Youngest Player Ever Drafted To NFL

with pig number 100 the Oakland Raiders

absolute Louisville quarterback silver

limited experience as a quarterback yet

to put in perspective he was a wide

receiver turned quarterback late in high

school and for an issue he thought too

that the stats in the receiving yards

had some possibly dropped you know he

showed so many flashes of brilliance

said well he's going to be a high draft

choice and the interception haunted him

bad decisions haunted I'm not the

tremendous awareness in the pocket did

you see leather quarterback athletically

gifted as the physical talent you watch

them here to kick can run as some moves

after he gets his foot up all the ball

in into the hands you see the explosive

qualities and the visions then once it

gets into the open field he ran a 4 for

3 during this workout then the moves and

the ability to hit the big play see Fred

it will happen a leaping abilities kid

world he certainly has the arm has the

side he hasn't played a lot of

quarterbacks when you go back you know

coming up through the ranks a wide

receiver turned quarterback well the

knock was the interceptions you

mentioned if you go through the tapes

and really study him a lot of

interceptions were not his fault

he's got a strong arm he's got poise in

the pocket and I think he's a polished

quarter that that quarterback that

projects well in the NF