Why Jo Martin IS The 14th Doctor | Doctor Who Theory

hey there guys Matthew here from the

heretics and welcome back to another

video here on the channel and today I

want to bring you guys a theory video on

the biggest talking point coming out of

Doctor Who series 12 I'm probably still

the biggest unanswered question from

Doctor Who series 12 and that is Joe

Martin's doctor who she is where she

comes from and that burning question

where exactly does she fit in the

doctors timeline and I have a theory

that she could hopefully maybe be the

fourteenth doctor sit back and enjoy


so following series 12 we had a brand

new doctor or let's be fair we could

have about a gazillion brand-new doctors

but the one we've met properly the one

that actually has some bloody substance

to her is Joe Martin's doctor and I'm

personally sick of addressing her as Joe

Martin's doctor you know we read all

around saying Lots William Hartnell's

doc that's common because doctor that's

Peter Capaldi's doctor it's only right

that they have a number they have a

place in the shore and I think that's

what Joe Martin's doctor needs and I

hope that this is something that Chris

Chibnall has still got in the pipeline

going forward because in series 12 we

still don't truly know who Joe Martin's

doctor is and where she comes from now

of course it's not confirmed that the

doctors the timeless child which I've

been through and that they were

countless doctors before William

Hartnell which is what it is however Joe

Martin still has some huge questions

hanging over and a lot of them have been

explored already in the Doctor Who

fandom such as why does she have a

TARDIS how does she have a TARDIS and

how does she feel like she's such a well

established Doctor Who

the 13th doctor doesn't remember the

argument for that is that her mind was

wiped before the first doctor so all the

lives previous she knew nothing about

but of course Joe Martin's doctor been

wiped from a memory that can't mean that

she's before William Hartnell it simply

doesn't add up as we've mentioned and

I'm pretty confident Chris Chibnall knew

of this and wouldn't make this blatant

mistake now if you didn't know and I

think a million and one youtubers have

been through it already it's common

knowledge that William Hartnell stole

the TARDIS the first doctor stole the

TARDIS as seen him at the doctor and as

we learn in an unearthly child as Susan

also mentioned it was a normal TARDIS

until it landed in 1963 and got stuck as

a police box so for Joe Martin's doctor

to have that TARDIS she has to be from

after that you know there's no way she

could be before Hartnell who'd been

troubled into the future got a police

box TARDIS but then regenerated into

Hartnell later on for him to steal

another TARDIS and then it turned into a

police box anywhere which would be a

coincidence and it gets stuck as that it

it just doesn't work so she has to be

post Hartnell and the only possible

position that she could be in all of

them in the future is between the second

and the third doctors which for me just

shouldn't happen I mean we've already

mentioned how the timer's child thing it

doesn't Mach the numbers up but it's

still a little bit strange and weird but

at least it doesn't the numbers up

whereas if you put your Martin's doctor

in between 2:00 and 3:00 it literally

does completely book at the numbers up

so I don't think they do that so if you

think about it the only way that she can

have that gorgeous TARDIS that she has

and the only way that would give the

13th Doctor still that credibility of

being the first female doctor I think

keeping all these pieces glued together

is that you stick her in the future

and that she is the four

doctor I think it's only fair that

Geordi winter could keep the title of

being the first female doctor whether

that's in casting announcements or

whether that is within the show's

narrative I think it's fair that she

keeps that and that all the times it's

been mentioned all the times that it's

been addressed and in some cases falls

down a lot since the woman who fell to

earth that she is the first female

doctor she's never been a female before

and this is the first time I think that

should stay as it is they should leave

that alone and she should remain to be

the first female doctor from Hartnell

onwards and John Martin should not come

anytime before that one of the problems

that I thought of originally with John

Martin being a future doctor is does it

take away the spark and the surprise of

having a brand new app to take the role

who we've never seen before and whose

doctor we've never met because let's be

honest when an actor is cast instantly

your excitement is and the questions you

ask is what's that up there going to be

like what they're gonna dress like

