Who Are The Rappers In The Geico Dessert Commercial?

geico changed the game when it came to

what an insurance company could pull off

with its commercials

things started off simple enough in the

90s with a talking gecko trying to sell

insurance policies

and it only took off from there soon you

had sleeping beauty and cavemen getting

into the mix with the latter characters

becoming popular enough to warrant their

own television series

the show flopped hard but it's still

impressive that it even got to that


other insurance agencies followed suit

with allstate giving us mayhem to

illustrate how property damage can occur

in a moment's notice

meanwhile progressive has seen great

success with its dr rick commercials

depicting why it isn't always a good

thing when you start turning into your


oh you should still have a good

insurance policy still geico remains the

king of silly insurance commercials

their latest ad spot finds a woman in

her kitchen learning that you can save

hundreds of dollars by switching to

geico seems pretty straightforward right

well things only get stranger from there

with the introduction of a legendary

hip-hop duo who show the woman how to

make a delicious dessert while the name

of the duo may not be familiar to you

their most popular song is recognizable

to pretty much every single person on

the planet

after the requisite geico can save you

money ad copy things quickly turn

hilarious when the announcer asks

so what are you waiting for hip hop

group tag team to help you plan dessert

as you could then surmise the 1990s duo

tag team pop up on queue to perform an

ice cream themed parody of their hit

song whoop there it is

affectionately retitled scoop there it

is in the commercial it seems no

birthday wedding or bar mitzvah is

complete without whoop there it is

making an appearance on the playlist

it's the kind of song that perfectly

encapsulates a kind of family-friendly

hip-hop that went mainstream in the

early 90s

and it continues to be beloved by new

generations to this day in part thanks

to appearances in movies like d2 the

mighty ducks and elf the song was one

hit wonder tag team's only big hit

but they're probably not beating

themselves up too much a report in

smithsonian magazine reveals that the

rappers make up to seventy thousand

dollars a year each in royalties from

this tune alone and when it gets used in

something like a geico ad

the cash register noise in their heads

only gets louder following the release

of their debut album the pair had one

more record in them with 1995's audio

entertainment but the lp didn't have the

same kind of hit single they enjoyed the

first time around

however when you knock it out of the

park the first time around you don't

need a sequel

by the looks of this geico dessert

commercial tag team's still having fun

with their famous hit but where did this

weird little

catchphrase come from as chronicled by

people magazine in 1993 the song has its

roots and a catchphrase that gained

popularity in atlanta dance clubs before

spreading to chicago bulls games and

eventually catching on with the nation

at large

the saying was so popular in fact that

there was some disagreement over which

version was proper

some said whoop while others pronounced

it woot hip-hop group 95 south even

released their own hit single titled

woot there it is

one month before tag team dropped whoop

the dueling groups remained good-natured

in the rivalry which came

to a head when talk show host arsenio

hall invited 95 south and tag team to

face off live on his stage

viewers called in via paid phone line to

vote for their preferred jam

with the proceeds going to flood relief

the surprising part looking back

is at 95 south and their woopsong

actually won the contest

but nearly three decades later with this

geico ad fresh in our minds we have a

feeling we know exactly which group is

actually whooping all the way to the


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