MLB Youngest Players 2018


I in the air left centerfield

that baby is gone 3 2 pitch feel Cabrera

near the wall he leaps


playing an abyss dad goes Robertson

Maria picks up his third strikeout of

the night he said and here's the old one

on Pro far and it's bounced just to the

left of the mound with it is Simmons his

throw to first called strike three dad

goes bizarre hit number three two goes

down put the string

one two all the way yes he did he went

around the off-speed pitch doubt goes

pro farm

pulled closer two outs Joseph didn't get


swag an abyss swaying Adam is

strike 1 1 the 1 1 & 2 pitch punt to


right here against him live ball

centerfield Heredia racing back this is

deep back he goes it has got flyball to

deep left centerfield Devers has headed

out like that I fly ball in the left

field this is pretty well hit Almaty

back now turning


torez powers that deep to left field and

he has another glee bird Torres doesn't

just hit him out

he hits balls


changeup I fly ball to deep left that

ball is way out of here



Oh Canada did and a swagger to miss his

first major league strikeout


thousand wanted ground ball up the

middle and through the first page of the

jet the Cunha even Giovanna said

congratulations kid swing come yes a

tape measure shot in Cincinnati laser

over the right-field fence

now this one's hit toward left to the on

Iran diving catch he makes it gorgeous

play by a Cunha in left to take away in

extra-base hit

huge lead off second solo load Bolden

left see you


hi in the air slicing away from Gartner

and see you later