what's their costume innovate what - the

tile is going to be like it's like a a

brand new magic box of possibilities

because you don't know what then you've

dr. guitarists sonic everything is going

to be and to have that one norm it does

just make a brand new ear of Doctor Who

so exciting and I think one of the

reasons as to why the show has been so

successful and has the longevity that it

does is because of that it's an able to

regenerate itself with a brand new actor

or actress and it's like the show is

starting all over again and it's

completely brand new so the worry is if

you have a doctor and an actress and a

costume and a TARDIS that you've seen

before that you know is coming does that

take anything away from that future

incarnation I don't think it does

because if you think about it doctors

get announced before they're cast

anywhere so you already know the actor

or actress

coming up so the face of the new doctor

isn't really a surprise because we know

about coming and is it really spoiling

much that we already know a bit about

Germans doctor that we already know who

she is or where she comes from or what

her TARDIS looks like is it a bad thing

that we already had these tiles pieces

of her doctor before she's officially

turning up in the shores cannon and

mythology as a number I don't think it

is because Joe Martin's performance in

fugitive of the Judoon

was so strong and was so awesome and in

a weird way she sort of showed up the

13th doctor as to what a strong female

doctor would be like because a lot of

the criticisms that Jody was getting

from one corner of the fandom was that

she's crap because she's a female others

were saying from the other end she's the

greatest thing ever because she's a

female I think Joe Martin's doctor walks

in and debunks both sides you can't have

people now criticizing Jodi because of

her gender and I still can't believe

there's people doing that by the way

because Joe Martin's rocked up and see

what you will about the thirteenth

doctor whether she's strong enough

whether she's you know she's she drives

episodes enough whether she has just

that screen presence you're Martin walks

in and proves that a female doctor can

kick ass can be awesome and can be

brilliant within seconds and for the

other side of the fandom who won't dare

criticize Jodie Whittaker and will

crucify anybody who says eight even the

smallest bad thing about her and they're

doing that because she's the first

female doctor and she sort of there's

this sort of perspective that because of

who she is she has to be protected more

Joe Martin's also to book that as well

because she's walked in like I said and

people have talked to her and loved her

she doesn't need this protection because


so bloody awesome so for me looking at

Joe Martin's doctor I think she's done

just enough to show us how good she is

but levers gagging for more and that is

exactly what we are doing and where we

are currently we are desperate to see

her again we are desperate to find out

more about her and answer all these

questions that are bugging us about

where she is in the list we want to see

more of her and it would be a waste if

we weren't to see you again

and it would make the tireless child

story-arc feel already more Hollow and

meaningless than it already feels to me

because all it's done is just add

something extra to the doctors character

but has that changed anything past that

altered the doctor going forward has

that really give the show any more

meaning than what it already had not

really at this moment but if it does end

up creating a future doctor who is going

to be awesome and we're going to love

and anticipate seeing it gives the

timeless child more credibility it gives

Joe Martin's cameo appearances in

fugitive and the time as children more

meaning and as well as that it protects

Canon it protects the numbers and it

answers the questions as to why she has

a TARDIS why it's a police box and why

the thirteenth doctor doesn't know who

she is whether she's the 14th whether

they keep her a secret even longer and

she's the fifteenth whether she's the

20th it could just be something that we

will constantly anticipate every time a

regeneration comes around we sit and we

wonder is this the moment Joe Martin is

cast as the current doctor is this the

moment harira begins I think that would

be brilliant and it would only be right

that she comes up soon and maybe I don't

know when Geordie does regenerate

whether they keep it for series 13 or

even the 60th I think Chibnall could tie

this whole thing up

if she regenerates into Joe Martin's

doctor I think it would be awesome and

it would work brilliantly something guys

that's my theory on Joe Martin's doctor

and why I think she should be the

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