at

the book launch was Eric Adams there we

have some pictures from the book launch


well you he had a representative

president because wrong that time was a

lot of graduations but we did have a

special little girl who tell them about

a little girl who came there's a young

girl named Maria and she came all the

way from I think you can Sylvania

signore's just to come to town oh my

gosh you're inspiring people all over

the country there's a picture Wow what

does that feel like do you get emails

from a lot of people a lot of other the

children your age what does it feel like

to being what does it feel like to be

told you're so inspiring to not just

adults but kids your own age well it's

great because to know that I can inspire

others it makes me feel good because

when others are inspired those are also

things that can improve our world as


Ania willabus thank you very much for

being here at dimple thank you for being

here we really appreciate it keep up the

excellent work everyone can get your

books on Amazon and we're gonna hear a

lot more from you in the future so thank

you for being a BK live here