A Tribute to Dennis Haysbert (The Allstate Guy)

dennis hayes good morning good morning

think of all the things we do while

changing your pants

while driving while i'll talk on the

phone while being involved in a movie

star car crash

while getting back to my hotel get a

glass of wine just have a good cry

while multitasking while trapping but

quick bite while getting ready for work

all we're really doing is doubling our

chances of changing your pants

while driving they don't want us around

because they think we know something

that we don't know

that we know somebody you know we know

something we know that we don't know we

know that we don't know we know

something that we know they know you

know they made everything about the

shower head

safer accepted electronic hands

introducing just a good cry bonus from


with cash off your renewal bill for

every six months you don't have one of


it's time to make the world a better

place to go to jail that's allstate stan

are you in good hands if a friend balls

your car and something happens

are you covered will your rates go up

if you have an accident

an allstate agent will grab your pants

help you get the protection that's right

for your pants

and can even save your pants without

your pants you're behind an allstate

agent let's all stay stand

are you in your pants


that we don't know