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this is Mount Rushmore it is located in

South Dakota in the Black Hills National

Forest do you know where South Dakota is

South Dakota is here in the Midwestern

United States

this is where Mount Rushmore is Mount

Rushmore is a monument a monument is

something that is made to give honor to

a person or an event this Monument

gives honor to four United States

presidents George Washington Thomas

Jefferson Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham



before the monument was made the

mountain was already named after a man

named Charles Rushmore

Charles Rushmore was a lawyer from New

York he visited the Black Hills in the

1850s over 400 people worked to carve

Mount Rushmore out of stone that's a lot

of people carving is changing

something's appearance by cutting it the

workers used explosives like dynamite

for a lot of the carving they used

smaller tools for the details on the

president's faces and to smooth it out a

South Dakota State historian thought of

the idea for the monument as a way to

bring more visitors to the state the

historian originally wanted the faces of

different people on Mount Rushmore but

the artists he hired said more people

would come to see the president's Mount

Rushmore started being made in the 1920s

work on it began in 1927 and it was

finished in 1941 which was 14 years

later that's a long time the artist

wanted the monument to show more of the

president's upper bodies

but the United States was getting ready

for war in 1941 so the money for

finishing Mount Rushmore stopped coming

some Native American groups don't like

the monument because the land used to

belong to them the United States

government treated them poorly and took

the land away from them so they are

upset that Mount Rushmore was built on

that land

so a Native American chief from the

Sioux tribe planned his own monument

near there

that would honor a Native American named

Crazy Horse so we learned today that

Mount Rushmore was carved out of stone

work on Mount Rushmore began in the

1920s it has the faces of four United

States presidents

do you remember the president


what is his name

great job that's George Washington how

about him

that's right that's Thomas Jefferson

what is his name

yes that's Theodore Roosevelt can you

name this president

yes you got it that's Abraham Lincoln

great job you did so well guessing those

presidents names and learning all about

Mount Rushmore today we've had so much

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