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our Tea Party


excuse me excuse me

hi is uh smarty in there all right well

if you see him tell him his friend Alex

came to say goodbye

no no this is something I have to do


Barty look I know you're in there

and before I go I got something I want

to say you've been a great friend you've

helped me so often to see the bright

side of my problems that I'd never think

of you is having any I wasn't there for

you when you needed me

just like back at the zoo kind of friend

does that make me pretty lousy friend I

guess well I just want you to know that

I you're one in a million

this is this tension so could you please

turn around so I can tell you that to

your face that's right gotcha I see in

there yeah yeah you that's right you

right there 12 Pro two hundred and third

from the left that's you Marty I know

it's you you know what makes you special

these guys they're white with black

stripes you're black with white stripes

you're a dreamer Marty always have been

you have great taste in music and

horrible taste and friends well not

Melman Gloria me

okay I'm in no Marty you can't come with

me I don't believe you have a choice